The Manziel-Tebow Connection

The differences between Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow might be best summed up by simple images — Manziel’s “show me the money” gesture and Tebow’s famous kneeling pose.  Yet the two share striking similarities.  They are fierce competitors who seem to be able to inspire teammates.    In college, they exploited defenses as much or more with their legs as with their arms, thrilling fans, capturing media attention, but also creating questions as to the amenability of their skills to the NFL.  They won the Heisman trophy as SEC quarterbacks, and stepped into professional football as celebrities with a spotlight unusual even for the NFL.

The celebrity status places huge pressures on them and on their coaches, no matter what the coaches may say.  The comments of Houston Texans owner Bob McNair on why they passed on Manziel speak volumes:

 ””I knew with Manziel it would be a frenzy,” McNair told ESPN “And probably even if he didn’t succeed at being an outstanding NFL quarterback for a couple years, the fans would have been frenzied.”

Normally, one would think that fans worked into a frenzy is a positive thing for a franchise, especially one like the Texans who won only 2 games in 2013 and decided to unload their starting QB, Matt Schaub.   Instead, they have opted, at least in the short term, for Ryan Fitzpatrick — a journeyman, sometimes starter, sometimes backup.  Fitzpatrick is better than frenzy?

The bypassing of Manziel for Fitzpatrick parallels the ongoing bypassing of Tebow for a variety of pedestrian backup quarterbacks in the NFL.  For teams with passing only offensive schemes for their quarterbacks, that probably makes sense.  Tebow’s passing skills cannot carry a team.  For teams like San Francisco, Seattle, Philadelphia, Washington, or others where QB running is part of the plan and the backup QB isn’t exactly great, the avoidance of “frenzy” must play a role.  The 49ers’ backup is now Blaine Gabbert — the worst starter in the league the past three years.  His passing performances Jacksonsville fell below even Tebow’s but without the compensation of a strong running threat.  Tarvaris Jackson in Seattle is Tebow without the frenzy.  Even an out-of-the-box coach like Chip Kelly in Philadelphia whose offense works best with a QB who can run has avoided taking on Tebow and opted for Mark Sanchez as his backup.

Johnny Manziel Wants The Money

Johnny Manziel Wants The Money

Back to Manziel, these episodes point to the fact that Manziel, when and if he becomes the starter in Cleveland or elsewhere, will have to excel from the outset or else he may not get many other opportunities.  Blaine Gabbert can be bad, really bad and land as the backup on a top flight team.  The same goes for Sanchez.  In Tebow’s case, his play (legs and arms combined) ranged from great to awful in his short stint as starter in Denver, but his team won more than it lost and won a thrilling playoff game in which he completed less than 50 percent of his passes but averaged 30 yards per play on the ones he completed with two touchdowns and 50 yards and touchdown thrown in rushing.  His performance the next week against the Patriots was poor and was his last start as a professional.  When frenzy accompanies you, the tipping point between success and being cast off is very unstable.

Why would Bob McNair and coaches be so afraid of frenzy?  It ties their hands and puts them under extra scrutiny in world in which scrutiny already runs high.  Coaches like to say that they don’t care what fans think.  That may be true for a single fan or a few, but when an entire stadium and fan base starts demanding something, the impact is felt.  When Kyle Orton struggled in Denver, John Fox hand was forced.   Although reluctant, it is to Fox’s credit that he adjusted the offense to maximize Tebow’s chances of succeeding.  Nonetheless, other coaches and general managers could easily see that if you take on Tebow, the focus can quickly turn to him.

Only the Cleveland coaches really know their plan.  Starting Brian Hoyer likely increases their chances of winning in the short term, plus it provides Manziel with an opportunity to learn and practice more.  If Hoyer and the team plays well and wins games, Manziel may not get a chance.  Odds are, Cleveland will struggle at some point, and when they do, their will be tremendous pressure to bring on Manziel.  That may well be their plan.

Brandi Says

The NFL got themselves into the mess it’s in by being short-sighted. Mark Cuban says the league is headed for a meltdown due to “greed”. On the surface, I can see how he’d some to that conclusion. But I think the problems are more complicated than that.

