Jon Gruden still thinks he could win with Tim Tebow at QB

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21 Responses to “Jon Gruden still thinks he could win with Tim Tebow at QB”

  1. Kingsolomon says:

    Tim is better than half the starters, but cannot get a look. This is an absolute travesty and disgusts me.

    • Bill Stacy says:

      He has always been in Tims corner. I wouldn’t be surprised with him or Urban Myer if either chose to go to NFL. I still am disgusted that he has t gotten a chance to shut up the idiot haters YET! But like Rocky said I think there are some rumblings still down in there. I can see Tim playing both sports in the future.

  2. TheMascotArmy says:


  3. Sage says:

    New York has always been such a good fit for Tim.

  4. Danny says:

    From the Mets:

    We have signed OF @TimTebow to a minor league contract. He will participate in the #Mets Instructional League.

    Related article:

    Congratulations Tim!

    • Brandi says:

      This thing couldn’t have been choreographed better. Now it’s the 1st day of the NFL’s Regular Season and instead of that everybody’s talking about Tim Tebow, Baseball and the Mets.

      The NFL may be starting to realize how much they blew it. They had this. America’s Golden Boy on its biggest stage and they threw it all away just to satisfy their own egos.

      I expect Major League Baseball to be much smarter about this.

      • TheMascotArmy says:

        I hope you’re right. The NFL sucks and deserves to be treated accordingly.
        It’s so shocking the difference I see between MLB and the NFL so far.

        • Brandi says:

          It’s such a rarity to have a Player bigger than the Game and always causes discomfort. But only the NFL allowed that discomfort to cause it to make dumb decisions.

          Baseball has had several times over the last 100+ years where it had a Player bigger than it. So it doesn’t get crazy about it. And it loves a “Media Circus”. That’s called Buzz for the Sport. Everywhere except the NFL it’s considered a very good thing. 🙂

          Baseball could still mess this up. But I really doubt it.

  5. Danny says:

    A list of the Mets farm teams:

    AAA: Las Vegas 51’s
    AA: Binghamton Mets
    Advanced A: St. Lucie Mets
    A: Columbia Fireflies
    Short Season A: Brooklyn Cyclones
    Rookie: Kingsport Mets

    The Mets home in the Instructional League is in Port St. Lucie, Florida

    • ck says:

      When I saw Port St. Lucie listed as his practice area that was more than GREAT NEWS and plan on traveling to visit at some point!:D
      Sorry, Buzzy, it wasn’t Jax…

  6. Bubbaelvis says:

    Great news. I am pretty close to Port St. Lucie so may get to watch him play. I am pulling for him to make it.

  7. Andrea says:

    Great news !!! Time for Tebow to shine in MLB. Glad to see MLB knows a great role model when they see one.

  8. Bubbaelvis says:

    I am very happy for Tim. I still am a little ticked at the NFL. Denver on tv tonight made me think about what should have been if they would have done right by Tim. He earned that starting job! However, once they brought Peyton in, he was shafted big time. Just think if they had been smart and not worried about Tim’s popularity, he would be starting tonight. He would have been a good soldier sitting behind Peyton and would not have been a problem in the locker room. He would have improved every year and stepped into the starting role at 29. That would have given Denver at least 2 more Superbowls. Anyway, water under the bridge. Let’s hope for a great MLB career for Tim. Wonder what number he will wear.

  9. David says:

    Why did he choose the Mets? They let him have Saturdays off to work at ESPN.
    “Tebow will continue his work as a college football analyst for the SEC Network, which will require him to be absent from instructs for at least a couple of days a week. The Mets were reportedly the only team willing to make such allowances for Tebow.”
    Now he doesn’t have to take the pay cut unless he plays in a winter league in 2017. ESPN has announced that Tim is staying on with the SEC Network. Port St. Lucie is 120 miles from the Orlando airport on the Florida Turnpike. Binghamton, NY is about 70 miles north of the property that Tim’s foundation purchased in PA.

    • ck says:

      Thanks David for that info. and was wondering about why he chose NY?! Will say that the MLB people do not keep u guessing, thank God!!!

  10. ck says:

    Wish Jon Gruden was a coach in the NFL…

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