Tim Tebow Can Break Through into Major Leagues: Mets Hitting Coach Kevin Long


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  1. andrea says:

    I agree CK- that freaky halftime show will just steel my resolve not to watch Super Bowl 51.

    Most entertainment these days is bottom of the barrel trash.

  2. Sage says:

    Not sure if this has been posted before. More on Coach Howard.


    • ck says:

      Thanks Sage for that inspiring link of Tebow w/his “Coach Howard” at Nease. Big reason he excelled b/c this coach gave him the opportunity to succeed plus, God blessed the both of them too!;D

  3. ck says:

    Dec. 12 to Jan. 27 = 46 days and counting…?Buzz

  4. ck says:

    Tebow might be in Port ST. Lucie and that starts in February!;D GO TEBOW!
    Time to visit–can’t wait!

    • Danny says:

      Spring training is two weeks away!

      Key dates for the Mets Spring Training reporting:

      Pitchers and catchers: February 12
      Position Players: February 17

      Training camp is in Port St. Lucie. For those on TZ that are in the Port St. Lucie area, hopefully you will be able to make it to training camp and perhaps a few games.

      The Mets open their exhibition schedule on February 24 against the Boston Red Sox.

      • ck says:

        Checked out the Mets Site for Grapefruit League and didn’t see Tebow’s name listed…
        Thanks for all the info., Danny.;)

      • Danny says:

        I haven’t seen anything to the contrary but I believe all the players whether or not that they were invited to major league camp practice at the same facility. I’m sure we’ll know more details soon as it gets closer to camp opening.

  5. Danny says:

    A very nice video tribute for Coach Howard by Tim Tebow.


  6. David says:

    This year’s poll for favorite quarterback. Tim Tebow is at 6%.
    “On the favorite QB front Brady gets 22% to 16% for Aaron Rodgers, 11% for Eli Manning, and an impressive 10% for Dak Prescott in his first year in the league. Ben Roethlisberger and Russell Wilson each get 9%, followed by Matt Ryan at 7%, Tim Tebow at 6%, and Cam Newton at 2%. On the least favorite QB front Brady gets 24% to 15% for Newton, 10% each for Roethlisberger and Tebow, 8% for Rodgers, 6% for Manning, 4% for Prescott, and 2% each for Ryan and Wilson.”

  7. ck says:

    Like Trump’s picks and doing what he promised…HAPPY!!!;D Praying he and all his supporters plus VP & picks are protected–defeat enemies that are the minority–Thank God for answering prayers!!!!

  8. ck says:

    Not watching this Sunday and even the commercials are NOT worth the time imo!:(

  9. Andrea says:

    I am taking my mother to K-Mart Sunday afternoon and then dinner at Outback steakhouse.

    I absolutely refuse to watch that freak preform at halftime and watch any of those stupid commercials.

    Go Atlanta.

  10. Andrea says:

    I’m sorry but there is not a coach anywhere on this freaking planet that would allow his team to go from the New England 22 to the New England 45 when all they had to do was run the ball 2 times and kick a field goal. Then 2 years ago The head coach of the Seahawks has the QB throw an interception instead of running the football.

    This is disgraceful. The fix is in. I am so thankful I have not spent a dime on football and have not watched a game since they booted Tebow out of the NFL.

    • David says:

      There’s a new hashtag on Facebook.

      At least the falcons won the popular vote.

      • ck says:

        Touche’! Thanks for the humor, David…gotta love that and puts it all in the right perspective, depending on how you look at it! LA

    • Sage says:

      That’s actually a very good point. That series was farcical.

      • Sage says:

        By the way, I was going to skip the game but neighbors invited me to watch, and there was good food.

        • ck says:

          Your forgiven, Sage;D Had to hear updates on radio so, technically, did not watch-LA!
          When out on Sunday drive, listening to “lounge lizard” a.k.a. “Dick Robinson’s American Song Book” and every hour they would interject the news…from what I heard, the Falcons were winning all the way up to the 4th quarter and in the last 8 min. then all you know what broke loose–agree w/Andrea that the “fix” was in for Belicheat & Co.!:(

    • ck says:

      Sounds “fishy” to me too, Andrea, and not hard to believe that it was already a given–they are not known for their “ethics” that is for sure! So glad, they didn’t get any $$$ from me! LOL

    • Sage says:

      Thanks for the link. They don’t cut him much slack, saying he played poorly in AFL. But I think we’ll see more of what we’ve always seen: tension and sometimes miserable lows, with real production, and capped by exquisite and unequaled performance in big moments.

