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  1. ck says:

    Hope you get it fixed, Buzzy. Take care and God bless.

    • tawk2 says:

      Buzzy hope you get it fixed! Great news here, we are going to see Tim play on June 4, VIP seats here where we live in Hagerstown, MD. My hubby just bought 3 tickets for me, our daughter and him. So excited! I will take plenty of pictures, hopefully I will get to see him after!

      • ck says:

        Know you will have the best time tawk2! Great news and VIP too!;D
        Can’t wait to see pics if you post and blessings to you/yours!

        • tawk2 says:

          Thanks ck, so excited! Hoping to see him after, our daughter Jasmine is excited too! My high school used to play Nease High, before Tebow though. Although my son played football, can’t remember if they played Nease High, it would have been around the time Tebow played there.

          On another note, I have a stalker, a stranger following me, staring me down and taking pics of me. First time I seen him was last Weds, waiting to pick up our daughter from her bus stop. He was waiting outside when I left, across the street, as I crossed the road he started walking up the sidewalk ahead of me. When he got to the corner he turned right same direction I was going (I always check our community mailbox before going back to bus stop) when I got to same corner he had vanished! Not enough time to go anywhere. So I went and checked mail, then went back same way, crossed the intersection to our daughters bus stop. I was facing away from opposite corner watching for bus. When suddenly I got the creepiest and most dangerous feeling, I turned and the man was back on the corner across from me! He was staring me down and taking pics of me with his phone. Each time there was no traffic, he would start to cross the street, thank God a car would appear then he would jump back on the corner, this went on until our daughters bus turned the corner, then he turned walked about ten feet, leaned against a lamp post facing away from bus, I thought so he would not be seen by buses front camera’s. My daughter got off bus and I told her we needed to get home quickly, I glanced over my shoulder and the man was now walking directly across from us! We rushed into the house locked the door. I looked out our blinds and he was across the street glaring at our house. I called the police, woke my hubby up, he works nights. Police came but he was gone by time they arrived. I gave a description, any details. I am so scared I will not go anywhere alone now. I also looked on a sexual predator site and found him registered, I let police know but there blew it off, said if I see him again to call. So please pray he leaves me alone, thank you.

          • ck says:

            Tawk2: Will offer some advice and hope this helps: Call the Captain of the police force instead and he will make certain something is done! Make sure you have a camera everywhere you travel and, yes, try not to go alone, but w/neighbors or family when possible. Place “Beware of Dog” signs a/o alarm signs in yard along w/spot lights. Would also call school and let bus driver know so there are witnesses.
            Plan on calling “The 700 Club Prayer Line” on your behalf as well as your daughter. Hope you have protection inside your home also that would deter an intruder. Very sorry to hear of such disturbing news and would be just as concerned as you are. Hope to hear everything is o.k. Keeping you/family in my prayers.

  2. Sage says:

    Looks like Tebow has been taken out of Thursday’s Mets lineup. Does anyone know the contrary?

    If no more Grapefruit League, that would seem to make April 6 the earliest game.

    Life as a Tebow fan is about waiting.

    • Danny says:

      I don’t believe that Tim is going to participate in any major league spring games. At this point Tim’s with the Fireflies working out with them.

      There’s really nothing to confirm that, but if Tebow’s participating in any way, it will make news.

      Yes, Tebow fans are probably the most patient and persistent when compared to anyone else.

      Less than 2 weeks and we will be seeing Tim play again.

  3. Sage says:

    Totally off topic, but I can’t ignore these interesting thoughts from Brandi on the bond market and the economy.

    Not for 15 years have I closely followed the markets or economic numbers. That’s about the time I perceived transparency was low and switched to sports. My need for a guru economist is presently filled by Brian Wesbury, who does tweet. What I admire about him is he understands the benefits of laissez-faire, yet he hasn’t freaked out during the last decade as government has become a fatter and fatter jockey, slowing down the horse. It’s tough to remain so objective. He’s given wise counsel, though it remains to be seen if he could stay in front during an abrupt reverse.

    • Sage says:

      P.S. Brandi, the totally persuasive (to me) explanation given by Wesbury and also Steve Forbes for the 2008/2009 collapse is that it was due to “mark to market” accounting rules.

      The economy can usually quickly digest mal-investment, even huge amounts. But a couple of years preceding 2008/2009, world bank regulations forced banks to write the value of their collateral (homes with 30 year mortgages) down to its immediate, liquidated trade value. What is the point of 30-year collateral if you need to write it down to today’s market?

