VIDEO: Tim Tebow training for baseball career is no joke, says trainer and former Yankee Chad Moeller

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  1. Danny says:

    Great article, a lot of people that know talent have really sung the praises of Tebow. Moeller seems to have a realistic but aggressive view of his thoughts where Tebow’s short term path will be.

    Playing AA ball next year after a stint in the instructional league this fall seems reasonable. Tebow will make adjustments necessary to continually improve.

    As I looked back at the past year after the Eagles, he was likely training for baseball all along but left his options open for NFL football. He probably already decided if he wasn’t going to be offered a chance to start at QB in the NFL he was going to turn to baseball. Buzzy’s contacts had Tim turn down at least 3 opportunities to sign because he wasn’t going to get a chance to compete for a starting job. At nearly 29 years old he had to make a decision and as far as the NFL was concerned it was all or nothing.

    The CFL was something he toyed with a while back but never really took it seriously. If baseball works out for him it will be a better move anyway.

    This is a great move for Tim. It’s amazing how this board has sprung back to life!

  2. Bubbaelvis says:

    I haven’t commented in a while because I have been really disappointed that Tim hasn’t been offered anything with the NFL. I believe he more than proved himself in Philly. All he needed was some team to give him the ball and let him play. Anyway, it looks like he has turned the page on football. Now that he has and I think about it, it makes since. In football he would only have a few years due to his age and risk of injury. In baseball he could have a 8-10 year career, especially with the way he keeps himself in shape. He is a great athlete and seems willing to go through the process. I just hope it works out for him and the baseball people are kinder to him than football folks have been. It will be a great story if he makes it and he will be good for the game. Tebow, the real life natural (loved that movie).

    • Brandi says:

      Baseball has its own problems with Insiders who are full of themselves. But nothing like the NFL where it’s their entire culture. More importantly, MLB is on a push to overtake the NFL in revenues and it has a huge need to steal the headlines in September and October from the NFL.

      Tim owns the headlines.

      The Mets Hitting Coach has seen a video of Tim in the Batting Cage and likes what he sees. The Catcher who has been working with Tim has already said what the thinking is. Get signed on with a Team, get in one of the Fall Leagues so he can work on getting up to Game Speed and enter AA-Ball. And then the long, hard work of making it up to the Major Leagues. he says 2 years.

      That isn’t just reasonable, it’s something every Major League Club can look at and say that’s not unreasonable at all. You already have most of Baseball, including the MLB’s own TV and Radio Networks wishing him well and most saying what’s not to like about this if you’re major League Baseball. Tim’s not saying put me in the Yankees Line-Up today. He’s presumably saying give me a real chance to show what I can do and Play my way onto the Field.

      With only a few exceptions, the only ones having a problem with this are Football people which says all that needs to be said.

      • Bubbaelvis says:

        Thanks for the insight. I truly hope they treat him right. The only thing I ask of Tim in his pursuit of baseball is please wear your cap like a man. None of the straight flat brim style just good old classic ball cap.

    • David says:

      Well, the Yankees did just lose A-Rod to retirement. That’s a good point about the injuries, especially concussions, and the longevity of his career. Most of the articles are overlooking the fact that Tim has been working at this for 9 months already. That would be last December when he was being ignored again by that other league.

      • Danny says:

        It does seem that football people are mostly behind the snark. Tebow has options and he took it. Good for him!

        These people that have opined that Tebow has no business even trying hasn’t seen him play. How can they pass judgement on something they haven’t seen? Should anyone pass judgement on his first game? Tebow will be a work in progress but he learns from his mistakes quickly and will rapidly improve as time goes on.

        There’s no guarantee that Tebow will make the majors; in fact only 70 players or so have played in both NFL and MLB. If there is ANY player in either sport that can do it in this modern era, it is Tebow. Tebow is a tremendous athlete and his work ethic is legendary.

        The last few to make it in both leagues was Brian Jordan, Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders. I was amazed at how incredible Bo Jackson was. Could Tebow have that same impact? Time will tell.

    • ck says:

      Great commentary btw and welcome back!:D The “Tebow Faithful” are not going anywhere and following no matter what…

      • Brandi says:

        In a widely publicized survey, 43% said God helped Tim Tebow Win Football Games. Elements of the Media and the Snark Crowd jumped on this as an indication of how “delusional” Tim’s Fans are. And many within the NFL seemed to jump on the same attitude.

        Next came a huge effort to convince everyone the size of his Fan-Base is much smaller and what there is was an ESPN creation. (Never mind the biggest shows on ESPN barely get a million Viewers and don’t even do that most of the time.)

        Nobody in the NFL or the Media that makes its living off it and claims to love it said “WOW! That’s about 140 Million People! What did the NFL do to deserve this kind of luck?”

        It’s been part of the absurdity of the whole Tebow NFL Treatment that they could so cavalierly treat close to half the People in the Country like a total joke and get away with it. (Never mind the billions around the World) But they ignored polls of 95+% calling for Tim to Play even doing so in New York when almost all the local Polls and Surveys said the same thing. Put Tim In.

        Tebow Fans have shared somewhat in this by refusing to rally around a position and trying hard to capitulate to demands…especially the demand that some Team hand him the Ball and take its chances and Tim’s Fans would reward them greatly for it.

        The egos of a few have somehow thwarted the will of the many.

        Maybe Baseball will be that rallying point where it finally sinks in that Pro Sports Leagues exist for only one reason and that reason is NOT their egos. It’s to please the Fans.

        Anyone else wanna say they can name even one Athlete with 140 Million people so passionately supportive as to embrace him with the core of their most deeply heartfelt beliefs? If there’s one even close, point him or her out.

  3. Andrea says:

    I can dig Tim Tebow as a baseball player.

  4. David says:

    Ben Volin
    Belichick asked for his initial impression of Garoppolo. “Yeah, there’s a lot of people out there. We’ll try to make an evaluation.”

    • ck says:

      David: Had to look that one up and found out he was a 2nd round draft pick…Bellicheat should have stuck w/Tebow imo b/c at least he was a 1st round pick! Looks like Brady is not contesting his guilty verdict any longer, lol! Don’t care for the NFL and hope they regret treating Tebow the way they have when he makes an even bigger career out of baseball…hope ALL get to see it too!!! What a mistake they made and watch them try to get him back when he exceeds expectations there as well!!:(

      • David says:

        Garappolo’s number were not bad, 11 of 18 for 168 yards, but he played a full half and didn’t score. Even Garoppolo admitted that it was a slow start. The running backs scored twice and the defense scored twice. Belichick has to be wondering if he can find the end zone because he has 1 TD in 31 attempts in a real game. A 4 game backup offer to Tebow might not be something he would take unless he just wants to have some fun. Any time on an active roster increases his pension and drives the haters crazy.
        Sanchez threw 10 of 13 and averaged 9.9 yards per completion with 1 TD and 1 Int.
        He stood and delivered on the TD throw and took a big hit.

        • Danny says:

          Fall instructional league runs from October 11 through November 19. I would bet that at least a few eyes will be pulled away from football during that part of the season.

          With all the recent Tebow buzz I even forgot that last night was the first pre-season games! Lol.

          Buzzy Says : And the JAGS Lost But look Better.

          • ck says:

            Not watching, but find it amusing when Jax loses again even if Buzzy states they look better…do they have new uniforms? That could be the difference, lol!

        • David says:

          I just listened to Belichick’s comment in context. He was refusing to evaluate Garoppolo until he saw the tape and said there are a lot of people out there referring to the whole team. The tweet was misleading.

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