Is read option changing the game or a fading fad?


Is read option changing the game or a fading fad? Lynne Sladky

Is read option changing the game or a fading fad?

FILE – In this Oct. 12, 2014, file photo, Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) runs with the ball during the first half of an NFL football against the Green Bay Packers in Miami Gardens, Fla. While Tannehill haven’t missed a start since the beginning of his rookie season in 2012, risking the quarterback’s health remains part of the read-option debate. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File)

Is read option changing the game or a fading fad? Stephen Brashear

Is read option changing the game or a fading fad?

FILE – In this Nov. 2, 2014, file photo, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson scrambles in the second half of an NFL football game against the Oakland Raiders in Seattle. Wilson is averaging 49 yards per game and 7.6 per carry, both career highs. (AP Photo/Stephen Brashear, File)

Is read option changing the game or a fading fad? Mike McCarn

Is read option changing the game or a fading fad?

FILE – In this Aug. 8, 2014, file photo, Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera watches the action during the first half of a preseason NFL football game against the Buffalo Bills in Charlotte, N.C. Rivera has been instrumental in the resurgence of the read option. He sees the danger as minimal because of today’s restrictions on tacklers, making the quarterback keeper a safer proposition. (AP Photo/Mike McCarn, File)

Is read option changing the game or a fading fad? Ben Margot

Is read option changing the game or a fading fad?

FILE – In this Nov. 2, 2014, file photo, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick (7) runs from the grasp of St. Louis Rams cornerback Trumaine Johnson during the second quarter of an NFL football game in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014. Russell Wilson of Seattle, Kaepernick and Ryan Tannehill of Miami are all on pace for career highs in rushing yardage while averaging more than 5 yards per carry.(AP Photo/Ben Margot, File)

Is read option changing the game or a fading fad? Alan Diaz

Is read option changing the game or a fading fad?

Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill (17) avoids a tackle by San Diego Chargers defensive end Tenny Palepoi (72) during the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Nov. 2, 2014, in Miami Gardens, Fla. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz)



Ronald Reagan, who was pretty good at debates, could offer an argument as to the staying power of the read option.

Some dismiss the package as a fad already fading from the NFL. But Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera says he watched the read option in the 1940 movie “Knute Rockne, All American,” which including Reagan as triple-threat halfback George Gipp.

“They were doing it back then,” Rivera says. “It’s interesting that it has kind of come back. I don’t think it’s a fad.”

Rivera has been instrumental in the resurgence by taking advantage of quarterback Cam Newton’s running ability. The package blossomed in popularity in the NFL in 2011, when Newton ran for 14 touchdowns as a rookie and Tim Tebow led the Denver Broncos to an improbable playoff victory.

Midway through the 2014 season, running quarterbacks continue to make an impact.

Russell Wilson of Seattle, Colin Kaepernick of San Francisco and Ryan Tannehill of Miami are all on pace for career highs in rushing yardage while averaging more than 5 yards per carry. Their teams and several others have used the read option with regularity.

“It’s changing the face of football,” Rivera says.

Others disagree, comparing the read option to the wildcat, which created a buzz six seasons ago but has pretty much gone the way of the single wing — which is essentially what the wildcat was.

“The read option is fun to watch,” says former Detroit Lions coach Steve Mariucci, now an NFL Network analyst. “It can be dynamic at times. But it’s not necessarily a trend. I don’t think Tom Brady or Peyton Manning are going to run it. Defenses have really caught up to it a little bit.”

“It hasn’t been near the issue or as great as it was that first year,” former quarterback and CBS analyst Phil Simms said. “The telltale sign is you don’t see it being even close to as big in college as it once was. If the college game is adapting to it, what do you think the pros are going to do? They have the answers for it.”

Some teams have indeed weaned themselves off the package. The Oakland Raiders largely abandoned the read option when they switched quarterbacks from Terrelle Pryor to Derek Carr.