      Right about March 9, 2009 (Dow $6.6K), my friend and I were sitting on the couch competing to be more bearish than the other. Little did we know, that was the very bottom and equity markets would triple in the decade to follow.

      So, what happened? That date was very near the time when regulators abolished the mark-to-market accounting rule. With abolition of that rule, banks, rather than accounting themselves into dissolution, could unwind their distressed assets over time, largely protected in the meantime by good collateral.

      So, it probably wasn’t just $1T in bad bonds that toppled the economy in 2008, but governmental negligence (or was it intentional?).

      • Larry says:

        Thanks for mentioning this Wesbury guy, Sage. I’ve been studying free-market econ thinkers for a few years, yet never heard of this guy. His recent tweets look good.

        I’d also recommend Linda P Jones, Jim Rickards, & Peter Schiff. LPJ’s podcast & website, ‘Be Wealthy & Smart’, is fantastic, (except for the woo-woo ‘Think & Grow Rich’-type stuff which I mostly ignore). Her advice on how to spot tops & bottoms of markets is great. Rickards is a best-selling author (‘The Currency Wars’, among others) who predicted both Brexit & Trump’s win, & has worked as a fin consultant for govts & corporations. Most of his stuff is by subscription (some very pricey), but he has some free stuff online, too. Schiff famously predicted the ’08 crash, but that’s mostly because he’s a perma-bear. He has good understanding/explanation of free-market economics, but is also a hard-core Libertarian, hates Trump (even though he grudgingly voted for him), & often lets his ego & devout Libertarianism cloud his judgement. He also has a podcast & writes articles.

        • Sage says:

          I like Schiff, but if we’d followed his advice the last 8 years, little good would have come of it. That’s why Wesbury interests me. While championing the same libertarian principles, he has maintained objectivity about the relative strength of the economy.

          Thanks, Larry, for Jones and Rickards. I’ll take a look.

          By the way, I’ve looked at Think & Grow Rich a few times. No, I’m not rich. Yet, about 3 or 4 chapters in, there are instructions, e.g., write down what you want, along with what you will offer in return. In all seriousness, when I tried this I was astonished by what soon occurred. The fact that I don’t do this all the time tells me, (i) it is challenging to identify precisely what you want; and (ii) we may often have ambivalence about whether we really want what we think we do. Still, I’m due to try this again. If you are motivated to have something, I’d recommend that book too!

          • Larry says:

            Thanks, Sage. I have the audio version of “Think & Grow Rich”, but have procrastinated listening to it, because I thought it would be like ‘The Secret’. I’ll start listening to it tomorrow. Thanks again.

      • Brandi says:

        Mark to Market was the blind scalpel that cut everywhere leaving everyone bleeding. But it wasn’t the tumor. That was a combination of MIT Super-Geniuses playing Fantasy Bookmakers with higher risk mortgages claiming they had the magic formula that instantly transformed them into AAA-Rated Financial Instruments.

        Part 1. But Part 1 wouldn’t have brought the Economy down. That was Part 2. Selling and re-selling the same financial instruments back and forth and as many as 3 dozen different Financial Institutions having the exact same houses on their books as collateral. The average was over 20. Think about that for a minute. It’s like you and everyone on your street all claiming your house as an asset. It got so bad that it, not activist judges or acts of Congress or Presidents put the brakes on foreclosures. It’s that in hundreds of thousands of instances known and probably more unknown, nobody could tell what bank actually owned someone’s mortgage when it as all being unraveled.

        Now today’s problem is that once the extent of the problem was known, The Fed dumped at least $30 Trillion worthless dollars on the street at zero interest. It gradually floated up to a big old quarter of a percent over the next year and a half, as the amounts of cash dumped on the street grew. Bond Buybacks were part of the wink-wink nudge-nudge agreement for all those piles of cash. The banks and many major corporations needed alot of it to clean up their books.

        But all they did was make their books, balance sheets, stocks look good. They didn’t actually use any of the money for investments in new infra-structures for their companies, new research, development, facilities and least of all creating new jobs. Had that been done with enough of that fake capital injection in the Economy they might have pulled off making it something real…instead of just real debt.

        But now we are where we are. We’ll just have to see how it unfolds. But we’re here because of unsound practices used to clean up previous unsound practices.

        Oh well. 🙂

        • Sage says:

          All this seems absolutely true. It makes me wonder how the Svengalis can keep the ball in the air any longer. Surely it will fall to the ground.

          And yet, if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that stocks climb a wall of worry. It will be interesting to see what happens, and why.

