Ravens 19 Jags 17

Not even if released

Hows that working fo you Davie

Bortles 5 INTs

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  1. Brandi says:

    Gus Bradley will get most of the blame. The calls for him to be fired are getting louder. Blake Bortles will be next Fall Guy.

    Dave Caldwell will continue to be the favored among Jaguars most vocal because of his position on Tebow. The Jaguars knew that not only did that split the fan Base up but also that groups were infiltrating forums like this to bust them up and create turmoil and did nothing but give them Press Credentials and Marketing Tie-Ins.

    Caldwell and Tony Khan are two little StatNerd birds of a feather.

    • jp says:

      Blake Bortles is a third QB. At best maybe a starter in semi pro..To me the Jaguars are better than the Denver TEAM

      • Brandi says:

        The Jaguars are definitely better than the Broncos Team Tebow took over when you take all the injuries into account. Tim never had close to the same group from one week to the next on Offense or Defense. The Broncos Starters included several Practice Squad Players most of the last half of the Season. And Von Miller Played with one hand and one goalie’s mitt.

      • Brandi says:

        Nobody seems to want to remember how crushed with injuries that 2011 Broncos Team was and even at the time those who wanted to say anything they could think of to discount the job that Tebow-led group did all anyone said was “The Steelers had injuries.”. The Broncos had more guys Starting in that Playoff Game who had been signed to the Practice Squad after the Season started to replace PS Guys who had to be called up than the Steelers had lost Starters. (All of whom were replaced by 2nd Stingers, a luxury the Broncos didn’t have)

        The Broncos had Tim Tebow, Lance Ball (a 3rd Stringer) an extremely solid Offensive Line and their Kicker & Punter. And Champ Bailey.

        Other than that it was almost the Player of the Week. When Brian Dawkins went down it was Champ & 3 Practice Squad Guys who were so confused they looked like soccer kids. That vaunted Broncos Defense was so bad that the Broncos used the one Full contact practice they’re allowed the last 6 weeks of the season to teach Tackling. Because not only were the Replacements in the defensive Secondary and Linebackers lost on what their assignments were when they did actually cross paths with Opponents who had the ball they didn’t know how to tackle an got run right past time and again.

        The Kickers were Pro Bowl caliber in Denver and about average elsewhere. The one reliable piece both at home and on the road, the O-Line finally started falling to injuries itself at the end of the Season. That is what Belichick took advantage of in the Playoff game where Patriots defenders lived in the Broncos Backfield almost from the snap.

        It was a Miracle Season in many ways and one of them was just how much that Team had to overcome just to be at all competitive. Let alone Win a Division…even that Division…and give Fans a Home Playoff Win that nobody in their right minds would have ever seen coming when the Season started. They were a really weak Team on paper and with all the injuries much closer to worst in the league than even the middle. But they played better than what was on paper and noone more than Tim Tebow.

        But just try telling any of this to the determined detractors who won’t even leave him alone to play Baseball.

  2. Danny says:

    A trip through BCC pretty much confirms the Bortles apologists. Unbelievable.

    Bradley will be the fall guy but the real problem lies with the GM Caldwell and the owner Khan…not to mention the Jacksonville fans that think they have every right to run this team.

    No one running this team are football people.

    This team has already been run into the ground. They just need someone to drag out the tombstone.

    Do you want to see a winner? Head down to Port St. Lucie.

  3. Sage says:

    Cmon, the score was so close. Three, four, five wins this season, and then climb to 500 after a couple more seasons to build. The Caldwell plan is clearly working.

  4. Sage says:

    The fact that the average fan can’t figure out that John Fox was propped up by Tebow and then Manning shows how pitifully unobservant the average fan is.

    2-14 with the Panthers; 1-4 with Orton; playoff win with Tebow; playoffs with Manning; 6-10 with Cutler; 0-3 dumpster fire in 2016.

  5. ck says:

    Yes, Buzzy, you are right too!

  6. jp says:

    After getting a place in tampa i was shocked at thr level og anti Tt that there is in Fla with three disfunctonal teams with lousey QB
    Almost as bad as chgo who has the most dysfunctional team and QB in history

  7. Danny says:

    Week 2 Monday’s intra-squad scrimmage report. Also the upcoming schedule this week:


  8. David says:

    Tebow taking batting practice on Monday week 2.

  9. ck says:

    Thanks Danny & David for all the links…get all my info. on this site!:D

  10. Sage says:

    theafro points out that @LFtorresIII is the man on Twitter to follow for Tebow baseball info.

    Tim was 2-3 with a run scored and a good catch in left field.


  11. Danny says:


    Tim will have his up and down days like any baseball player. His mental approach to the game will really help him.

    I’m really looking forward to the Mets scrimmage against the Cardinals prospects tomorrow and the Marlins prospects on Thursday!

    • David Oliver says:



      Just came across that same set of articles! NEAT!!

      Tim Tebow’s starting to get the hang of this baseball thing..

      By Associated Press
      September 27, 2016 | 3:27pm

      Tim Tebow’s starting to get the hang of this baseball thing !

      AND – ALSO – More On:
      tim tebow

      How Tim Tebow is winning the Mets new fans every day

      Tim Tebow’s bat speaks loudly on subdued Day 2 as Met

      Good luck getting your hands on new Tim Tebow Mets jersey

      Tim Tebow’s first day as Met: the frenzy, explanations and denials

      PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. — Former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow recorded a pair of hits, scored a run and ended the game with a sliding grab in his final intrasquad game in the New York Mets’ instructional league.

      Tebow, who is scheduled to play his first game on Wednesday, singled in his final two at-bats in Tuesday’s simulated game.

      After striking out swinging in the first inning, Tebow looped a single to shallow center field in the second on a hit that barely eluded a diving catch by shortstop Hansel Moreno, delighting the couple hundred fans in attendance.

      He scored on a throwing error by Moreno on a force play at second base.

      Tebow followed that in the third with a sharp grounder in the hole between the third baseman and shortstop.

      Playing left field, he laid out for the game’s final out on a fly ball in the gap between him and center field. He snared the ball on a backhanded play, his second putout of the day.

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