New York Mets: Tim Tebow Experiment Turning Into Embarrassment

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11 Responses to “New York Mets: Tim Tebow Experiment Turning Into Embarrassment”

  1. Danny says:

    When I saw the headline, my jaw dropped!

    Spoiler alert…the New York Mets DID NOT SAY THIS! Another opinion piece by a writer.

    Buzzy, please change the headline, it makes it more sensational as it is. If we want to hear negative stuff about Tim, the internet is full of it.

    Game time 18:30 Mountain Time tonight vs. Mesa. First home game that Tim will play in this season in the AFL.

    • ck says:

      Thanks Danny and like “positives” instead of skewed/poisoned opinions due to having an anti-christian ax to grind…hmmm!

  2. Brandi says:

    The Scottsdale Scorpions Manager (who is a Position Coach for the Mets) made his own early report on Tim Tebow, along with all the other Mets and Yankees Players at the AFL. His comment on Tim is it’s good seeing him work hard, keep getting his work in and not let the results interfere with his continuing to work. (Interesting note, he called him “Mr Tebow”) He went on to say hopefully that continued hard work will be rewarded by success on the Field.

    Detractors will say…what else could he say. The reality is that’s not a bad review. Tim is hitless, as are others on the Team. He’s working hard and not letting anything get him down. And hopefully he’s working hard toward a great Career.

    That’s not only fair, it’s what you’d hope to hear. No promises and no knocking him down. While some in Media may still try to beat Tim and his Fans down, I really think Baseball’s attitude will be to stick with Tim as long as he’s still up for the work and daily grind and try to help him have a successful Career because a successful Tebow Baseball Career is great for Baseball. The NFL refused to get out of the way of its own ego and inexplicably decided Tim’s legion of Fans was just an annoyance and they’re the NFL. They don’t need more Fans.

    Now the NFL is wondering where the Fans all went and Baseball, IMO, isn’t about to let the same thing happen to it. It is thrilled to have Tim’s Fans. That doesn’t mean he’ll be just handed a starting job on a Major League Roster if he’s nowhere near ready. But it does mean if there’s any way he’ll ever be ready, Baseball will do all it can to help. I think MLB is smart enough to know that’s all Tim’s Fans ever wanted. No guarantees. Just real opportunity and support to succeed.

  3. TheMascotArmy says:

    The detractors are acting just a they did in football; they want to call the game early. They are scared of a full evaluation.
    Hopefully baseball doesn’t cave to the bullying.
    Did you ever notice that that crowd avoids the argument and instead tries to mock supporters? They do that with everything, not just Tebow…You know who they are.

  4. David says:

    5 weeks ago, his detractors were saying that it would take him 2 years to make the majors. Now, they want to end it after 4 weeks of practice. They have exposed themselves.
    Tebow has put the ball in play 15 times out of 24 at bats with 4 walks and 5 strike outs. That’s not bad for 4 weeks of practice.

    • Brandi says:

      He’s gotta turn some of this contact into hits. He’s not going to do that until he stops rolling everything over and starts getting line drives. But that’s the good news in this. It’s a very common problem and I imagine the Coaches are already working on it with him.

  5. ck says:

    Steve Contursi is a jerk with a capital J attached! Sounds desperate to get a few clicks off of Tebow’s good name!!!:( GBPTT!!!

  6. ck says:

    What is an embarrassment is the untruths of what the NFL and these writers try to project on TT!

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