  4. Danny says:

    Some quick notes about the Fireflies:

    1. They have the largest stadium in the South Atlantic league at 8,500 capacity.

    2. Bookmark this link in your browser for game notes and other press box information:

    3. David posted this earlier in another thread but I’ll bump it up – link to radio broadcasts:

    4. Subscriptions to are required to see the games. Last year they broadcast all the Fireflies home games. Might be different with Tebow there. Pricing is $12.99/mo. or $49.99 per year:

    5. Some FAQ’s about

    • ck says:

      Thanks and much appreciated, Danny–counting down the weeks to “TEBOW TIME”!;D

    • Larry says:

      Thanks Danny.

    • Brandi says:

      The City of Columbia is making a HUGE thing of this. The South Atlantic League (the one the Fireflies are in) is being held there this year. Columbia is supposed to be the best location on the entire East Coast to watch the Total Solar Eclipse in August. (a once every 99 years eclipse) And Tim Tebow.

      They’re building a massive economic development and transformation program around these 3 things. They’ve taken a close State Mental Hospital and its grounds and turned it into a technology incubation zone. Making facilities available for technology start-ups and wouldbe entrepreneurs to build new companies.

      And Tim Tebow is the City’s Poster Boy for how Columbia is being turned into a bright spot of new opportunities and growth.

    • ck says:

      Great post, Danny, and thanks! Nothing but positives…purchasing MiLB.TV for witnessing “HISTORY” in the making! “TEBOW TIME”!
      Note: And I quote: “Ticket sales are 300% to 400% higher (GM Mark Seaman stated) and “Blessing” (Fire Flies Pres., John Katz stated). “Cultivated a massive, devout, fan base w/an international following”! Seems like they are getting the picture due to all the fans selling out their tickets $$$$! Too bad for the NFL and the rest!!!

      • Brandi says:

        Baseball gets it.

        Every Major Sports League has had a Player bigger than they are and perhaps even bigger than the Game. It doesn’t matter what that Player’s name is. Jordan, Gretzky, Ruth, Tebow. None of them are completely comfortable with it. Especially when much of the popularity comes from the Player becoming “larger than life” and not simply being a product of the Sport.

        But that all accept the benefits far outweigh any bother. In Gretzky’s case, his popularity was so huge it made many Hockey Fans question whether the NHL was somehow holding the Sports back. In Jordan’s case, it forced the NBA to let loose the same kind of Control issues the NFL and Football have. Giving up the power structure and focusing more on the Players’ role in the popularity of the Game and League set the stage for the phenomenal increase in Players’ salaries.

        Baseball once was it. The “National Pastime”. The Game of Lore. The idea that there could even be Players larger than the Game itself wasn’t even an ego thing like it is with the NFL so much as it was just the National Attitude. The Game itself was larger than life. Once Baseball accepted that Babe Ruth was bigger than the Game it began a whole series of dominoes falling that led to things like Jackie Robinson, Free Agency and the beginning of changes across all Professional Sports.

        The implications for other leagues was often much bigger than the NFL Owners enjoying treating the Players like chopped meat. But that’s what Tim Tebow was to them. One Player whose enormous popularity would cost them some measure of control over the Players.

        The benefits were MUCH greater. But that didn’t matter. The enormous NFL Ego still trumped everything…the Fans, the future of the Game of Football and the NFL itself. They risked everything…and lost…just to feed their enormous egos and feelings of omnipotence.

        Baseball has had its moments of facing many of its own demons and isn’t about to make the same mistake the NFL did. Any “downside” of the Tebow Baseball Experiment is vastly outweighed by its benefits and Baseball knows that.

        And it’s completely ignoring anyone in Media or Tim’s troops of Roving Detractors poo-pooing it. Now his success or failure is entirely of his own making and Baseball will do what it can to help make sure it’s success.

        Yeah, the ONLY thing Tebow Fans ever asked of the NFL. A fair shake and the support any Sports League should be expected to provide its Players to help assure their success.

        • Sage says:

          Given the choice between control (of a $13B industry) and owning the world’s first $1T company (Napster), the RIAA chose control and now has something more like a $9B industry.

        • ck says:

          Think you are stating the truth of the matter and NFL will pay a price just like “Target” and “StarBucks”…

          • Brandi says:

            The NFL is so full of itself, it’ll go down without ever once admitting it brought it all on itself. And it’s so self-serving and unconcerned about others it’ll take everyone it can down with it. Networks, Sponsors, Major Sports in the US.

            If/when it does, everyone it takes down with it can only blame themselves for having sucked up so hard to the NFL in the first place.

