Does God Have a Tim Tebow Complex?

Sure, the almighty can play, but did He rack up ninety-seven TDs in the past two seasons? Did He win the Heisman as a sophomore? Is He going for his third national championship in four years? No matter. Tim Tebow has faith in Him, and so He has faith that Tim Tebow will one day be a great pro quarterback. If only there were more believers in the NFL

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25 Responses to “Does God Have a Tim Tebow Complex?”

  1. David says:

    The NFL media reported on Tebow’s attempts to play baseball with lots of unbelief and ridicule until Aug 31.
    But, the NFL media hasn’t said a word since Tebow received interest from 8 teams and signed with the Mets. They haven’t reported it at all.
    After Tebow told Ms. Wolfe that the door was closed on football, Nate Burleson went on air and said he loves Tebow and asked him to keep the door cracked just a little because of the QB situation in the NFL. I’m thinking that he wouldn’t have said that on air without being told to say it. The NFL has proven itself to untrustworthy as an employer, so Tebow will play baseball and do ESPN in the fall. That’s a great combination.

  2. David says:

    Paul Dehner Jr. ‏@pauldehnerjr
    Getting a early start today at MetLife. Already saw 4 Tebow jerseys. #Bengals

  3. TheMascotArmy says:

    As much as I’d love to watch Tebow play football, I hope he really is done with the NFL. They’re untrustworthy, and have him just enough false hope to waste his time, and kept him from Canada. They don’t want him actually playing. The NFL is infested with social justice warriors and idiots. Good riddance. Commentators and pundits won’t be able to convince willing fools whether or not he can hit because the stats are legitimate (unlike the laughable comp%).
    Tebow’s already 29 and the NFL has squandered 6 years of his youth.
    The NFL is garbage.

    • Sage says:

      Can’t disagree. It’s stunning how many sports broadcasters (and now athletes) have tried to grab the mantle of moral philosopher. Such an easy costume to wear when all you need to do is prattle about race and class.

    • Brandi says:

      A comment on Twitter tonight showed why Tim is better off having said bye to the NFL for good.

      “Tebow Apologists are as bad as Penn State Apologists”…If this doesn’t sum up how much the atrocious NFL Media did Tim dirty what does? That there are actually people who compare Tim Tebow to decades of covering up for decades of sexual abuse of kids.

      Enough is more than enough.

    • ck says:

      Now, they are the failures imo!

  4. Danny says:

    Now that Tim is now a baseball player rather than a football player, the NFL seemed to go into a mode where they really weren’t sorry to see him go as a player, but much more so as a marketing standpoint. Without the endless articles during the season where the main talking point was “Tim Tebow rumors: Will (insert random team here) sign Tebow?”, what will fill the vacuum now?

    That’s right, SJW’s, thugs and idiots.

    Tebow slammed the door on the NFL once and for all. Overtures that Tebow should keep the door open for the NFL are just simply disingenuous.

    For example, the Vikings supposed interest when Bridgewater went down. Tebow is a better QB and was available last year. Why didn’t the Vikings sign Tim when Tim was obviously in game shape?

    There’s a lot of other examples that have been discussed here before. Bottom line, the NFL needed Tim more than Tim needed the NFL. Most of the snark that came out when Tim went to baseball was from NFL types who are jealous that Tim had options.

    The negative energy is starting to overwhelm the NFL and it isn’t going to bode well for the league.

    Good decision for Tim. He’s in a place where his talents will be appreciated.

    Good riddance to the NFL. You reap what you sow.

  5. David says:

    Tim Tebow’s official MILB web page with the Gulf Coast League New York Mets.

    Bookmark this one or add it to your bookmarks bar.

  6. Andrea says:

    The scumbag NFL jerks misbehaved on 9-11. Saw on CNN actual 9-11 footage of firefighters in the twin towers trying to save lives. The look on those firefighter’s faces as they realize this may be their last day on earth was gut wrenching.

    Then to have to see those idiots in thee NFL gyrating around like they are God’s gift to America makes me physically ill.

    I’m forever done with the NFL. Even if Tebow comes back to the NFL I’m done.

  7. Danny says:

    Let the SJW’s have their league.

    Tim is in a far better place now than he was last year. Obviously he has been preparing for baseball for a while so when he was ready he made his move.

    It was a masterful move. Very few people outside his inner circle knew about his rekindled passion for baseball. Once the tryouts were announced, players were able to vouch for his baseball skills and before any negative narrative stuck, the tryouts were held and generated a lot of buzz with the scouts. Tim did his job when he needed to.

    No fewer than 8 teams were interested in Tim’s services. He made an excellent choice with the Mets. Sandy Alderson believes in him and that’s all Tim really needs – a fair shake.

    Kudos to MLB for stomping on the internet tough guys! I kind of enjoyed that.

  8. David says:

    Adam Schefter talking Tebow on the MLB Network. 9-8-16

    • ck says:

      Loved the story about Tebow sending him a “Christmas Card” and seems like A. Schefter is someone that has integrity too! Excellent link and thanks David!

  9. Sage says:

    Jeff Fisher has deep-sixed the careers of two QBs I cared about, Vince Young and Tom Brandstater, not to mention turning his back on Tebow for four seasons. He’s down 28-0 in the opener, and will probably have his HC license taken away soon, as it should have been about 7 years ago.

    Then he’ll get 17 years as a defensive coordinator. Boy, the NFL sure is competitive.

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