Tim Tebow gets a contract extension with ESPN


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  1. ck says:

    Hope Tebow gets a deserved raise w/that extension for saving their bacon!

  2. Danny says:

    Time for baseball!

    Tim batting 6th tonight playing DH.

    David posted this in another thread, thought it was worthy of a bump


      • ck says:

        Thanks for all the links, David. Like what this fan stated after meeting Tebow: “You meet someone, and you don’t know if they are what you expect them to be, but he was exactly how I hoped he would be and that was a good, kind person.” “As long as you think you’re doing the right thing, keep doing it, and he represents the way a good person lives their life, Mister said.” Also, “Tebowmania comes to Delmarva May 10″…At Purdue Stadium no boos were heard when Tebow’s name came over the loud speaker. Instead, it was nothing but cheering for the iconic sports figure. Fans from all over parts of Maryland and beyond came to see him take on their hometown Shorebirds.” “When word of Tebow’s arrival was announced, Shorebird’s online ticket sales spiked to record highs, according to team officials. Tebow is a dynamic the league does not often get, an established personality with a national fan base.” “Fireflies lead the league in attendance averaging 5,027 fans per game.” “Tim Tebow is a big-league hit in the minor leagues.” “His average for last 10 games was .294” “The Hickory Crawdads sold out ALL four games with the Fireflies, it’s total of 17,500 for the series surpassing the 15,900 they drew their first eight games.”

        “South Atlantic League (Sally) had Ty Cob, Hank Aaron, Frank Robinson, Steve Carlton on their way to Baseball HOF.” “Marshall: Let Tebow Play In Peace”
        Like reading all the positives and believe Tebow is making his mark in more ways than one!;D

        Fireflies win on Wed. May 10th w/score 7-1 and tomorrow is a “double header”
        starting at 6:05 p.m.

  3. Sage says:

    Glad to see some RBIs tonight.

  4. ck says:

    Looks like a “WIN” for the Fireflies tonight and that is great news!

  5. David says:

    Tim Tebow reached his first 100 at bats tonight with 25 hits and 29 SOs for a .250 average with a .700 OPS.
    He also reached base with 9 BB, 6 times on errors ( not counted as a hit), 3 times hit by a pitch. BB and HBP are not counted as at bats.
    He has been on base about 43 times in 28 games with 11 RBIs, 2 HRs, 1 triple, and 4 doubles.

  6. Danny says:

    A good night for Tim as Columbia puts a thumping on Delmarva 7-1 as the Fireflies banged out 15 hits.

    Tim finishes up 2-5 with a single, a double and 2 RBI’s, ending a long drought of games without an RBI. Great to see him get those RBI’s as he’s been hitting the ball very well.

    His 4th at bat was impressive as he worked the count to 3-2 and fouled off several pitches. He was finally called out on strikes on the 8th pitch which was a VERY questionable pitch. Three pitches were in the same spot for balls earlier in the count. The ump certainly gave a generous strike to the pitcher. That’s how it goes sometimes, but more to illustrate the tremendous at bat Tim had.

    The double he had drove in his two runs tonight, his 10th and 11th of the season. That made the score 3-0 and arguably broke the game open for Columbia.

    Tim’s batting average is now at .250

    • David says:

      8 pitches is huge since the pitchers have a limit of about 100 pitches per game. This would make them go to the bull pen much earlier than they want to do so and that can change the outcome of a game. It’s great to see Tim hitting .250 with .700 OPS in his first 100 at bats. Tebow had another impressive multiple hit game hitting to all fields.

      • Brandi says:

        Teams place different values on working the count. I don’t know how the Mets view it. But their Hitting Coach, Kevin Long, popularized the approach when he was Hitting Coach for the Yankees. So that’s probably a pretty good indication. 🙂

        • David says:

          It looks like they are having Tim work on pitch count, but it sure frustrates us when he takes a strike without swinging on a 3-1 count. It probably is not his first choice either, but he has to be coach-able and do what the team wants him to do. His bases on balls have increased in recent games and one of those walks was the winning run when he scored.

    • Sage says:

      I don’t have eyes on the game, so thanks as always.

      • David says:

        I don’t think that any of us has subscribed to MiLB TV. We are listening on TuneIn and using the GameDay link on the Fireflies homepage. Almost everything that Tebow does is posted on social media and sometimes that’s where the sports media gets their video. After Tim’s first HR, the media was begging twitter users for permission to reuse their videos on air.

    • ck says:

      Read where they had “Circle K” coupons for fans if a batter strikes out and known as designated “Kman”…interesting.:/

      • David says:

        It seems that the players with the highest hitting averages tend to have more strike outs. It may be that they aren’t trying to walk because the team is depending on them to make something happen. So, they swing more often than not and end up with a hit or a K strike out swinging.

    • Brandi says:

      A little somewhat amusing aside that also shows how some Managers look at working the count. Joe Maddon, easily one of Baseball’s Best Managers, has many times in his Post-Game Interview pointed out the key to a Win as an At-Bat where a Guy Struck Out but worked the count so hard he worn down & frustrated the Pitcher and things fell apart for their Opponent from there.

      These are the things that get lost in a Stat Line but many Managers pay very close attention to.

      • Danny says:

        More often than not that seems to be the case. Rallies often have started after long at bats regardless of outcome.

  7. Danny says:

    Tim Tebow’s time with the Eagles kept him from finding happiness in baseball


    • Sage says:

      Nice one. Little or no snark.

    • TheMascotArmy says:

      Good article. A-hole commenters, as usual. They dont know half of what they think they know. Ignoramuses.