It’s a combination of hubris and really gawdawful advisers. Most notably the NFL’s chief legal counsel from whom Tagliabue, previous NFL Commish, came (and went back to after his term expired) and who played a major role in selecting Goodell. These are the lawyers who convinced the NFL to make up phony medical studies to combat growing concerns about player injuries, most notably the long-term effects of head injuries. They’d done the very same thing before with the tobacco companies. They’re the ones who have convinced the NFL to take a hard line in most areas. Maybe as lawyers they think they’re doing their jobs. But lawyers shouldn’t be making business decisions, particularly in a business that is based entirely on customer perception and is completely a discretionary purchase.

The NFL’s future, like the future of every major league in every major sport is based on international. Where Baseball adopted a philosophy that what’s good for Baseball the Game is good for Major League Baseball, the NFL’s approach was it’s the NFL’s way or the highway. Europe and China said “Gas up the truck and get the hell out of here.” Now the NFL finds itself trying to come up with about $10 or $12 Billion a year that should have been and would quite possibly/maybe probably have been coming from abroad if they hadn’t acted like they were doing those countries a favor by shoving the league down their throats.

The NFL, to remain Major League needs that $25 Billion a year in Revenue they’ve got in their Business Plan. But they can’t come up with any way to get even halfway there let alone all the way. Without being Major League at the international level, the NFL can’t even maintain their current revenue stream without finding ways to make up likely losses by any means they can find. The Networks are probably done with them. They didn’t want to sign the current contracts. They sure won’t be signing any more like these…not without massive growth in viewership. Not when they can get the same audiences for programs that cost them less to produce per season than a single NFL Game costs them AND they own all of the rights to. They don’t love the NFL enough to give them ten times or more what it costs to get the same size audiences. :) Especially when there isn’t any international after-market.

What could be worse, by the time the next census comes around there will probably be more soccer fans among 12-24 year olds in the US and possibly more English Premier League Soccer Fans among young people than NFL Fans. That just about spells close the doors and put up the yellow tape because it leaves the NFL with another Player Contract down the line and no way to pay for it. Translation: The Showdown they avoided last time only a whole lot worse.

It’s a huge mess but one largely of the league’s own making. You cannot alienate your own customers any time and expect things to turn out well. But at a time when the core base is so desperately needed for the league to even have any shot at being around 10 or 12 years from now is just pure insanity.

Tim Tebow Stars in SEC Network Commercial

 By Rachelle Corpuz | August 19, 2014 2:56 PM EST

Former National Football League (NFL) quarterback Tim Tebow has starred in a new commercial for Southern Eastern Conference (SEC) Network, a new ESPN channel that is dedicated to the U.S.’ top football conference. Tebow, who just celebrated his 27th birthday on Aug. 14, was seen wearing collared shirt, golf pants, and a beret to complete his proper golf attire while playing mini-golf.

Tebow was promoting SEC Network’s new program SEC Nation, which airs every Saturday, in the new trailer. He was joined by some of his co-hosts. Tebow will work as an analyst for the show, who will get to travel to different campus each week.

Speaking to, Tebow spoke about his new gig at ESPN’s SEC Network. Tebow revealed that he knew nothing about his co-hosts, Marcus Spears, Kaylee Hartung, Paul Finebaum, and Joe Tessitore, until they all got together, but he had a “great rapport” with them. Tebow added that there weren’t any tensions among them because they “have a lot of fun together,” which builds the “chemistry.

From playing professional football to being a college football analyst, Tebow didn’t really find it hard to shift careers. “My relationships with everyone at ESPN were really good, and they kind of told me how it was going to be,” Tebow told”Nothing has really caught me by surprise,” Tebow added.

According to Tebow, he has been doing his research, studying and talking to many people. However, he admitted that his experience during the national title game has helped him prepare for his new job. Tebow said it was a “great opportunity.”

“Doing the national championship and doing it all day gave me a great amount of experience, I knew what to expect with this.”

The 27-year-old former quarterback led Florida to its second national championship in three years in 2008. Tebow made his debut as an analyst in January during ESPN’s pregame coverage of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) National Championship.

Tebow joined the ESPN family in December. In addition to SEC Nation, a number of programs has been lined up for the former Heisman Trophy winner including “Sports Center,” “ESPN Radio,” and the network’s coverage of Heisman Trophy.