The Washington Redskins shelved the package when Robert Griffin III was sidelined with an ankle injury, and coach Jay Gruden wants to remold his quarterback into more of a pocket passer.

But in Seattle, Wilson is averaging 49 yards per game and 7.6 per carry, both career highs. Tannehill has run for a gain of at least 20 yards in each of the past four games, and has averaged 7.9 per carry this year while showing an ability to sense when the defense is geared to stop something else.

“I’ve had a few opportunities to run and get big plays for us,” Tannehill said. “You never know when those opportunities are going to show up. You just have to take advantage of them when they do.”

While Wilson and Tannehill haven’t missed a start since the beginning of their rookie seasons in 2012, risking the quarterback’s health remains part of the read-option debate.

“It’s not going to add to the lifespan of these quarterbacks,” Mariucci says.

Rivera sees the danger as minimal because of today’s restrictions on tacklers, making the quarterback keeper a safer proposition.

“If the rules weren’t as protective on quarterbacks, I think it would be a fad, because people would take more shots,” Rivera said.

It’s difficult for defenders to get a solid hit if they’re fooled by the play. And while teams brace for Newton or Wilson to run, other quarterbacks benefit from the element of surprise.

Even Manning has employed a variation of the read option, making a quick throw after faking a handoff.

“The read option is a very sound deal,” says Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, who was with Griffin for two seasons in Washington. “When teams aren’t expecting it, it causes serious issues.

“Now, when teams expect it, they can stop it. But sometimes that can open up some other stuff. If you can make defenses scared of it, then you can do some other things off of it.”

For the opposition, read-option packages can be a headache because they’re one more thing to prepare for, and difficult to anticipate, Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle says.

“Those plays tend to surprise you,” Coyle says. “It’s not like they’re in a rhythm where they’re running it every three or four snaps and your defense gets into a mind-set of defending it.”

In the end, Coyle and his defensive colleagues in the NFL will decide the fate of the read option.

Until they can consistently stop it, quarterbacks will keep running it.

High school football player penalized for taking a knee in prayer like Tim Tebow

By Morgan Chalfant | November 3, 2014 | Comments

Image via Getty Images

Image via Getty Images

A high school football player just got penalized for “tebowing.”

Sam Turner, a 16-year-old senior at Fort Myers High School in Florida, received a 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct after taking a knee in prayer in the end zone during a game, reports The News-Press.


Turner was merely celebrating catching his first high school career touchdown in much the same way former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow did during his college and professional football career.

“There’s been tons of support from my family and friends,” Turner said of the incident. “They are proud of me that I stood firm in my faith.”

“It’s very cool to see how everyone is taking it,” continued the high school senior. “I use my faith as a platform for my talents. My teammates are giving my tons of support. They all know I’m strong believer, even though it cost us 15 yards.”

Turner’s coach didn’t seem to want to take sides on the matter, though he certainly didn’t fault the player for his action.

“It comes down to a ref’s discretion,” explained Coach Sam Sirianni Jr. “To them, they try to follow the letter of the rules. You accept both sides. I have seen it happen at all levels. The officials have to toe the line.”

The coach also added that he didn’t “begrudge” the official.

“We talked to Sam,” he continued. “What he did wasn’t selfish. He didn’t understand it at first. He said it shouldn’t have been a penalty. He would never do anything disrespectful or do anything that would hurt the team. You don’t punish or get mad at a kid for his intent.”

Despite Turner’s penalty, his team won handedly 49-0.

Tim Tebow popularized the mid-game prayer when he played for the University of Florida and later for the Denver Broncos and New York Jets. Many even began to call it “tebowing.”

Undoubtedly, Tebow would take issue with the penalty handed to Turner.

It’s not only during high school football games that players are receiving penalties for prayer. In September, a Kansas City Chiefs player was slapped with a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for bowing in prayer after a touchdown. However, the NFL denounced the penalty after the game.

