Tim Tebow’s baseball workout: How did it go?

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  1. Danny says:

    Unconfirmed rumor that the Kansas City Royals offered Tim a contract:


    Current online polling on the bottom show 2-1 in favor of signing Tebow.

    • Sage says:

      As always, thanks for info including rumors.

    • Brandi says:

      This started from the wording of an Ex-NFL Player, current NFL Media guy in a tweet. But since the middle of last night it’s been all over Kansas City. It could just be one of those crazy rumors that get out of control. But you’ve gotta love it anyway just by how quickly it has spread and ho well it’s been received by Royals Fans.

      That’s a great sign for how Baseball Fans (as opposed to NFL Fans jumping the fence) feel about the possibility of Tim Playing. 🙂

  2. Sage says:

    Nice to see goodell called out personally in the USA today. The league has degraded badly under his watch.


  3. andrea says:

    Great article Sage – thanks for posting. I agree with the police on this matter. Hopefully Kapernick will gone shortly.

  4. David says:

    Damon Harrison, a receiver that played with Tim in NY in 2012, says that “If anybody could pull it off, it’d be him”. He also said that Tebow has a strong arm and would be a good fit in the outfield and when the reporter questioned that he doubled down by saying “He’s got a nice arm!”

  5. David says:

    Tim hit 7 or 8 balls out of the park during batting practice but only 1 during live pitching. This page has a video of it. Scouts estimated that it went 430 feet. The pitcher that has been working with Tebow said that Tebow did much better in live pitching during the last practice that he had with him than he did in the tryout.

    • David says:

      “Last week was the third time I threw to him, and it was unreal,” Smith said. “You wouldn’t believe it. He hit everything. He’s improved a lot.”

      Aardsma said he was scared to face Tebow after the second time he pitched to him, when, he said, he could hardly retire him.

      “Today was the worst I’ve seen him,” Aardsma said. “It looked like he was trying really hard, overswinging a bit. It’s what you do when you’ve got 200 people and cameras everywhere and you’re the only guy they’re watching.”


  6. Sage says:

    Matt Barkley is stinking it up early in Arizona. Cardinals are likely to come up short again this year, thanks to QB whisperer Arians.

    • Danny says:

      A wonder how Matt Barkley stays on a NFL roster!

      • Sage says:

        Actually I spoke too soon, and should have known better. Cardinals have scored 20 straight points, with a couple of good Barkley connections.

        It’s too bad that as a Tebow fan I feel the need to challenge every league quarterback (except Brady). I simply think Tebow had more potential for success than any of them, not that they all are terrible.

  7. Danny says:

    Taylor Blake Ward is a sports writer that covered Tebow’s audition with MLB scouts last Tuesday. He generally gave good marks and gave Tebow some positive coverage.

    This is an interview he had with Amy Lawrence which discussed Tebow’s audition. He talked about where he thinks Tim will be short term.


  8. ck says:

    Thanks for all the links…appreciated.

  9. Bubbaelvis says:

    Does anyone know when we can expect news of an offer? Is no offer after 3 days a bad sign? I need good news because I am still ticked that no NFL team would give him a chance after a great showing in Philly last year.

    • Danny says:

      According to a CBS sports link I posted above, it said an offer may come in a week or two.

    • Sage says:

      Same goes.

      Years of waiting. Hate to be negative, but I don’t envision a big turn around with baseball.

      As much as anything, Tebow’s athletic fate is a reflection of the world in which we are living, herd thinking is a vastly greater force than anything else. People are following the ass in front of them.

  10. Brandi says:

    Multiple MLB Teams are interested in Tim and Jon Heyman of the MLB Network has verified that the Braves are one of them.

    • Bubbaelvis says:

      That is great to hear. Are they saying it publicly or is this inside information. I would think the Rays and Marlins would be interested. I would love for something to happen soon.

      • Brandi says:

        The only reasons for a rush would be to have Tim Play in the Fall League or maybe even do a cameo with the September Call-Ups. But with multiple Teams interested and nothing pushing for a quick signing everyone could be taking some time.

        No Team has said anything publicly that I’m aware of. The closest would be the Red Sox saying they aren’t rushing out to sign Tim. Dave Dombrowski, Red Sox President, is trying to expand the thinking there. But he inherited all of those MoneyBallers from the Theo Epstein days. It’s interesting…if you include the Saux…that the 3 Teams that seem least interested are all MoneyBall Clubs.

        The decision to sign Tim will be on a gut feel as much as anything else.

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