Watch Tebow’s commercial for SEC Nation.


GatorFan says ( Buzzy Says You are going to get a few Comments )

  • :

    Get real people. Tebow had his chance with 3 different NFL teams., and he washed out each time.
    Timmy can’t grasp offensive football leadership and decision-making. His arm is weak, and he just doesn’t understand the game enough to view the field as required. Timmy just didn’t get it done. I’m a diehard Gator fan, but frankly, we won national championships NOT because of Timmy, but inspire of him. It was the other Gator players that stepped up for us.
    I say this with all sincerity and respect, Timmy should have been a FB in college and the NFL . that’s where he could’ve been a much better player.

Tim Tebow Rumors: Options If Free Agent Ever Signs?


Aug 15, 2014 01:45 PM EDT
Analyst Tim Tebow

Analyst Tim Tebow, center, smiles as he answers questions from the media on the set of SEC Nation at the ESPN studios in Charlotte, N.C., on Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2014. ESPN held a media open house for its new SEC Network which will be produced in its Ballantyne studios in Charlotte.(Photo : Getty Images) “

Tim Tebow is a free agent and many in the football world have wondered if an NFL team will ever sign him and this offseason free agency has been going fast and while no one has given Tebow a sniff, teams like the Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars or Tampa Bay Buccaneers could be fits for this season in a variety of roles if injuries go down, although that’s very unlikely.

Tebow has debuted on TV with the SEC Network and is continuing to prepare for this season in his new TV role on ESPN as part of the SEC Network, but he has also said that he plans on continuing his playing career if he can and that he is working out all the time. Tebow said this offseason around the national championship game that he was in some of the best shape of his life and while he is no Peyton Manning, based on his past accomplishments he at least deserves a shot to make it in the league.

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Tebow is a polarizing figure for many reasons, including his play on the field and what he does off of it, with his heavily Christian influence as well as his speaking engagements. This has created a crazy media environment wherever Tebow goes and while Bill Belichick did a good job of stopping that from getting out of control when he was with the Patriots, other teams do not have the same structure on their teams and like it did with the Jets, it simply gets too out of control. Many teams have avoided Tebow for this reason and no one can know whether that has impacted him from getting tryouts or even interest from teams.

Many have looked back to the trade of Tebow from the Broncos to the Jets and examined why the team acquired him in the first place and why the quarterback felt it was better to go to New York rather than Jacksonville, as the Jaguars were also interested in trading for Tebow when the Broncos shopped him. Back when Tebow was the quarterback for Denver things seemed like they couldn’t be any better for the star, but once Peyton Manning hit the market, team president John Elway saw the perfect out. But Tebow proved one thing when he was with the Broncos: he could win in the NFL.

Tebow took over a 1-4 team and led them to a division title and the playoffs, winning some exciting games with fourth quarter theatrics in the process and he also directed an amazing playoff win against the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime. But soon after the playoff victory Tebow was shipped out to New York and while the Jets welcomed the quarterback with excitement, things did not turn out so well in the Big Apple. Head coach Rex Ryan said the team had a plan for Tebow in the offense with Mark Sanchez starting, but soon those ideas turned out to be just a facade, as the team barely used Tebow at all and he ended up with just 102 yards rushing and 39 passing with zero touchdowns. Things got so bad that the Jets jumped over Tebow in favor of Greg McElroy starting and everyone realized it was just a matter of time before he was released.


Tim Tebow back on home turf in Gainesville as part of SEC Network debut


Posted: August 14, 2014 – 9:00pm  |  Updated: August 14, 2014 – 9:02pm

Former University of Florida and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow was in Gainesville on his first day of broadcasting for the SEC Network.
Former University of Florida and NFL quarterback Tim Tebow was in Gainesville on his first day of broadcasting for the SEC Network.

GAINESVILLE | The kickoff of the SEC Network Thursday was scheduled in front of Florida Field, but consistent lightning and intermittent showers forced the network to call an audible.

Host Tim Tebow then did what he does best by improvising to make the best of a bad situation.The SEC Network went on the air for the first time in the lobby of the Heavener Football Complex with Tebow standing in front of all three of the Gators’ national championship trophies — and just a few steps away from his Heisman Trophy.