    • Danny says:

      I figured it was good information regardless of the negative swipe. We know it’s all skewed beyond reasonable opinions. I figured he was working out with some players and also Kevin Long. Looking forward to next week when camps open!

  11. Jp says:


  12. Andrea says:

    Good point JP. If Tebow had choked like Matty Ice – holy cow we would never hear the end of it.

  13. Brandi says:

    In the FWIW Department: A few days ago, I took my general blog and connected it with a Big Data Analytics Group. (That includes companies like MasterCard, a couple Brick & Mortor Retailer Associations, etc) They gather online & offline data and profile things like site visitors.

    If the first few days of traffic are any indication, the visitors there are 5 Times as likely to pick Warner Brothers as their top “Family” Entertainment/Consumer Products over Disney. (They were 4 times as likely to pick the NFL as their favorite League than MLB. So it’s certainly not sample skewing)

    When you combine this with the surveys done late last year of People who cancelled ESPN that showed fully half citing a belief it has a cultural and political agenda that offends their core values…plus Disney’s most recent Quarterly Report showing its Consumer Products Division taking an almost 20% loss of revenues and profits. It seems ESPN’s campaign to smear anyone with “Traditional Values” has seriously backfired on its Parent Company.

  14. David says:

    Guacamolegate! Tebow is spotted eating guacamole straight out of the container with a spoon.

  15. Sam says:

    So here I am fearing that Buzzy will not come back here. I really hope he is well and have his reasons for it. But is there any other way to bring news on the main page?

    • ck says:

      Yes, agree and don’t know the answer. Lots of prayers for Mr. Buzzz.

    • Danny says:

      Not sure about Buzzy, but someone seems to be moderating as my posts go into moderation (like this one) and will be viewable to everyone else in a few hours.

      Perhaps when baseball starts Buzzy will be returning to the board.

  16. Danny says:

    This came out just before the Super Bowl:



    Tebow was right about Kelly – his offense would have been a good fit for him; however Tim was too classy to say it, but Kelly really did him wrong. Kelly had a good team in Philly, just needed Tim to run it. Kelly could have had a good 4-5 year run with Tim in Philly.

    Baseball – as indicated before, Tim was working on baseball when Chip Kelly called. Interesting perspectives on the similarities of quarterbacking and hitting a baseball.

    Super Bowl prediction – Tim had it close!

    This is one of the rare articles that seem pretty balanced, they wrote down what Tim said and left the editorial stuff out.

  17. Danny says:

    Spring training starts this week! Pitchers and catchers this week, position players next week.

    I wonder if Tim will report early?

    The anticipation is growing! And more news about Tim….

  18. Danny says:

    Sports Illustrated interview with Tim Tebow:


  19. Danny says:

    Interview with Chad Moeller about Tim Tebow:


    Moeller believes that Tebow begins in AA this season. That’s been my thoughts since the end of the AFL season. Hope we’re both right!

    • ck says:

      Like this Moeller guy and very positive, but then whatever Tebow sets his mind to seems to defy ALL obstacles in his way and glad of it too! Hope he makes it to the “WORLD SERIES!”

  20. TheMascotArmy says:

    Thanks for the links!

  21. Danny says:

    Nationals’ Daniel Murphy on Tebow’s batting: ‘The power is real’


  22. Andrea says:

    I do not think the mainstream sports media are happy with Daniel Murphy giving Tim Tebow a good review.

    Another year of the mainstream media ignoring Tebow’s fantastic Night to Shine Events.

    Now lets see if I have this straight – 3 NFL football players arrested last week.

    Can you believe it?

  23. Danny says:

    Tim Tebow Time with Mets finally has… a time


    According to the article, some fans are already showing up to Mets camp wearing Tebow jerseys.

  24. ck says:

    Any news on Buzzy? Wonder if he is ever coming back and, if not, then what?
    Well, at least we can get links from Danny & David +…much appreciated!;D

  25. TheMascotArmy says:

    I really like this community. Maybe we should have a plan B just in case.
    How about a Twitter list that would include everybody.
    I can follow/add people to my “Tebow” list if they contact me in Twitter. Maybe post your name here so I can expect you.

  26. Betty Baxter says:

    Even though I do not post much here, I do enjoy reading the comments and the links that are posted. I do hope that Buzzy is ok and can return soon. Wonder why he has not contacted someone?

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