Tim Tebow News: NFL Career No More? 5 Reasons He Failed

By Maria Myka ( | First Posted: Nov 03, 2014 06:09 AM EST


(Photo : Getty)

Tim Tebow may be a good footballer in college, but that does not mean he can automatically stay with the pros.

According to blog Panther Lair, there is little chance that Tebow can have an NFL comeback, and here are some reasons:

1)    His biggest hurdle in the sport is that he has terrible pass, completing only 173 of 361 passes. That’s only 47.9% completion.

2)    He could change position, like a tight end or running back, because he did manage 12 touchdowns during his time, but it’s actually difficult to switch positions in the NFL, so there is little chance that he can make it work.

3)    The media frenzy about his career also puts a lot of pressure on whichever team he’s on, so he has to play, but he rarely gives good results. Any team to get him may have a liability in their hands.

4)    He seems to flourish more outside of the NFL instead of in it. According to Inquistr, the quarterback has job offers all over the place – mostly for sportscaster positions. He was recently welcomed as sports anchor on 1010XL and is currently a college football analyst for the SEC Network. He is also a contributor on “Good Morning, America” for the “Motivate Me Monday” segment.

5)    Finally, his good games all seem to be flukes. Panther Lair said that every once in a while he could “pull a magical play out of his backside and win a game,” but for the NFL, flukes don’t work as well as having actual good players.

Inquisitr said that Tebow had good numbers in college, but did not translate as well while being in the NFL. However, he has been praised for his objective analysis of the SEC network, making him  more of an asset outside the field than inside, playing.

Tebow’s career in sports is far from over, but by the looks of it, he’d be better off taking other job offers than be a quarterback known to not be able to throw a good pass.

What do you think should be Tebow’s next move for his career?

Tim Tebow News: Cowboys to Sign QB? No, But they Should

By Staff Writer ( | First Posted: Oct 31, 2014 12:39 PM EDT


(Photo : Getty)

 Twitter has recently been bombarded with a lot of posts requesting for Tim Tebow to return to the NFL.

Current starting quarterback for the Cowboys, Tony Romo, went down with a back injury during the game between Dallas and the Redskins, and fans immediately resorted to social media to ask for the former Heisman trophy winner’s return.

Tebow is currently working for ESPN as a football analyst and remains positive that he will be returning as a top quarterback in the NFL. In a report by, a lot of NFL teams are also avoiding the media and fan frenzy that popular players like Tebow bring with them everywhere.

Some fans actually believe that Tebow is a better choice than Dallas’ other quarterback Brandon Weeden. Even without Romo, the Dallas Cowboys are a contender for the Super Bowl, because of their good offensive line and excellent running back. Tim Tebow managed to lead the Denver Broncos to the playoffs and actually won, despite the lack of team talent before. His type of play could actually work for a team that employs a run-based offense. Even if Dallas preferred to make Weeden starting quarterback, Tebow can still be efficient as a playmaker and run the ball well for the team off the bench.

According to, quarterback Jon Kitna is planning to retire. Even after the Cowboys signed Weeden, they would still be short on quarterbacks with game experience. They are reportedly eyeing on names like Josh Freeman and Alex Tanney. Tim Tebow has also been mentioned plenty of times but the Cowboys are allegedly concerned that he has not played professional football in over a year.

In a report by Sports World Report, Tebow can be a wild option for Dallas, no matter how slim the chances are. Jerry Jones, however, is known for displaying a good show and he might make a decent offer to Tebow. Tebow previously said that he is in the best shape and the Cowboys can benefit much if turns out to be true. also wrote that even if Tebow might lack accuracy in his passes at times, one of the Cowboys’ main strengths is their wide receiver so they can deal with the situation properly. Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys, also likes to be in the spotlight so it would be a plus for him to have Tebow. An offensive team like Dallas can also be an opportunity for Tebow to redeem himself and make an official return to the NFL.