As the first show went live, the Jacksonville native didn’t waste any time talking about the newest product from the ESPN studios.

“The SEC is in my blood,” he said. “Why not be part of the best conference in the country.”

Amid the constant clacking of cell phone cameras, students often roared in approval. Rarely has such an opportunity for a selfie, especially with the program’s beloved son, been so easy.

While the network has been in the works for a couple years, Tebow clearly didn’t possess the polish of a professional television front man. Whether by design or by coincidence, it still worked.

Minutes before the cameras when live, co-host Joe Tessitore had to fix Tebow’s tie. A couple of fans in the backdrop then reached over a barricade to pull some lent off Tebow’s jacket.

And when pressed on what to expect from Florida this season, Tebow constantly said “we” when talking about the Gators.

It will be interesting to see if he talks of other SEC teams in the same reverence.

Tebow, who turned 27 on Thursday, was given a birthday cake during the show. He thanked everyone and gave the cake to the fans.

Tebow’s role ended with a quick interview with Florida quarterback Jeff Driskel.

As they wrapped up the show, Tebow’s final words were: “God bless.”

The SEC Network plans to make preseason stops at every campus. After that, Tessitore and Tebow will travel around the conference with their own pregame show.

Although he continues to work out six days a week with hopes of returning to the NFL, Tebow seemed to make the transition to television. And while he’s a new member of the media, ESPN decided not to allow Tebow answer questions from other media.

But like he’s done so many times, he made the best of a bad situation by signing autographs and taking pictures with Gators fans.


Happy Birthday, Tim Tebow: Is your NFL career really over?




(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)


(AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

It seems fitting that today is both the birth day of the new SEC Network and the birthday of Tim Tebow, the biggest star on the SEC Network.

It was just more than five summers ago that I launched, offering obsessive coverage of the Tim Tebow phenomenon.

The site was fascinating to produce — there was obviously plenty of material around Tebow during his insane senior season at Florida, his insane NFL Draft process, his insane rookie year with the Broncos, the truly insane apex 2nd year in Denver, the modestly insane debacle in New York and the not-really-insane denouement in New England last August.

I can’t help but think that the moment the lights officially go on for the SEC Network, with Tebow on-air live from Gainesville, the NFL chapter of Tebow’s career will really be over.

I remain biased and mystified — that no team will give him a shot, that QBs like Brady Quinn and Rex Grossman can land on rosters, that this really might be it.

I know he continues to train — I actually believe him when he says that his skills have never been better. I am left with one lingering question:

Why doesn’t he switch positions?

(USA TODAY Sports Images)


(USA TODAY Sports Images)

Yes, I understand that the day he lines up at anything but QB is the day that his dream of being an NFL QB is over, but — from the looks of things — his dream of being an NFL quarterback IS ALREADY over.

The implication: Wait, he would really rather remain a QB and never play in the NFL again than switch to anything-but-QB (fullback? tight end? the invented-just-now “T-back?”) and get a shot to contribute on an NFL roster in some other way?

It’s not like he wasn’t willing to do whatever it took to help his teams previously: His rookie year with the Broncos, before he took over as starting QB, he lined up as a receiver. On the Jets, he eagerly accepted a role on special teams. Anything to help the team.

Like jogging shirtless. (USA TODAY Sports)

sLike jogging shirtless. (USA TODAY Sports)

The irony is that if he was on a roster as a fullback, coaches might actually be willing to deploy him more innovatively (the way they should have when he was playing QB), in short-yardage situations or otherwise:

Four or five plays per game, what if you weren’t sure if Tebow the T-back was going to plow you with a block, trample you with the ball tucked away, pitch to a running back or flip a toss over your head to a wide-open receiver?

If not a starting QB, Tebow’s advantage to an NFL team has always been at the margins — not marginalized: Helping secure the drive-sustaining or clock-killing first down, caroming in for the goal-line score, delivering the defense-distracting feint. He is a specialist at producing the handful of plays that become the difference between W and L.

(Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports)


(Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports)

The next phase of Tim Tebow’s fascinating career begins today. He will be wildly successful and popular, because he has always been wildly successful and popular.

