Tim Tebow Says He Is ‘So Blessed’ Despite Short NFL Career

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Putting on a uniform for the NFL would be measured by some as one of life’s greatest achievements, but for Tim Tebow, it is a small feat compared to living out God’s plan for your life.

“I think it’s important to have a bigger perspective where we’re able to really put things to their right place,” Tebow told Rolling Stone Magazinein recent interview.

Despite a short career, the former NFL quarterback continues to make headlines, which is not typical for a man in his position.

Players who’ve failed to hit the field after four years are long forgotten, but Tebow appears to make headlines weekly.

He attributes this attention not to himself but to God, and he says he is blessed to have a platform to share a positive message.

“It’s having faith that God has a plan and he’s God and I’m not. And so I’m gonna trust whatever place God puts me and make as big of an impact as I can,” Tebow said.

“When you’ve been blessed with a platform I think it’s an obligation to try to be a good role model for the next generation and for the kids that might look up to you,” he added.

Aside from his charitable foundation, W15sh (Wish), Tebow is also known for boldly sharing his faith. Last month he prayed for a dying man on an airplane, and during his most recent mission trip to the Philippines Tebow said he was reminded of the important things in life.

“Being able to be around kids who had been thrown away from their families because their families didn’t think they were worth anything because they were special needs… I’m going to focus on doing things that matter,” Tebow said.

“I’m gonna focus on a life that matters. I believe the way we do that is impacting those around us, those people who need help,” he added.

One woman in Florida is taking Tebow at his word and is asking for prayer.

Carolyn Bucca and her friend are facing a terminal disease and Bucca, who has stage 4 breast cancer, wrote Tebow sharing her bucket list request.

“Tim, I wanted to write to you in a letter on behalf of myself and my girlfriend who have always wanted to meet our mentor, you,” she wrote.

Bucca told First Coast News 12 that Tebow’s deep faith resonates with her and inspires her.

“He would have the black on his face proclaiming his love to the Lord and it just touched our hearts,” she said.

Bucca said she doesn’t know how much longer she will live but is unafraid.

“It’s kind of scary, but we don’t have fear because we have the Lord,” she said.

“It doesn’t have to be a long visit, Tim. We’d love to [see you] as I said before, if you could come and pray and talk with us,” she added.

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One Response to “Tim Tebow Says He Is ‘So Blessed’ Despite Short NFL Career”

  1. Danny says:

    The fact of the matter is, Tim Tebow IS good enough to play NFL QB.

    Chip Kelly simply made a bad call. As the 2015 season played out, neither Bradford or Sanchez were good enough either.

    The 2015 Eagles were brimming with talent and just needed a leader to show them the way. Tebow would have been the gravitas that the team needed and advocate for Kelly’s system and I firmly believe that at bare minimum they would have been a playoff team.

    It’s been well documented here Tebow’s stats, contributions and impact on the Eagles during the pre-season. He left no doubt that he deserved a roster spot.

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