Here’s what Tim Tebow looks like as a Mets baseball player on his first day

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18 Responses to “Here’s what Tim Tebow looks like as a Mets baseball player on his first day”

  1. Sage says:

    No Tebow to stop the John Fox dumpster fire this season.

  2. Sage says:

    When I get to wondering whether there was actually a conspiracy in the NFL to blackball Tebow, I remember a guy named Idzik.

    He’s the one who kept Tebow and 4 other QBs on the Jets roster, then drafted Geno Smith (QB # 6), then finally released Tebow, after every NFL roster was crammed with prospects. Nice guy, John Idzik.

    • Sage says:

      Conspiracy? I’m getting closer to believing. Since Les Carptenter’s article for Yahoo has been scrubbed from the Web I can only find the cached copy from Google.

      Why did the Jets pursue him, only to kick him in the face?

      • Sage says:

        Then Robert Kraft and the Patriots offer Tebow a two year, non-guaranteed contract for $2M. They pay him essentially nothing after cutting him 6 weeks later, before the start of the season.

        If there had been a conspiracy to blackball Tebow, what would they have done differently?

        • Sage says:

          Then Jeff Lurie’s Eagles halt Tebow’s move to the CFL, hire him for the preseason, and cut him claiming he isn’t worthy to be 3rd string.

          If you wanted to conspire to ruin the career of a popular Christian, what would you do differently?

          • ck says:

            Apparently, he played too well for that less than team (MAKING BOTH BRADFORD AND SANCHEZ INSECURE) and they got rid of the misfit coach…believe his name rhymed with “COW CHIP”, LOL! At least the fans are not fooled and this proves it…thanks Sage for posting all of this b/c as we know, they are NOT BIASED!:(

      • ck says:

        This sickens me and hope he gets his just deserts for the “CRAP” he inflicted on him…Can include ELROT along w/ROTTEN RYAN in the mix too! Glad “buttfumble” got a taste recently!!!

    • ck says:

      Yea, Sage, he STINKS!

      • jp says:

        Love the way the jaguars have panned out since their idiot gm came out in his first presser and rejected TT… their Big Ben has turned out to be a big bust

      • Danny says:

        It was only a matter of time before the rest of the universe caught up to the Jags’ hopeless ineptitude. Of course the sharp eyes out here at TZ saw this a long time ago.

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