Look: I subscribe to the First Rule of Tim Tebow (“Just when you think it can’t get any crazier, it does”) and hold out that at least one more NFL opportunity will present itself (say, when Urban Meyer eventually takes over for Bill Belichick in New England).

Even with that faith, I can’t help lamenting whether the previous phase — Tebow’s NFL career — ends today, too.​

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SEC Network launches, immediately gives Tim Tebow a cake

 By Rodger Sherman@rodger_sherman on Aug 14 2014, 6:26p +


Is it a coincidence Tim Tebow and the SEC Network will forever share a birthday? Will Tebow continue to get presents every day this channel is on air?

After years of planning and negotiations, the SEC Network launched today amidst much fanfare, debuting at 6 p.m.. The first show was the debut of SEC Live, a studio show meant to cover all the latest around the Southeastern Conference, and they began with hard-hitting analysis of — wait, no, they began by having the Florida Gators mascot give Tim Tebow a birthday cake:

Today is, in fact, Tim Tebow’s 27th birthday, meaning we’re officially two years removed from the time SportsCenter gave Tim Tebow a birthday.
 Some people on the internet griped about this, and the fact that Tim Tebow used the word “we” to describe Florida.

Those people are irritating. This is the SEC Network, a network dedicated to a conference that prides itself on its over-the-top insanity. We expect nothing less than a television station that brings us over-the-top insanity, much like we expect ads for cheese dip when we turn on the Big Ten Network.

Of course, here at SB Nation, we believe Tim Tebow is doing something much, much, much, much, much bigger than just analyzing sports in a suit.

Happy Birthday Tim Tebow: The NFL isn’t calling( Buzzy Says This is Ugly)

George Diaz | En Fuego Orlando Sentinel7:19 a.m. EDT, August 14, 2014

  Happy Birthday Tim Tebow!

You turn 27 today, a prime-time example of a shining star in many aspects.

Great kid with a  philanthropic and kind heart? Check.

College football legend and two-time national champion? Check.

Promising TV star now that he has hooked up with the SEC Network as an analyst? Check.

Rising NFL phenom?

As the best in the business, my friend Lee Corso would say, “not so fast my friend.”

Tebow still has some wild aspirations about playing in the NFL and keeps feeding the dream by working out and staying in shape, and speculating that some team may be out there waiting for him. And his enablers, like former coach Urban Meyer, keep saying things to fuel the dream, as if having a successful college career is an automatic pass to fame and fortune in the NFL.

All together now: All he needs is a chance.

Please stop. My head hurts. Tebow is like the neurotic girl who gets ignored after one date with a guy but keeps checking her voicemail to see if he has called.

Sorry, nobody is calling.

You’ve had your chance it was nice for a while, but there’s no room in the NFL for a third-string quarterback with marginal skills who has already bounced through three different cities.

You had a great college career but you’re not good enough for the pros. There are a lot of guys like that, Ty Detmer, Tommie Frazier, Danny Wuerffel.

And you.

You’ll be in Gainesville Thursday as part of the TV gig. Look around you, rekindle those fabulous memories. Embrace the greatness of your legend as a Gator Great.

It was a fabulous ride my friend. You were the envy of millions, and still have millions of fans who adore you.

But love doesn’t conquer all.

It’s time to move on. Everyone else has.

The Best Quarterbacks of All Time List

This list of the greatest quarterbacks of all time only includes the best NFL quarterbacks to ever play professional football. Who are the best quarterbacks of all time? That is a question that experts have been tackling since the NFL first started in the 1920s. Defining who the best quarterback of all time isn’t easy since every individual has a different criteria that defines who is the best NFL quarterback. If you like championships, then quarterbacks like Joe Montana, Johnny Unitas, Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw and Bart Starr are your guys. If you like gaudy numbers then you’re more likely to be a fan of Peyton Manning, Dan Marino and Brett Favre.

The quarterback position is the most important in football. The position entails being a coach on the field who can call and adjust plays on a whim, being able to dissect the defensive coverage by taking a peek at what they’re showing him, all while having the ability to avoid the oncoming pass rush and make accurate throws. Sounds easy right? The gentleman who are considered the best quarterbacks of all time have the rare ability to do all of these things in a matter of seconds.

Tim Tebow was ranked #95

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