Tim Tebow’s first day with the New York Mets caused quite a spectacle

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5 Responses to “Tim Tebow’s first day with the New York Mets caused quite a spectacle”

  1. ck says:

    Happy he is getting his chance and looks like he smiling too! Still wish it was football though…

    • ck says:

      oops…meant to say “he’s” instead, lol! Have to admit those guys are soooooooo lucky to get to play baseball w/Tebow and the fans are able to see him in Port ST. Lucie; almost in their own backyard for some!!!

    • David says:

      Intructionals end on Oct 8th. If they don’t assign him to a fall league, Tim could sign AS A QUARTERBACK with an NFL team if they give him Saturday off for ESPN ;P . The sight of Tim Tebow praying in an NFL end zone might be just what the country needs right now. It would be front page news and the circus media’s heads would explode whether he played or not. Their problem with Tim Tebow isn’t about football or baseball, but about his Christian profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I fully expect him to be assigned to a fall league team. I would do it just to keep him out of football and healthy. QBs are dropping like flies.

      • ck says:

        You have a point there as there are not many players getting injuries like they do in football! Right about bringing “Tebowing” back and hoping/praying the right person gets in that can change course for the better instead!! GBPTT

  2. David says:

    NY Times baseball reporter. He was snarky at times but had some good things to say.
    David Waldstein ‏@DavidWaldstein Sep 19
    Today was my first interaction with Tim Tebow. I would not object if every athlete/exec I dealt w/ had his sincerity, openness and decorum.

    David Waldstein ‏@DavidWaldstein Sep 19
    It’s almost hard to believe he is for real. #Tebowmania

    Waldstein posted this picture as he was leaving Florida on an airplane. It’s a picture of the sun and possibly planetX, a planet 7 times the size of earth with a 360 year elongated orbit. For more info on that, see Gill Broussard’s Youtube channel “planet7X”. He believes that this planetary object is the cause of many of the destructive events in the Bible like Noah’s flood, Joseph’s 7 year famine, Sodom’s destruction, Joshua’s long day, 3 hours of darkness when Christ was crucified, etc.

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