Tim Tebow to be assigned by Mets to Class A Columbia Fireflies


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  1. ck says:

    Wish he were still in Florida…any links to watch games that are not $89.00+?
    Happy for Tebow/Fans!

    • Brandi says:

      The Mets Advanced-A Team in Port St Lucie aren’t on MiLB.TV. The Columbia Fireflies are. As are the Mets AA and AAA Teams.

      The cost should be somewhere between $20 and $30.

    • tawk2 says:

      Great news here, we are going to see Tim play on June 4, VIP seats here where we live in Hagerstown, MD. My hubby just bought 3 tickets for me, our daughter and him. So excited! I will take plenty of pictures, hopefully I will get to see him after!

      • ck says:

        That is so exciting and know you have been waiting a long time too! All the best and happy you get to see Tebow, tawk2!;D

  2. Sam says:

    I’m not into the game of baseball, so i need help here. Is an A-league better than AAA? Or is it the other way?

    • Brandi says:

      As Bigfan says, Majors down to A. But there’s more. There’s Rookie. There’s Short-Season A-Ball. There’s Lower and Advanced-A. And there’s the Mexican League that’s sometimes considered Four-A. Or AAA+.

      The Fireflies are Lower-A. The Mets Advanced-A Team is in Port St Lucie. Many thought Tim would go there. BUT, the Columbus Fireflies Games are on MiLB.TV and Port St Lucie’s aren’t. (Both the Mets AA & AAA Teams are on MiLB.TV)

      Tim might not even stop in Port St Lucie on his way up the ladder since they’re not on TV. Hard to say.

      The biggest thing to remember is Baseball is NOT the NFL. The Mets have to be extremely careful how they use Tim. In Baseball, depending on how a Player is moved up or down, he could be exposed to having to clear waivers. That means, if the Mets aren’t careful how they use Tim, they could lose him to another Team for $50,000. The only requirement of that Team is make the waiver claim, pay the $50K an put the Player on the 40-Man Roster.

      In Baseball it can get very difficult to keep a Player in the Minors if there is a Team that wants him for the Majors. Or even is just willing to give him a better deal. This definitely NOT the NFL where they treat the Players like meat.

  3. Bigfan says:

    BIGS, AAA, AA, A in that order

    • ck says:

      Thanks Bigfan! (Not used to all the jargon in baseball all that much even though I played softball growing up and daughter played both! LA)

  4. Brandi says:

    It’s begun Folks. Within 2 or 3 hours of the Columbus announcement, almost every local TV Station across about a dozen states was tweeting about Tebow to the Fireflies. Within another couple hours the Media in the cities of Columbus Opponents began tweeting out the dates Tim and the Fireflies would be in Town.

    They’ve already begun selling specific Tebow Packages. I’m not talking about Columbus. Obviously they’ve begun what will be possibly the biggest marketing campaign in Minor League Baseball history. The Tebow Specials have begun in opposing cities. 🙂


  5. Bubbaelvis says:

    I was just thinking how great he is doing. I don’t think people realize just how difficult it is to play at that level after not playing for 12 years. I am sure a lot of the guys playing in Major League Baseball played football in high school. I would venture to say that a very small percentage would be able to transition to the NFL. Tim is not only trying to do it, he is doing it successfully. He looks like he belongs in baseball. Hopefully, he will be able to make it on his own merits. He definitely will put in the work. Looking forward to Firefly games.

  6. Sage says:

    Maybe I’m childish, but I was hoping to see Tim playing something more than single A. As the GM said the other day, playing against stronger competition is one of the best ways to sharpen skills.

    Tim is in a very small circle of the greatest competitors in the world. He has what it takes to run with the wolves. I don’t want to see him peeing with the puppies very long.

    • Brandi says:

      I think Sandy Alderson knows exactly what he’s doing. The Braves were very serious about Tim and already assigned him as Starting RF in AA while pointing out that same spot was opening up in AAA very soon. Basically they made it clear they were moving him up fast and getting him right there in Atlanta to settle in. (Braves AAA Team is in an Atlanta Suburb)

      But Tim chose the Mets instead. Part may have been he wanted to go back to New York. Part may have been Mets having no problem with his finishing out his TV obligation but any Team would have given in to that. It was only a couple months and not even an important couple months on the Baseball calendar.

      The thing the Mets have been real clear on is they want to help Tim develop his Game as good as it can be. I think that could have been what ultimately swayed his decision because apparently he had many Teams wanting him. There’s no way any of those Teams want him any less now, considering how well he’s done. He;s shown he can adjust to the Game at a speed that’s unheard of. And every report out of the Mets is they’ve never had anyone who works harder or has a better attitude.

      So right now Tim Tebow is an extremely hot Baseball Property. I imagine there are more than a few Teams whose interest might have been mixed or even luke warm who would now chomp at the chance to get him.

      And this is Baseball. NOT the NFL. That means if Teams want him, sooner or later they’re picking up the phone and trying to make a deal. Baseball is the wild west when it comes to trades. Unlike the NFL which is almost allergic to them.

      Tim has to work on MANY things. He has to be able to identify where a Ball is headed at the crack of the bat. He’s already shown he can do the job in the Outfield and that was his weakest link. He has to instinctively know where to throw the Ball back in when Runners are on the move. Both of these are skills he can easily work on in A-Ball with absolutely no pressure.

