Tim Tebow on His Baseball Career: ‘I Don’t Want to Live a Life People Want Me to Live’

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2 Responses to “Tim Tebow on His Baseball Career: ‘I Don’t Want to Live a Life People Want Me to Live’”

  1. ck says:

    Hope your computer is up soon and thanks for all u do for this site, Buzzy.

  2. Brandi says:

    The new line of the Anti-Tebowist Cult is “Look. He hit .194 in the Arizona Fall League.” This is the new “But he lost 4 of his last 5 Games.”

    Engaging in discussion with this group is a complete waste of time and energy. The strength of Tim Tebow is his enormous, perhaps unprecedented, Popularity. That thing that bugs the Anti-Tebowists to no end. And the thing that Tim’s Fans refused to use with his NFL Career.

    This is Professional Sports. It’s ENTIRELY about Popularity. Everything else is secondary. Doubt that? Just listen to those Anti-Tebowists crow when the NFL has one of its now rare highly watched Games. The NFL’s self-delusion that it’s so Popular already it didn’t need Tim or his Fans is a big reason why it’s a failing league. It’s easy for Tebow Fans to see that. But that attitude isn’t just for Tim Tebow and his Fans. It’s the NFL Elitist attitude. It appeals to some. It attracts some. It attracts those who think Nike’s new $720 self-lacing sneaker is cool instead of just conspicuous hipness to the point of absurdity and offensiveness. (Like the $300 Nike sneakers before it.)

    You cannot have a discussion with People who are so into being in with the In Crowd that it’s all they see, The NFL fashions itself as being that crowd. But this is Post-Great Recession America and that crowd is being pushed out. This is now the value and Values America. And there’s no room in it for that crowd.

    So expect them to be even more offensive. Baseball knows this. Unlike the NFL with its very short memory, Baseball has a very long memory and has been through all of this before.

    Celebrate Tim Tebow Baseball. I wish he’d taken this path from the start and I think he might wish he had as well. Baseball appreciates him and his Fans. And I don’t see any of that changing. They also appreciate that he caught on very fast and has been Playing really well the last half of a Season Playing against All-Stars.

    (Thanks for bearing with me.) 🙂

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