Fri, 08/12/2016 – 12:22pm
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  1. Danny says:

    I’m not betting against it either.

    From Sports Day:

    The Rangers likely will do their due diligence and send a scout to a workout this month by former football player Tim Tebow, general manager Jon Daniels indicated.


  2. Sage says:

    The argument about “11 years out of baseball” is mostly froth. Most people who’ve been away 11 years don’t return because they learned full well they weren’t sufficiently talented when they were 18 or 21 years old. That, of course, isn’t true of Tebow.

    Out of high school, some traditional prospects need 3 to 5 years just to become physically mature. Some of the traditional path is just about growing up. Tebow was on a different path but certainly grew up.

    Granted, most baseball players acquire a great deal of practice and learning about the sport between the age of 18 and 29. But this does not mean that such practice and learning cannot be obtained later, as in Tebow’s case.

    Granted also, hitting at a pro level requires tremendous vision and speed, etc. I’d wager that Tebow, at 29, is in better condition than 99.9 of all the major league prospects in history. He has catching up to do, but nothing about the last 11 years has made him soft.

    Learning is needed, but accelerated learning seems plausible.

    • Brandi says:

      Even those in Baseball who don’t think Tim has much chance say they’ve not had anyone with his physical gifts. They’ve had bigger guys and faster guys. But they’ve not had anyone who is big, fast and anything like Tim’s strength. Even in the NFL they were awed by how strong he is, stronger than all but a couple Linemen on every Team he was with.

      If he can develop any sort of bat control he should be a power beast just on his shear strength. Players who can hit for power and high average are All-Stars year after year. But Players who simply hit for power and can hit anything above .200 have an MLB Roster Spot waiting for them. The Ex-MLB Catcher who has been working with him says he’s amazingly good at hitting to the opposite field. That most likely means two things. One, he already has pretty good bat control. Two, Pitchers have to pitch to him. They can’t stay away by pitching outside and take his weapons away from him. That ability alone generally separates the decent power hitters from the dangerous ones.

      Teams know that. If he shows them that ability coupled with driving the ball hard and hitting it deep, he won’t just get signed, they’ll work hard with him to get him Major League Ready as quickly as possible.

    • ck says:

      Will be exciting to see it all come together for him and wish him lots of success in this endeavor also! Actually, it could be a welcome relief!!!

    • TheMascotArmy says:

      Good points. Ted Williams spent years away from the game too. It’s a rare situation when a player good enough to play spends years away from the game…there are few good comparisons.

  3. Larry says:

    According to Tim’s close friend Brendan Schaub, Tim’s had playing baseball on his mind for about 4 years. BS talked about this, as well as how well Tim hits, on his podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eus6loGkEEw&feature=youtu.be

    FYI: there’s some profanity in this clip. Also the guest talking w/BS & Bryan is NFL player Shawne Merriman.

    • Danny says:

      Great commentary from the clip! This shows that Tim was thinking of baseball shortly after he was released from the Patriots.

      Tom Brady recommended Tom House to Tim shortly after Tim was released. House must have been the catalyst that got the train rolling.

      According to Schaub, Tim was working on baseball when the Eagles called last year.

      The final kicker was bringing in a professional pitcher to throw against Tebow and Tebow crushed it!

      Wow, as much as Tim generates media interest, how in the world did he keep this from everyone?

      Great find Larry! I really enjoyed the commentary and the banter. As Larry said, there is brief vulgarity but it’s nothing that Tim hasn’t heard in the locker room!

  4. Danny says:

    Happy 29th Birthday Tim Tebow! The best is yet to come!

    In honor of Tim’s birthday, every Tebow NFL touchdown here:


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