Tim Tebow selling autographed bats and baseballs

Monday August 15th, 2016


As Tim Tebow continues his attempt at transitioning from an unemployed quarterback to a professional baseball player, the Heisman winner is starting to sell autographed baseball memorabilia.

Through memorabilia provider TD Autographs, Tebow will be selling autographed baseballs and bats. Both items are being sold on TD Autographs’ website, with balls going for $125 and bats for $175.

Tebow’s agents announced last week that he would be actively pursuing a career in baseball and plans to hold workouts with all 30 MLB teams this month.

Tebow hasn’t played baseball since his junior year of high school, but hasreceived support from former MLB players Gary Sheffield and Chad Moeller.

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53 Responses to “Tim Tebow selling autographed bats and baseballs”

  1. Brandi says:

    This has caused a stir in the usual suspect places. But I thought the money from this goes to the Tebow Foundation. Have I got that wrong?

    Buzzy Says Maybe it does I dont think He has sold that many as to worry about it.

  2. David says:

    Tim Tebow Tries Baseball
    Adnan fills in for Ryen. Adnan & Danny discuss Tim Tebow’s chances of making it in baseball. They speak with Chad Moeller (his baseball trainer), Gary Sheffield and Alex Cora.
    There is some inside info in the first half with some negativity in the second half.

  3. ck says:

    Glad we still get to see Tebow somewhere!!!

  4. Sage says:

    David’s practice link is a must-read.

    Tim crowding the plate. Not surprised. I never saw a gutsier run than his 40-yard TD dash into the middle of the Raiders defense.

    It does sound like hitting big league pitching will be a challenge. I hope he gets a real chance to learn.

  5. Danny says:

    David posted this link farther up the thread and it might get lost, but this is a great first hand account of Tim facing competitive pitching and getting high marks


  6. Adam says:

    Guys, I am heartbroken. Do you think football is really over for Tim?

    • Sage says:

      Me too. 32 teams have had four years to take him, and essentially all have waived. Herd mentality is strong.

      I held hope Urban Meyer would take an NFL HC job, but he has said no.

      Jeff Fisher and Rex Ryan will get another 7 years, but not Tebow, apparently.

      • David says:

        Josh McDaniels owes Tebow a career even if it’s a backup position.

        • Sage says:

          I wish Josh felt that way. Is he just a YesMan to Belichick?

          • David says:

            Josh may be waiting to try to get promoted in NE because he didn’t actively look for a job last year. He had one offer to interview for Miami, but I don’t think he did it.

          • Sage says:

            Right, it’s been quiet about McDaniels. He’s obviously not campaigning to get just any old HC job.

            Personally, I think he’d make a very good GM. His second Broncos draft was highly successful, and he’s sharp as a tack. Meanwhile, because he didn’t play pro ball, NFL players may always have a hard time respecting him on the field.

            Kinda weird, though, about how much he worships Belichick. I get gratitude and respect, but when coaching the Broncos he was kind of BB’s Mini Me.

          • Sage says:

            Few coaches or GMs have ever had better vindication than McDaniels did when Tim hit Demaryius Thomas for the Pittsburgh game winner. For most other tandems, the media would have been raving about the exec who made those picks.

            One more thought: I didn’t like the way McDaniels left the Rams and in the post-season coached against Tebow in the playoffs. The kind of inside info that a coach has about his QB can be devastating and probably was in that game.

    • ck says:

      I don’t think so and believe he is biding his time until someone gets a “bright idea” and doesn’t follow the status quo of NFL; i.e., someone w/courage!

  7. Danny says:


    No doubt Tim is good enough to play in the NFL. Why he was never given a legitimate starting job shot is beyond belief. There were always 6-8 teams that legitimately would benefit from Tebow starting. Last year Chip Kelly had a great system in place, he just needed Tebow to run it for him. Kelly made a bad decision and everyone sees what a bunch of underachievers the Eagles as a whole became last year.

    Tim could have owned the CFL. My belief is that the CFL should have made Tebow its cornerstone and paid him like that. Tebow would have put the CFL on the map as far as popularity that would rival the NFL and elevated the level of play that would have attracted a lot of good players.