    • ck says:

      Thanks Danny for a positive article. Like what David said in the comment section and glad he keeps stating the facts then the critics have no defense…usually shuts them up every time! lol

    • Danny says:

      Sage, MMA: Some commenters were snarks, but several snark busters were out in force for sure.

      Its funny how people follow the NFL narrative and parrot what they hear rather than examine the facts themselves.

      • Danny says:

        I did it twice ck! Dang Buzzy, you need to allow us to edit our comments! Too early in the morning for me….

        • ck says:

          Can identify w/u b/c the “night owl effect” is about the same. lol Glad you and Danny have the facts/stats to fend off the nonfactual critics! Great job btw!;D

  8. Danny says:

    Tim is out of the lineup tonight. Presumably he would be available for substitution.

    Current rain delay at Delmarva.

    • ck says:

      Was wondering b/c they were supposed to have a “double header” for Thurs.

    • Danny says:

      Sage: they ended up playing a single game and going to have the doubleheader tonight. Two 7 inning games.

      I’m guessing that Tim is playing tonight after a night off last night. It will be the last night in Delmarva before heading to Lakewood for three games Saturday Sunday and Monday.

    • Danny says:

      Oh my apologies ck, my comment was for you. I wish I could post a blushing emoji!

  9. Danny says:

    Is Tim Tebow getting promoted soon?


    “According to a club source, there has been discussion about moving the former Heisman Trophy winner to a higher level within the minors, but such a jump likely won’t occur until after the All-Star Game in midseason.”

    Many times stories are fed to the media through off the record sources. I think this might be one of them.

    I posted not long ago that they would not move Tim at least until the all star game in Columbia to maximize the exposure to the stadium and the city. It looks like the same thoughts are in the minds of the Mets organization.

    We will see.

  10. Bigfan says:

    Timmy knows God’s timing is perfect.

  11. Danny says:

    Two 7 inning games tonight!

    Game 1 lineups announced, Tim batting 6th playing LF.

    Game 1 begins at 5:05 Eastern.

    Game 2 begins 30 minutes after the first game ends.

    Game 2 lineup hasn’t been announced yet.

  12. Sage says:

    Maybe they should sit Tim tomorrow. He’s already played one this month.

  13. Danny says:

    After Bringing Fans to Stands in Droves, Mets Considering Promoting Tim Tebow to AA Ball


    Mostly great commenters, a couple are snarky but they are probably paid trollers from PFT, NFL, NBC, etc.

    • Brandi says:

      Hey Danny,

      By any chance were you following PFT for the couple weeks after the Showcase announcement and actual Showcase and then after the announcement of the Mets Signing? As the commercial says…Priceless. It was like they were having a stroke. They couldn’t decide who they were more mad at. Tim, Major League Baseball, the Mets or Disney who everyone in Network Media is certain orchestrated the whole thing. (To be fair, Disney didn’t try very hard to hide the Mouse’s white gloveprints)

      • Brandi says:

        Another quick note on that. Disney shouldn’t have to feel they need to hide any role they played in making Tebow Baseball happen. They are in a direct Partnership with Baseball Owners in a Media Company critical to both their futures. Presumably, Comcast/NBC had that same opportunity and passed on it.

        IMO Disney should do more than ride an announcement of a Tebow Extension on his broadcast career. Maybe if they’re more open on their relationship with Baseball and its 30 Team Owners those Owners will push it more to do something about ESPN’s programming (ie, propaganda) tastes. Which would be good for Disney, Baseball and Fans.

        OK, off my pulpit now. 🙂

      • Danny says:

        I’m confident that the local pharmacies had a run on anxiety meds from these folks! Their true colors came out for sure. Even now when PFT puts out a Tebow story and it’s a general write-up that many other media outlets are posting, PFT will invariably put some type of negative spin on it. The agenda there is clear and present.

        I refuse to back link that site as well as the NFL for those reasons unless that’s the absolute only source. Legitimate outlets that are reporting the true story about Tim are more available now so there’s little or no need to do that anymore.

        Tim had options, and he took full advantage of them. I couldn’t be any happier.

        The greatest day in sports will be the day Tebow gets promoted to the major league roster, becoming the third Heisman winner and 68th player ever to play both the NFL and MLB. The list is much shorter on players winning a playoff game. The MLB shiv to the NFL shield will be a wonderful thing to see.

        Of course arguably it already has.

        • Sage says:

          It’s a pity that PFT is so snide and cynical. In the early days (I think I found it in 2006), it was pleasantly smalltime. Mostly I recall weak banter over a podcast that was just two guys talking over the phone. You could email Florio and he would reply before 7:00 a.m. I have a lot of respect for someone who creates something out of nothing. Not sure where that deep cynicism comes from.

          The Tebow haters typically have weak minds. They’re very influenced by what they hear others say.

    • ck says:

      Liked reading the positives and no wonder they are excited about Tebow b/c he has increased the fan count at games by 92% or more at Columbia plus, sells out games everywhere he goes…GO TEBOW/WIN! Thanks, Danny, for the link.

  14. Danny says:

    From the Fireflies Twitter feed:

    UPDATE – Today’s game in Lakewood is postponed due to rain. There will be one game Sunday at 1:05 p.m. & doubleheader Monday at 5:05 p.m.


  15. Andrea says:

    Just sitting back and enjoying the Tebow show.

    Go Tebow !!!!

  16. Andrea says:

    Thanks for everything you do David and Danny. that’s a lot of hard work you guys are putting into this.

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