Tim Tebow’s struggles have made MLB scouts even more critical of his talent

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Most All the News is anti-Tebow


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  1. Danny says:

    It’s going to be this way every time Tim goes into a slump like every other ballplayer that has ever played the game. Always a double standard.

  2. Brandi says:

    This is just how this stuff’s going to go and always will. The Tebow Detractors got exactly what they wanted with the NFL. In forums like this one they disrupted and created anger, doubts and bad feelings. They even managed to bust some up. On Social Media they got Tim’s Fans to play their game and argue on their terms.

    They managed to split Tebow Fans up chasing after different interests and eventually even got many to argue the benefits of Tim as a 3rd string QB. Even got a few to say he should go to Canada or switch positions. None of this was ever going to bring about anything good and it didn’t. What would have accomplished something was a total show of unity and the combined force of over 150 million in this Country alone. But that never happened and it gave Tebow Detractors the two things they wanted most.

    Tim out of the spotlight and his Fans looking to be a much smaller and more marginal group than they actually are.

    Falling for the same tricks all over again would be too disgusting for words. Major Sports NEEDS a Tim Tebow and right now there’s only one of them. Since we haven’t seen another in anyone’s memory it’s pretty doubtful any of us will see another come along. With that kind of positive influence Major Sports will sink into a cesspool just like we’ve seen happen with the NFL and the terrible impact on young people will be felt for decades or more.

    • Brandi says:

      I’m going to add something since this is an important issue. Tebow Fans had the entire Country except for a few outliers on their side. In poll after poll, even in places where there was no reason to believe the “Tebow Faithful” would even be hanging out, like Daily Fantasy Gaming sites, 95+% were saying the NFL treated Tim unfaily. Rarely would more than 2 or 3% agree with the NFL.

      Yet the handful of determined Detractors still managed to dominate the Tebow discussion. Right now most serious Baseball People and Team/League Executives and even his own Teammates on the Scorpians (including those he’ll be Playing against in regular Play in Minors and Majors) are VERY Pro-Tebow and wanting this baseball thing to work out.

      I really encourage Tim’s Fans to not get sucked in again by the actual lunatic fringe…the dedicated Tebow Detractors. (Thanks for bearing with me on this.)

      • Shirley says:

        I couldn’t agree more! Thanks Brandi, keep speaking truth!!

      • Sage says:

        To secure a QB roster spot, it’s not one big contest, but 32 contests.

        If it were just a binary question of popularity, Tebow would always have had a secure spot. But all 32 teams have their hopes, expectations and egotistical GMs and HCs. It takes several years for a Bortles to flame out, and every year a new batch is hatched.

        Nowhere should Tim have had stronger support than in Denver, but many of Tebow’s fans were mollified by Manning. Many of them were star-struck by Smelway, who they felt had legitimate claim to their loyalty.

    • Danny says:

      Totally with you here. The Mets (and other teams for that matter) saw potential in Tim’s skills. We should too.

      Tom Goodwin has said in so many words that the things that Tim needs to better at are at most minor tweaks. The differences between good and great ballplayers aren’t that different.

      Tim has the mentality to make it. I posted this link a while back but it’s worth reading again:


      This is the Tim that I know. This story is just getting started.

      • Sage says:

        Great link. Thank you.

        I do reject the premise Tim should have switched to TE or RB, however. QB was the only position that remotely captures Tim’s special talent, grace under pressure.

      • Danny says:

        Sage, I recall seeing that in the article. I wanted to show the inner character of Tim and the qualities that separate him from ordinary people. Taking the content of the article as a whole demonstrates what the Mets and other teams saw in Tim. I’m sure that it wasn’t just raw physical ability the Mets saw in him.

        I wholeheartedly agree that as a football player Tim would be the most effective at the QB position as he would be in a position to control, assess, decide, and make plays which we saw him do so well in 2011 and again in 2015 when in the pre-season where Tim made the right decisions to allow he and his teammates to rack up big numbers. Clearly he has the tools in his toolbox to be that kind of quarterback. He would have been less effective at other positions as RB/HB/TE and I believe his successes at those positions would be very limited. Tim made the right decision to be a quarterback.

  3. JP says:

    looks like the Jaguar is self destructing again today. THE THING IS FRANCHISES AND FANS CHOOSE TO BE TOTAL LOSERS RATHER THAN WINNING. WITH TT

  4. Danny says:

    Keith Law is nobody. A look on his Twitter feed indicates that. Not a scout, just writes blathering opinions. There’s no need to give this clown any credibility. Given that he works for E$PN, he probably fits into the SJW cult that they have there rather well.

    I would trust Gary Sheffield’s judgment over Keith Law’s opinion any day.

    I would trust the Mets organization over some random writer that’s looking for a couple of extra clicks.

    The Mets are believers in Tim Tebow. We should be too.

  5. TheMascotArmy says:

    The detractors are such A$$HOL3$, it drives me crazy. They claim they can’t stand him being in the public eye, and yet they can’t resist chiming in and following him like stalkers.
    You know what I do with topics I don’t give an F about? I ignore the hell out of it…but that’s because I’m not a douchebag troll who roots with all his heart against a young guy who is, by all accounts, a modern day hero.
    There’s a special place on hell for Tebow detractors.
    Pardon my French, it wasn’t too bad.

  6. Bubbaelvis says:

    Hey he has only been there one week. He has already proven he can hit in the instructional league. The pitchers he faced there were throwing in the 90’s. He will get his hits soon enough. I am calling it, home run this week.

    • Danny says:

      Tim will assess and make the adjustments he needs to make. I’m confident that Tim will find his groove and that the hits will start rolling in very soon.

  7. ck says:

    Smacks of “anti-anybody-christian” bias and especially when it comes to TEBOW–GO TEBOW AND PROVE THEM WRONG LIKE U USUALLY DO W/CLASS!

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