    There were no guarantees for Tim at his age, 29 certainly is a crossroads for any athlete. What if Tim waited a year or two and the NFL continued its shenanigans? Tim’s baseball options would have certainly closed.

    Tim enjoys baseball as well as football. I’m sad that he couldn’t fulfill completely his football ambitions but I believe given the circumstances he made the right decision to pursue baseball.

    The legend will only continue to grow if Tim makes the majors. Only 70 people or so have played in both leagues.

    Early indications seem to point to success for Tim’s baseball endeavors. I’ll be watching with great anticipation.

    • Brandi says:

      I think you just summed the whole thing up by mentioning the CFL.

      How much of this and other forums are talking about the pettiness behind so many things that have gone on in Tim’s NFL Career? How much of Sports Media and beyond today is about the messes the NFL has created for itself out of stupid petty decisions and stupid petty fights intentionally started?

      From the first year of Roger Goodell’s stint as Commissioner alone? One of the first things the NFL did was start a fight with Churches over using the name Super Bowl in After-Service Gatherings held on that Sunday. What Sports League picks a fight with Churches over something that ridiculous? The answer is ONLY the NFL is that completely dysfunctional and full of itself. It was that way when Roger Goodell got it and it’s only gotten worse.

      I’ve said here and many other places Tim’s Fans cannot and should not take it personally. This is just how the NFL is. Taking it as something personal about Tim blows every opportunity to do something about it. And ONLY Tim’s Fans could have done something about it. Because only Tim Tebow has enough Fans all by himself to band together and crush the arrogance out of the NFL. Nothing less accomplishes anything.

      I said many times, don’t listen to those “helpful suggestions” made by Tim’s Detractors in Media, in the NFL or simply among the NFL’s lowest form of Fans. They don’t like him and they don’t like anyone here. They’re not being helpful when they say Tim’s Fans need to back off. That somehow that was the key. I said for years it would never work. And it didn’t.

      The NFL is an Organization so completely full of itself and so proud of its ability to give everyone the proverbial finger in the most public of fashions and continue to get away with it that even Comgress throws its hands up in anger and frustration wondering who can stop these guys from continuing to be the way they are.

      The answer was always Tim Tebow Fans. A Man who had 43% of Americans saying God helped him Win Football Games and 95+% support in Poll after Poll. A Man who’s considered a walk in the day he runs for President.

      The way to end this nonsense was always for Tim’s Fans to apply their full weight together and crush the life out of NFL Arrogance once and for all. Going to Canada does none of that. It simply says the NFL was right.

      • David says:

        I don’t believe that Canada would have helped Tebow to get back in the NFL. The way they treated him was outrageous and unprecedented. It was also totally unjustifiable when you look at who played ahead of him.
        Tebow won the starting job 4 times. He took the starting job from Orton twice in 2010 and 2011 with 2 different coaching staffs. In his first 16 games, he was 21% more efficient at scoring than Peyton Manning was in 2010. Only 3 of Manning’s 18 seasons had more scores per touch than Tebow’s first 16 games.
        Coach Ryan kept Sanchez playing while he threw 13 TDs and 18 Ints and went 6-10.
        Tebow had just thrown 19 TDs with 9 Ints in Denver with 15 rushing scores
        Tebow has earned the starting QB position 4 times in the NFL.
        Geno Smith scored 18 times with 21 Ints in 2013 after Tebow was cut. Make it 5 times.
        He was also 81% better than Bradford per touch. So, lets call it 6 times.
        Brady threw a TD every 25 attempts in 2013 after Tebow was cut. Tebow threw a TD every 19.6 attempts in his first 16 in Denver. We’ll give Brady a pass.
        Going to Canada will not change his chances in the NFL because they won’t let him play even when he is obviously better than the QB on the field. They would rather lose than have a popular pro-life Christian as the face of the NFL….again. Political correctness is a mental disorder. Maybe they felt that they needed to get rid of the guy talking about Jesus to avoid offending Muslims. That is the most recent cowardly stance of the politically fearful.

