Tebow Ultimate 2011 Highlight Pt.2 .


Chargers vs. Broncos highlights


Bears vs. Broncos highlights


Tim Tebow orchestrates yet another fourth-quarter comeback, leading the Broncos to an epic 13-10 overtime victory vs. the Bears.


Tebow’s game-winning drive Nov. 17, 2011 at 11:39

Didn’t look good for the Broncos. Down a field goal, with 95 yards to go, chances of victory were bleak. But Tim Tebow led his team down the field to beat the Jets 17-13.


Tim Tebow Isn’t an NFL Quarterback

Posted by :brandileanne On : February 28, 2014


As talk grows of the possibility of Tim Tebow’s signing by the new A11 Football League, perhaps it’s time for some reality check by Tebow Fans.

Hey Galaxy of Tebow. I think Y’all can agree that I’ve been a pretty consistent advocate of Tim Tebow, Man, Football Player, Quarterback.

I have had numerous spats with both TebowManiacs and Tebow Detractors. I’ve never bought into the ‘Elway and Fox hated Tebow’ mantra spouted by Tebowites and Tebow “Haters” alike. I would never say Tim Tebow is going to be NFL MVP 6 times.

Nor would I ever say Tim was just a One-Hit Wonder in Denver. I’ve seen nothing that says he couldn’t be just as successful as an NFL Quarterback as he was a College Quarterback. And no guarantees he could be either. If the NFL ever stopped recruiting its GMs from Pussyville. But I have consistently stood firmly that he has earned the opportunity to show which it is.

I kept telling the Galaxy of Tebow don’t listen to anyone saying Tim’s not an NFL-Caliber Quarterback. Because they have nothing to base those assertions on other than their own biases.

Well Tebowites. I’m sorry. But it’s over. I’m convinced. Tim Tebow simply doesn’t measure up. He can’t compete. He’s doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the NFL. He’s NOT worthy to be an NFL Quarterback.

Before you change the channel and throw the remote at the screen, hear me out.

Tim has had too many failures in his NFL Career. He didn’t take his fat 1st Round Draft Pick Bonus Check and buy a big house, fancy SportsCar. Maybe some good Party blow. No, he gave it to Charity. Every penny of it. That should have been the first clue he wasn’t gonna cut it at The Shield.

Tim Tebow hasn’t run through a string of hot nubiles. He hasn’t even had a DUI. (leave that one to Peter. :) ) Nothing. The NFL is far too big a Platform for him. Too Big. Too scary. Tim obviously recoiled. He pulled his own Vince Young in his own way. He ran off to Children’s Hospitals.

I don’t know what drugs he was stealing off those kid’s medication trays. But it had to be some nasty stuff. Because it caused him to commit the only polarizing sin for an NFL Player greater than hanging onto your cherry or having no arrest warrants in another jurisdiction. He said…in actual Public, mind you…”I know I am a ‘Role Model’. The Professional Sports World shook its head in total disbelief. This kid’s never going to make it if he doesn’t get his head on right. But he went the wrong way even further.

Instead of snagging Game Tickets for his posse, Tim Tebow flew sick kids and their Families to Games in cities all over the NFL. And just to rub in it wasn’t pro forma PR, he had the audacity, insanity?, to actually spend time with them. As twisted an image that is for someone who has reached the status of NFL Quarterback, Tim Tebow showed he is unfit to call himself a peer with the god-like, too good to Play in the Pro Bowl, above the rabble gladiators who hold up The Shield. He used the one word so reviled by the NFL it is never uttered. He called the experiences with those young people facing terrible challenges “Humbling”.

That was it. The flickering lights of his career on that stage could already be seen. With only seconds left in a Denver Broncos dismantling by the New England Patriots on one of the highest-rated NFL Playoff Games in history, seen by most of his NFL wouldbe Colleagues and tens of millions of viewers, Tebow signaled the coming end of his NFL days by trying to rally his Teammates to get in just one more Play.

And the entire World witnessed Tim Tebow’s complete unfitness to call himself an NFL Quarterback. As Tim was waving his arm trying to get Broncos Players up to the line against a ticking clock, the “real” NFL Players slowly walked off the Field in dejection.

Galaxy of Tebow, it’s time. Past time, in fact, to give props to the Tim Detractors. They were right.

Tim Tebow is NOT an NFL Quarterback.



Same Sports Bimbo I’ve always been

Buzzy Says : yep, fingers crossed

Tim Tebow still ‘hoping’ for another chance in NFL

  • By Mike Huguenin

David J. Phillip / Associated Press
Tim Tebow is getting his start in broadcasting, but has yet to give up on an NFL career.

Tim Tebow “works every day” and is “hoping” for another NFL shot, Ohio State coach Urban Meyer said.

“There are some conversations about it,” Meyer, who coached Tebow at Florida and remains close to him, told cbssports.com. “I don’t know too much. There’s hope and he says there’s stuff going on.”

Tebow didn’t play in the NFL in 2013 but has said he would like another chance. If not, he already has a fallback job lined up: He will be an analyst for the new SEC Network this fall. His contract includes an out clause should an NFL team come calling.

Of course, any team that signs Tebow also signs up for the media circus that follows him, making it a long shot a team would want that headache for a guy who would be a backup quarterback. Besides, he appears to have a higher upside as an analyst than as a quarterback.

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Meyer had much more to say about his current quarterback, Braxton Miller, who toyed with the idea of turning pro but decided to remain in school for his senior season. Meyer said it was a good decision, intimating that Miller — who should be a leading Heisman contender this fall — isn’t well-versed enough in the nuances of the position.

“I’ve talked to some general managers and some good friends of mine that are coaches,” Meyer said. “I’ve gone through every quarterback I’ve had, Alex Smith, I’ve seen what they do to those quarterbacks in those meetings as far as knowledge of the game. Same with Tebow. I had Cam (Newton) for a while but not that long. They are going to grind him. He doesn’t have the concepts yet. He’s working real hard.”

Miller is missing spring practice as he works his way back from shoulder surgery, and Meyer says the offense will be tweaked this fall to rely less on Miller’s legs.

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“Two years ago, he was our whole offense,” Meyer said. “Last year, we leaned on him too heavily in the Michigan State game (a loss in the Big Ten championship game). He’s still the best player. Some of those are just scrambles. Two years ago, almost all his rushing yards were called runs. This year, it was scrambles.”

A spread quarterback takes a lot of hits, and Meyer is cognizant of that.

“(Quarterback is) the most unique position in all of sports where you’re not ready for the contact,” Meyer said. “(To help) we’ll get the ball out fast, break contain and then teach him when it’s coming, get out.”

Miller’s growth as a passer will be closely scrutinized by scouts this fall. He is a big-time playmaker and dangerous as a runner, but he has to become more consistent and more accurate as a passer.

Mike Huguenin can be reached at mike.huguenin@nfl.com. You also can follow him on Twitter @MikeHuguenin.

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Pre WK 4: Tim Tebow highlights 2010

Tim Tebow looked sharp in his fight to be the No. 2 quarterback in Denver, leading the Broncos on their only scoring drive against the Cardinals.


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