      He has to get his Baserunning skills down. That will eventually take much better competition to perfect. But he can get the basics down quite well in A or AA. And AA is where it’s going to be at. Because it’s considered a “Pitcher’s League” It’s where Teams keep their very best pitching prospects to develop just as long as they can. Tim has to get his Power up and his Home Run Swing. That plus his speed will be his Game. If he can begin teeing off in A-Ball he’ll be ready to continue in a groove when he faces Baseball’s best Pitching prospects in AA and his improvement should continue without a blip.

      That’s what it looks like to me anyway. But of course I could be wrong. 🙂

      • Sage says:

        Interesting points, including the benefit for honing defense and base-running skills.

        Having grown up in Colorado before the Rockies, I haven’t paid much attention to baseball. I just hope he’s facing quality pitching so that he’s not stagnating as a batter.

        • Brandi says:

          When Daniel Murphy said Tim’s got real skills and serious power and speed but he has to get the “nuances” of the game down, that’s the kind of things he’s talking about.

          They know he has power. But they’re going to want to see if he knows how to translate that power into power at the plate. They know he has speed. But they’re going to want to see he knows what to do with that speed. And they’re going to want to see that he has the right decision-making skills and can apply them during Game Action.

          They’re going to look at his range in the Outfield and with his speed, they’ll be expecting alot. That means he has to know where to run for Balls quickly and isn’t indecisive in hitting his stride going after them. Outfielders are expected to make very few errors. But it’s not the dropped catches that kill you….unless there’s a bunch of them. It’s the Balls you should get to but don’t. Those can add up to a hundred or more hits by opponents over the course of a season and dozens of runs for opposing Teams.

          Same with throwing back in. I think he’ll eventually develop a good throwing arm. But at least as important is getting the ball back in quickly and to the right place…play after play after play. Doing those things right cuts down on opponent runs and that’s what his defensive job will be all about. Highlight reel catches are inspiring. But consistently keeping opponents runs down is what they look for to see if he’s major league ready. And knowing where to throw will be HUGE. When an Outfielder doesn’t have that down they assume there’s more he doesn’t have down as well that they just don’t know about.

          On the basepaths, they’re going to want to see him stretch plays. Show he can go from 1st to 3rd on a single and 2nd to home. If he goes 1st to home on doubles they’ll know he’s putting his speed to work. Stolen bases are nice. But stretching it on the basepaths changes games. Especially for a guy with his power cause that means they have to think twice about pitching around and walking him or giving him pitches that are hittable but just hacks for singles. A power guy with speed is one of Baseball’s rarest things.

          If Tim shows he can use those two physical gifts the Mets or somebody will start thinking “he’s ready”.

        • Danny says:

          Sage: great valid points about Tebow’s competitiveness. It seems that Tebow thrives on rising to the occasion. We’ve seen this many times in the NFL and now in his baseball career. I thought he could handle AA ball pretty well based on playing with elite AAA and AA players in the AFL and against major league competition. I do have a concern that A ball might be too basic for him, although there are parts of his game that through constant repetition that he will become better.

          Brandi: Great analysis and looking at the big picture. The Mets have invested a lot of time into Tebow and they certainly want to see a return on their investment. Based on comments by Sandy Alderson, Terry Collins and others in the organization, Tim has full support and is in a really good place. I’m willing to see this play out.

          I looked at last year’s stats for the South Atlantic League, which is the league that Columbia belongs in. Some benchmarks from last year include 3 players with 20 or more homers, with the top at 24. Six players hit .300 or over. It will be interesting where Tebow’s stats will be in line with some of these levels or what the organizational expectation will be.

          The Mets believe they have someone special and will make sure that they progress Tim at the right pace.

      • TheMascotArmy says:

        I agree. I also think there are two more considerations. 1-give him a little success early to silence his critics a bit, and 2-share his attitude and work ethic with as many of their minor leaguers as possible. Could you imagine how strong the Mets minor league would be if Tim inspires many of them? He does that everywhere he goes.

    • ck says:

      Sage: You definitely stated what I was thinking, but the “peeing w/the puppies” is borderline hilarious!

  7. Bubbaelvis says:

    I just had a thought. How much does Tim’s SEC network job figure in all this? Isn’t his job based in South Carolina? I seem to remember him flying into South Carolina a lot for his job. Surely he is not going to continue to work football games while playing in the league games.

    • Danny says:

      He may had committed to the SEC broadcasts in 2016 but I would think he would be in full baseball mode.

      If Tim is playing for Columbia all season, his last game would be September 4. The AFL season would be beginning in mid October.

    • ck says:

      Thought he had a clause? Would like to know the answer also, Bubbaelvis.

  8. Bigfan says:

    Remember in the minors with very few exceptions I.e. Slump, injury rehab the team is built around one or two players with the hopes they will make the grade and eventually the BIGS. Tim is certainly the one or two! If he can get fine tuned to become an “All Around” player we could see him progress to the AAA by summers end.

  9. Andrea says:

    Go Tebow !!!!

    • ck says:

      Already bought the blue/orange and wish him all the best! Can’t wait for him to make it where he really belongs…World Series! Thanks, Danny, for the link.

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