        • Sage says:

          I agree about the outrageous discrimination against Tebow, but would have liked to see him play in the CFL. It’s my opinion that he’d win championships, and those are hard to ignore. He’d have stayed current with football and late in his career someone in the NFL would have been forced to give him a shot, like Warren Moon.

          As it is, every year Tebow is outside of football just strengthens the naysayers.

          It’s too bad Tebow’s fans were always in the dark about the CFL and his intentions. I understand the reasons, but it’s hard to say Tebow played his hand perfectly. Fault lies mostly with Jimmy Sexton. What earthly good did he do Tebow?

          • Brandi says:

            I don’t think it strengthens the naysayers at all. 85% said Tim was an NFL Quality Starting QB when he actually was one. Now it’s 95% & up in Poll after Poll. The only ones it “strengthens” it with are among a small group that keeps getting smaller.

            Bigger Picture…the NFL is in serious trouble. They now have more Domestic Violence Scandals including taking on Racial Class overtones. The NFL’s own Insurance Companies are after it and they aren’t going to stop because they have tens of billions at stake in other lawsuits against High Schools, Colleges and Youth Leagues, AND in Sports beyond Football. And everyone is looking at how long the NFL took on a complete obstructionist role in the long term effects of Sports Head Traumas.

            Now Football and the NFL are sitting in an increasing hot seat and the nearly 200 million Tebow Fans in this Country (and several times that many outside it) who could have and would have been staunch defenders through it all are, at a minimum sitting it out and at a maximum working hard to bring the NFL down.

            Tim is smelling like a rose while the NFL is having ever-greater trouble hiding its stench. If anyone’s listening to his detractors, they won’t be for much longer. Tim’s Fans absolutely shouldn’t be listening to them. That just makes it seem like there are more of them than there actually are.

        • Danny says:

          David, you are absolutely right. Going to Canada to “improve” or “get more reps” would not have helped Tim get back in the NFL.

          It would have been unprecedented, but if the CFL as a league offered something really lucrative to lure Tim into finishing his football career (and beyond) in Canada that would have been a win win for everyone. The CFL would have legitimately rivaled the NFL in popularity, getting more money for TV contracts, get better players, and increase the quality of the product. The NFL probably would not have seen the huge increases in TV contracts that they usually see when the renewals come up for negotiation.

          That’s the only way I believe that Canada would have worked out for Tim.

          As it is now, its baseball! Anyone hear when this tryout will be?

          • David says:

            Good points. With the NFL ignoring him, the CFL definitely would have more immediate success and more visibility for Tim than baseball. Maybe the CFL is in the plans for next year, but does the CFL season conflict with baseball? Tim would also have to give up the job with ESPN to play in the CFL. That might be a huge pay cut. When he said he is taking a pay cut to play baseball, he was probably comparing it to Home Free. I haven’t seen any news on the try out.

        • ck says:

          Yes, Ryan was out for “REVENGE” on Tebow since he lost to the Broncos when he was THE PRO QB!

  8. TheMascotArmy says:

    I think this follows some of the things Brandi has written about a minority convincing the majority that it is a minority. Skim paragraphs 6 and 7. I’d bet the same thing is true of Twitter and sports media etc regarding Tebow.


    • Sage says:

      Interesting. Also interesting that NPR needs a budget for comments. Web publishers have made it so all comments must be funneled through a few companies, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google. You can’t even give something a thumbs up without being registered and signing in.

      If you wanted to start a totalitarian society, these methods would be a good step.

      • ck says:

        Agree and if we want freedom better vote for it and I don’t mean what is being offered on the left either!

      • TheMascotArmy says:

        I read that Gab may be an up and coming free speech social media site. Beta invite only right now. Fingers crossed something can compete with the big three mass manipulators (Facebook, Twitter, Google)

    • Brandi says:

      Thanks MA. 🙂

      This stuff drove me nuts. It’s too late for Football. (With almost no college educated Parents wanting their kids having anything to do with the game that may be literal.) But maybe Tim’s Fans won’t let the same thing happen with Baseball where a few idiots are allowed to own the conversation and convince everyone else to be on the defensive.

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