  5. Sage says:

    Tough day at the ballpark. A week away from the ballpark can’t help.

    • David says:

      There must have been some tough pitching because the Mets got 3 hits in 29 at bats and lost 6-0.

      • Sage says:

        Right. Not that the nice fellas on Twitter would acknowledge it.

      • Brandi says:

        Max didn’t mess around. He went right at Tim with that Fastball that won him the Cy Young. (Which is how most of the serious Sports Journals are describing it. No hype. No snark. Just given Tim’s never having faced that kind of Pitch what would be expected AT THIS POINT in his developing his Game.)

        • Brandi says:

          Oh, a quick addition. Listen to Major Leaguers who have faced Max Scherzer alot. It’s not that his Fastball is so fast…it is. It’s something in his delivery that makes it come up on you like one that’s even faster. Guys say you have to trate it like it’s coming at you at 100-101 MPH cause it gets there that quick.

          Check Tim in September. He’ll still have issues with a Guy like Scherzer…just like every Major League Hitter. But he’s already shown he’s not fazed by a typical 96-97 MPH Fastball. That’s one of the things that’s impressed Mets Coaches and probably the reason they decided to have him face Max. They could have had him Play in the other game against the Marlins who he’s eaten up at the Plate.

  6. TheMascotArmy says:

    Any links about this game?

  7. Danny says:

    I did a quick calculation; if you take out Tim’s first two games and dropped the at bats against the Cy Young pitchers, his average is a respectable .266

    Puts things in a clearer perspective.

  8. Bubbaelvis says:

    All of this will help him. Tim is seeing the real deal and being exposed to what he would see if he was on the Mets big league roster. He is doing well considering he hasn’t had a ton of experience. When he starts playing in Columbia with the Fireflys, the game will slow down for him. He will be able to fine tune some things. I believe we will see rapid growth out of him once he starts playing regularly in A ball. He will be a Met sooner then most expect it.

    • Danny says:

      That’s what I’m expecting. The two outings against the AL and NL Cy Young winners are going to be the absolute best pitching Tim will ever face.

      He will get the at bats he needs and absolutely thrive in Columbia. Looking forward to April 6 – Opening Day vs. Augusta

    • ck says:

      Agree w/u and Danny. Like I said, counting down the days…;D

    • Brandi says:

      The usual suspects have continued trying to make something off all this. But I really like the way the Mets have handled Tim’s development so far. He’s faced the best the Mets could offer without being overwhelming. Or, despite what the detractors are trying to say, turning this into a joke.

      Now he gets a chance to grind out picking up the Game’s nuances and building his skills. Nice. 🙂

  9. David says:

    MetsMinors.Net‏ @Mets_Minors 25m25 minutes ago
    Confirmed players for the Columbia Fireflies so far to start the 2017 season –

    OF Gene Cone, OF Tim Tebow, 1B Anthony Dimino

  10. TheMascotArmy says:

    You know what I just realized? After this baseball portion of his career, Tebow will be an amazingly versatile sports pundit, having played pro baseball and pro football. He can take Joe Buck’s spot at Fox…if they’re smart 🙂

    • Danny says:

      Tim is a very good sports analyst; there will be plenty of opportunities after Tim retires from pro sports to do that.

      Joe definitely isn’t like his dad Jack. I really enjoyed Jack Buck a lot.

    • David says:

      Yep, dual quarterback, dual sports and dual sports analyst. This smart move by Tebow makes his gig at ESPN, or any other network, a year round job.

  11. Danny says:

    Tim Tebow: 15 things to know about the star attraction of the Columbia Fireflies:

    Impressive picture by the way!

  12. Betty says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Danny. Excellent article and agree that the picture is impressive.

  13. Sage says:

    The Tebow baseball era.

    But the presidency thing is dumb. Tim’s wisdom has nothing to do with the state.

    • ck says:

      Well, Sage, he IS popular…thanks for posting the link w/pic. Do you have the MiLB Sports package? (Just curious b/c I’m thinking of purchasing it to see the games instead of just listening to radio.)

      • Sage says:

        Hi ck. Don’t have it yet, but maybe later in the year if things are going well. Its sort of like broncos, jets and patriots jerseys. Waiting to see how he’s treated.

        • ck says:

          Good advice, Sage, and thanks.;D

        • tawk2 says:

          I too am waiting to see how Tebow is treated. I know Tebow will shine but he has to be given the chance. Just hope the Mets are the real deal, it seems they are now. I cannot wait to see Tim play in person, where I live on June 4th, we have seats right near his dugout, Hopefully the team will allow him to stay after for his fans.

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