Tim Tebow to pursue a career in professional baseball

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  1. Danny says:

    This is certainly unexpected but I believe to be a positive move for Tim. He is a tremendous athlete and if anyone can make that transition, it would be Tim.

    It’s not unheard of that rookies over 30 years old make the majors. Jimmy Morris was the inspiration for the movie “The Rookie”, who pitched in the majors for the first time at 39 years old for Tampa Bay.

    Gary Sheffield has seen him work out and has said that Tebow is a natural.

    Tebow is left handed which will automatically get him a lot of looks. I could see him as a right fielder.

    Tebow will be signed, but at what level? He needs reps to sharpen his skills. I’m thinking Class A for now but depending on quickly he progresses he could see a rapid rise through the minors.

    I for one am excited for him as Tim makes this next step in this unbelievable journey.

  2. Brandi says:

    There are a few Fans who are a bit bummed that Tim did this instead of holding out with the NFL. It’s really unlikely it was a coincidence Jimmy Sexton unloaded this bombshell on the morning of the afternoon Disney and Major League Baseball announced a $Billion Media Partnership. It’s not just any $B in TV money. It’s a 1/3rd Ownership stake with the option to buy majority of MLB’s Advanced Media spinoff BAMTech. The platform Disney will be offering its new Sports Streaming Network and has said it will be moving all Disney Television Properties.

    This makes Disney and Major League Baseball ACTUAL Media Partners.

    Anyone think the NFL’s days of abusing TV Networks is over? And Baseball is now the new darling sport? And the once Most Marketable Athlete in the World, Tim Tebow, will be again some time in the not too distant future.

    Not much reason to be bummed. Especially if Tim’s excited about the possibilities.

    • Sage says:

      If the magnitude of the nfl’s error with Tebow is ever recognized, I’ll be glad.

      Last guys to screw up so hugely were the RIAA, who chose to crush Napster rather than owning it and being at the epicenter of software, telecommunications, advertising, data and entertainment. Nothing will ever top that for churlish self-immolation.

  3. Sage says:

    Me again. Interesting book on sports performance called Top Dog. I didn’t digest the details, but it’s got me thinking this could be the first time in Tebow’s life when baseball is right for him. As a younger, brash athlete, his performance was probably enhanced by epic passion and fury. These last four, difficult years must have tempered him a bit. He may be more suited now to a game with a different pace.

  4. David says:

    Let Gary Sheffield explain why he thinks Tim Tebow has a shot at MLB

    • Danny says:

      That’s certainly a full throated endorsement of Tebows skills and potential.

      Having natural talent and putting everything he has into it will absolutely pay off in the end.

  5. Brandi says:

    A little heads up to everyone–Many in the NFL sphere are pretty upset about this and they’re fighting back with some pretty intense snarky commentary. That most here have probably already noticed. But what you may not have noticed is NBC seems particularly miffed at how closely linked Jimmy Sexton’s announcement and other activities at Disney have been. Disney’s Media Partnership with MLB. ESPN just “happening” to have videos of Tim working out at baseball at the ready.

    And it’s been nasty. Especially tweets from NBC’s Pro Football Talk. They’ve out & out called it a “con”. But it’s extended beyond the Football guys to even include NBC’s Baseball Writers/Reporters. They’ve stood out as particularly nasty while everyone else in Baseball has been pretty excited. The attitude around most of Baseball Media is why not? What’s the worst that could happen? He can’t make it to the Majors? That’s no reason not to try and it’ll be lots of fun watching him give it a shot.

    So if you see any nasty comments from Baseball Writers, maybe check to see they aren’t somehow affiliated with NBC and take it with a gain of salt. They just seem upset that Disney/ESPN is getting the buzz and not them.

    Play Ball. 🙂

    • David says:

      Thanks, Brandi. That explains some of the articles I was reading. In baseball, Tim will get a chance to develop individual stats that don’t depend on blocking or a receiver getting open and not dropping the ball or a coach calling terrible plays.

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