2014 NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

Updated: October 28, 2014, 2:55 PM ET


NFL Power Rankings: Week 9
Mike & Mike weigh in on week 9 of the NFL Power Rankings.

NFL Power Rankings: Week 9


Didn’t see Dallas, Arizona and Detroit soaring to first place in 2014? Neither did we.


After eight weeks, these NFC stalwarts have a combined 18-5 record — yet not one made the top 10 in our initial 2014 hierarchy. Once the season got going, however, ESPN’s Power Panel (a group of more than 80 writers, editors and TV personalities) was quick to embrace the Cardinals and Cowboys, who have been among the league’s steadiest risers.


On the heels of a dramatic Week 8 win over Philadelphia, Arizona now sits at No. 2, its highest mark of the season. Dallas dropped slightly to No. 4, the result of its Monday night loss to Washington.


The Lions’ rise to prominence wasn’t nearly as meteoric. Last week, they cracked the top 10 for just the second time this season, and Matthew Stafford & Co. now sit at No. 6 — a considerable jump from their Week 1 spot (No. 18).


Week 9 will keep two of these teams in the spotlight, as Dallas and Arizona meet Sunday (Detroit has a bye). With No. 1 Denver facing a tough test (No. 3 New England), opportunity could be knocking for the Cardinals, who could conceivably vault to the top spot with a victory.


Note: The comments below are provided by ESPN Stats & Information.


• SN: Rank ‘Em | How Cardinals have risen | Vegas rankings: Steelers rise Insider | Team Power Rankings charts since 2002



2014 Power Rankings: Week 9

Last Week: 1

This should be fun. Peyton’s Broncos, fresh off a 35-point performance against the Chargers, head to Foxborough, where Brady’s Pats just dropped 51 points on the Bears. Tackling optional.

Last Week: 5

The Cardinals gained 193 yards after the catch Sunday, their most in a game this season and their second most in a game in Stats & Info’s dataset (since 2006).

Last Week: 8

Tom Brady finished 20-for-20 Sunday targeting Brandon LaFell and Rob Gronkowski for a combined 273 yards and four touchdowns. October was very friendly to the Patriots (4-0).

Last Week: 2

DeMarco Murray gained an incredible 5.2 yards before contact on his average rush Monday night. Somehow, with Tony Romo injured in an overtime loss, Murray had a season-low 19 rushes.

Last Week: 3

Sunday was a missed opportunity for the Eagles, the kind they should take advantage of now before a Week 13-15 stretch against the Cowboys, Seahawks and Cowboys again.

Last Week: 10

After starting 0-for-5 on throws at least 15 yards downfield in the first half, Matthew Stafford was 3-for-5 during the second-half comeback. All three completions were to Golden Tate.

Last Week: 6

Eddie Lacy had a career-high 182 yards from scrimmage Sunday night, including a career-high 123 receiving yards. The Packers got plenty of yards, just not enough points.

Last Week: 7

Even with Peyton Manning’s productive game Thursday night, the Chargers still have allowed only one quarterback (Carson Palmer, 304) to throw for at least 300 yards in a game.

Last Week: 4

The Colts entered Sunday with the league’s best third-down defense (26 percent). Then the Steelers converted eight of 13 attempts in Sunday’s offensive explosion.

Last Week: 11

Russell Wilson went 4-of-4 for 53 yards and a touchdown on the Seahawks’ game-winning drive after completing 57.1 percent of his passes on the Seahawks’ first seven drives.

Last Week: 12

Go big or go home for Colin Kaepernick. His QBR in every game this year has either been below 50 (four) or above 80 (three).

Last Week: 13

Cincinnati is in good shape moving forward. The Bengals get the Jaguars, Browns, Saints, Texans and Buccaneers from now to Week 13, a stretch that should produce a few wins.

