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The Tim Tebow song from Bill Griese

Tim Tebow FAN MAIL: “Hey Tebow Fans. My name is Bill Griese, I’m a NJ singer-songwriter. Now, admittedly I am a life-long Giants fan. In fact, I’m the guy who wrote “Go Big Blue!” But I like to see the Jets and all NY-area teams do well — plus I’m a big Tim Tebow supporter. […]

Tebow a tik tok parody !

Copy/Paste email from Elora: Hey this is my Tim Tebow parody that I made I have been a Broncos fan all my life, I also love Tim Tebow he is amazing! So if you could watch that would be cool and maybe get the word out about it because I am trying to get Tim […]

Demo Tebow Invitation

From time to time we like to feature fan art on this blog. Today I saw a piece that was so good, I thought it was real at first. It’s a demo invitation someone made for the Tim Tebow Foundation. What do you think? Artwork by risto1116 – aka Chris – on DeviantArt

An Offseason Full of Fan Mail

Now that the NFL season is over (at least for Tim Tebow and the Broncos), it’s time to start posted for fan submissions. If you’ve been following this blog over the years then you know this is something we do in the off-season. We will post e-mails that fans send in – they could be […]

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