Last Week: 9

Joe Flacco was 0-for-2 targeting Torrey Smith Sunday, throwing interceptions on both attempts. Flacco has thrown five of his seven picks this year targeting Smith.

Last Week: 15

Ben Roethlisberger finished 40-of-49 for 522 yards and six touchdowns Sunday. He’s the first quarterback in NFL history to throw for 500 yards in a game twice.

Last Week: 14

Alex Smith is the first starting quarterback since Ryan Tannehill in Week 8 of 2012 to win a game without attempting multiple passes deeper than 10 yards downfield.

Last Week: 16

The Jets blitzed Kyle Orton at the highest rate of Orton’s season Sunday, and Orton finished 6-of-8 for 184 yards and three touchdowns against at least five rushers.

Last Week: 22

Even at 3-4, the Saints are tied for first in the NFC South. New Orleans has won 11 straight at home, including 3-0 this year.

Last Week: 18

Does anyone know what to expect from Ryan Tannehill at this point? He has as many games with a QBR above 90 (three) as below 30.

Last Week: 20

Brian Hoyer was blitzed at the second-highest rate of his season Sunday, and finished 9-of-12 for 101 yards and a touchdown when the Raiders sent at least five rushers.

Last Week: 17

Cam Newton was 3-of-10 for 61 yards and an interception on straight dropback passes (no play-action fake), the fewest completions and lowest percentage in his career.

Last Week: 23

J.J. Watt had two sacks Sunday, his 10th game with multiple sacks in the past three seasons, most of any player in the league.

Last Week: 21

This is a brutal stretch for the Giants, facing the Colts, Seahawks, 49ers and Cowboys in the next four weeks. New York must beat good teams for a playoff berth.

Last Week: 19

The Bears allowed 38 points in Sunday’s first half, most in a first half in franchise history. Jay Cutler was 3-of-9 for 35 yards and an interception targeting Brandon Marshall.

Last Week: 26

QB controversy! OK, probably not, but Colt McCoy was 6-of-7 for 136 yards targeting DeSean Jackson. McCoy’s 7-yard quarterback draw touchdown looked like a Robert Griffin III play call.

Last Week: 27

Cordarrelle Patterson was targeted 10 times Sunday, the second-highest total in a game in his career. When Patterson has at least seven touches, Minnesota is 2-0-1.

Last Week: 25

A fifth straight loss means problems for coach Mike Smith. Not sure what’s worse, the 2-6 record or the fact that the Falcons are only two games behind in the NFC South loss column.

Last Week: 24

Austin Davis entered Sunday ranked seventh in completion percentage on throws deeper than 10 yards downfield this season. Davis was a brutal 2-of-7 with an interception on those throws Sunday.

Last Week: 28

Zach Mettenberger posted a 22.7 Total QBR in his first start. Mettenberger was 27-of-41 for 299 yards, two touchdowns, an interception and a free social media lesson from J.J. Watt.

Last Week: 30

The Buccaneers have allowed an 81.2 Total QBR this season (31st in NFL). For context, Peyton Manning’s QBR in his record-setting 2013 was 82.9.

Last Week: 29

The quarterback situation is still a mess. Geno Smith and Michael Vick were a combined 1-for-9 for 11 yards and four interceptions on throws deeper than 10 yards downfield Sunday.

Last Week: 31

Blake Bortles threw two interceptions that were returned for touchdowns Sunday. Bortles is the second quarterback since the start of last season to throw two pick-sixes in a game (Geno Smith).

Last Week: 32

The Raiders are 0-7 and have games coming up against the Seahawks, Broncos and Chargers in the next three weeks. Should Oakland trade or use the first overall pick?
  • Biggest Jump:Saints
  • 5
  • Biggest Drop:Colts
  • 5

Tim Tebow’s Terrifying ‘GMA’ Corn Maze

Tebow faces off with the Lara Spencer and Ginger Zee in search of the golden pumpkin

Link To Video

Tim Tebow’s LSU Comment Is Painful Realization Of Muschamp Era Failure

October 28, 2014
10:40 am | 22 hours ago
Written By
Glenn McGraw
Florida Gators, Tim Tebow, Will Muschamp
Cred: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Listen, I love the Florida Gators as much as the next guy. I’ve spent a total of 10 years, between college and post-graduation, in Gainesville. And I always support my team, but at some point we all have to face reality: the Muschamp era has been a failure.

No, I’m not booing the Gators on the field. I never condone that, because these are college kids working their asses off. But I’m also not going to wear rose-colored glasses when there’s something that isn’t working.

Think about this for a minute: You sit on the board of a major corporation. A few years back you hired a guy as the CEO to lead the company into the future. Fast forward four years and not only has there been no progress made, but you’re staring at some backslide. Do you sit back and say, “Hey, he’s a nice a guy and he’s trying hard,” or do you stop the bleeding and make a change?

We all know the answer.

Muschamp is that ineffective CEO. He was hired to direct the UF football program. As fans we have no emotional ties to him, only to the Gators. Saying we want Muschamp out doesn’t mean we aren’t supporting the team. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. We just want the right leader for our program.

Talent has been pouring into Gainesville in the form of four and five star recruits, yet the results aren’t changing. This is something Tim Tebow touched on during his 1010XL Tuesday radio show, when he discussed how Florida has the same talent as LSU, yet the development, both mentally and physically, isn’t there for the Gators.

Florida has the same talent LSU has, but are they going to make that mental jump… competitive excellence… to make plays – Tebow


After four years, it’s hard to imagine the Gators are ever going to make the jump under Muschamp. That’s not bailing on my team, that’s the cold, hard truth. And sometimes the truth hurts

Tim Tebow to Gator Nation: ‘We are better than booing student-athletes’

Posted: October 25, 2014 – 3:30pm  |  Updated: October 25, 2014 – 4:16pm


Character counts.

That’s what former Heisman-trophy winning Florida Gators quarterback told Gator Nation on Saturday, a week after the team suffered a Homecoming blowout to SEC rival Missouri made worse when fans at The Swamp booed the team from the stands.

“Let’s show character as fans that we are Gator Nation and we can stand up and we are better than booing our student-athletes,” Tebow said Saturday, during the SEC Network’s pregame show. Tebow is an analyst for the network.

Florida and Georgia each had the day off, a week before two teams meet in Jacksonville for the annual Florida-Georgia game.

You can watch Tebow’s remarks here

Tim Tebow: Florida Gators’ Next Head Coach?

Tim Tebow: Florida Gators’ Next Head Coach?


— October 24, 2014

Spoiler alert: Will Muschamp’s days as the head coach of the Florida Gators are numbered.

Muschamp is the only coach in the last decade to lose a game in which his defense held an opponent to less than 120 yards of total offense, and he’s done it twice: once in a 21-7 loss to Florida State in 2011 (95 yards), and then in last week’s 42-13 black eye against Missouri (119 total yards) in the swamp.

Now at 3-3 (2-3 SEC) with only five more opportunities to get what seems like an unlikely bowl berth, it’s inevitable that Florida will part ways with Muschamp the second the regular season ends—heck, his job is already listed on Craigslist.

“At the beginning of the season we said we would evaluate the season as it plays out,’’ Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley told, the school’s athletic department web site. “We will continue to do so. Our sole focus right now is supporting our coaching staff and players as they prepare for Georgia.”

I’m sure Foley is kicking himself for not making the move after the Gators went 4-8 in 2013, missing out on ideal candidates like Charlie Strong, James Franklin, and Chris Petersen.

Or maybe he’s not. Maybe he’s just a genius and bit the bullet to wait one more year, holding out for big names such as Dan Mullen, Rich Rodriguez, Jim McElwain, and even Steve Spurrier to possibly become available.

But then there’s another candidate that no one has even thought to put on the radar. Someone that bleeds Gainesville blood, is adored by every Florida fan known to man, is charismatic and would be great with the media, and would bring the “WOW” factor back to U-of-F football.

Tim Tebow.

That’s right. The same Tim Tebow that went 35-6 as a starting quarterback and helped the Gators win two national championships from 2006-09. The same Tim Tebow that owns the SEC record for career rushing touchdowns (57), Passer Efficiency Rating (170.79), and yards per passing attempt (9.33). The same Tim Tebow that has a plaque with his motivational post-game speech quoted on the front entrance of the football facility.

The same Tim Tebow that would leave his position as an analyst with SEC Network—a job that he says he “loves doing”, but seems to be looking for a way out—to become Florida’s next HC in a heartbeat.

“I’m excited to talk about Xs and Os and really giving the viewers an opportunity to see what it is like as a quarterback making decisions, going through the reads and coverages,” Tebow said back in early August. “Hopefully they can get a feel for learning offenses.”

Meh. Good try, Tebow—I’m not sold. We all know your dream is to play quarterback in the NFL, and unfortunately, that window has been slammed shut. So why not do one better and try to teach Florida’s football team the Xs and Os and give the offense a feel for learning offense?

Florida is, of course, averaging just 19.3 points per game against Power Five opponents over its last 15 games, and ranks 116th in the NCAA in team passing efficiency (107.3) in 2014.

“It was tough to watch; if you’re a Gator fan it was not easy to watch,” Tebow said following Florida’s brutal loss to Missouri, according to 1010 XL Radio. “They just didn’t play with the heart that I’m used to watching Florida Gators play with.

“I don’t think that the offense has an identity right now, and I don’t think that they know what they want their identity to be. One of the biggest problems on the offense is leadership.”

Tebow has voiced his support of Muschamp in the past, but it seems as if the Gator legend has changed his mind—and possibly believes the lack of leadership is a reflection from the coaching staff.
I’m not saying Tebow would be the perfect fit for the soon-to-be-vacant head coaching position at the University of Florida. He has no coaching experience and it’s obvious where his true passion still lies: handling his business under center and playing at the highest level.

But he is a born leader. He has a face recruits would recognize. He would bring the fans back to the swamp.

It would undoubtedly be the most discussed hire in the history of sports.

And I’d certainly be watching.



Former QB Tim Tebow: Florida lacks identity, leadership on offense

Former Heisman Trophy winning-quarterback Tim Tebow let loose on his former team Tuesday, saying Florida doesn’t have an identity and lacks leadership on offense.

Tebow, now an analyst for the SEC Network, appeared on 1010 XL Radio in Jacksonville and had several critical thoughts after the Gators were routed at home 42-13 by Missouri on Saturday despite holding the Tigers to 119 yards of total offense. Florida was doomed by turning the ball over six times.

“It was tough to watch, if you’re a Gator fan it was not easy to watch,” Tebow said.

Tebow said he hopes that the team can rally with the “our backs are against the wall” mentality for the rest of the season.

“I don’t think that the offense has an identity right now, and I don’t think that they

know what they want their identity to be,” Tebow said. “One of the biggest problems on the offense is leadership. You need to have something to motivate you, something to give you an edge…they’re (Gators) not out of the SEC East.”

The offense, which has been an issue all season, is 119th out of 125 FBS teams in total yards at 368 per game. Florida’s also averaging 28 points per game.

Florida head coach Will Muschamp’s job security has been a major question lately. He is 25-19 in three-plus seasons with the program and Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley said Monday that he will continue to evaluate Muschamp throughout the entire season.

Florida (3-3, 2-3 SEC) has a bye in Week 9 before playing No. 9 Georgia in Jacksonville on Nov. 1.

They need to get hyped and play with a chip on their shoulder when they come to Jacksonville,” Tebow said.

- Scooby Axson

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