Tim Tebow Comments on Retirement, Potential Career in Coaching and Politics

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Tim Tebow Comments on Retirement, Potential Career in Coaching and Politics

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Tim Tebow prefers to keep his options open as a free agent rather than retire from football, but he is interested in coaching and politics if such opportunities present themselves.

Tebow spoke to the Associated Press’ Ralph D. Russo about his future in a report that ran Wednesday. He laughed and didn’t directly answer a question about whether he considered himself a retired football player.

“I think I consider myself someone that is so blessed to do what I love to do and to be around the game of college football and to be able to be part of something that was so much a part of my life since I was a little boy,” Tebow said. “But also I’ve got a lot of different things going on right now.”

Among the multiple things Tebow is juggling are a role as a college football analyst for ESPN and its SEC Network and his work for the Allstate American Football Coaches Association Good Works Team.

The latter initiative recognizes and distinguishes college football players who engage in community service, something Tebow has been perpetually involved in.

Given the leadership intangibles and competitive fire Tebow showed as a Heisman Trophy winner and national champion, coaching seems like a natural fit. Tebow acknowledged he’s thought about it.

“I love what coaching is,” Tebow said, per Russo. “I love the fact that coaching is teaching and it’s helping and it’s mentoring and it’s loving and it’s being a father figure. That is something that has always intrigued me.”

As for the political realm, it’s not necessarily a priority for Tebow, 28, yet he has thought about the influence he could have:

My goal has always been able to make the biggest impact that I possibly could in people’s lives. If I thought this is the right avenue, this would work, then I would be totally up for going down that path. Do I feel like that’s right now? No, not necessarily. Could it happen in the future? Yeah, I definitely wouldn’t [write] that off.

Tebow has refused to play any position other than quarterback and has declined offers to play professional football in any other league besides the NFL. The last time he appeared in a regular-season game was for the New York Jets in 2012.

Despite the flaws Tebow had as a QB, notably the ability to deliver the ball with accuracy, he had flashes of brilliance that almost defied explanation.

The 2010 first-round draft pick of the Denver Broncos lifted the team to an AFC West title in 2011, throwing for 1,729 yards with 12 touchdowns and six interceptions and running for 660 yards and six scores. He threw for 316 yards in a postseason win over the Pittsburgh Steelers as well.

No NFL teams have given Tebow an opportunity since the Philadelphia Eagles released him following a stint that lasted until the end of the 2015 preseason.

Tebow evidently has numerous other platforms to explore if a return to the NFL gridiron isn’t in the cards, be it as a QB or at another position.

Notable among his upcoming life events is a new book, Shaken. Per Russo, it chronicles the struggles Tebow has faced in recent years and will be available in “about a month.

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34 Responses to “Tim Tebow Comments on Retirement, Potential Career in Coaching and Politics”

  1. Sage says:

    I still hope Tim plays professional QB. I still believe he could lead a dominating team and win championships.

    It’s a pity to me that Gary Kubiak does not seem ever to have contemplated Tebow’s assets. Tebow could run Kubiak’s offense like a maestro.
    Buzzy Says Some of Tim’s problem with coaches was that he did not run the plays they called as at Denver Fox would say just call your own plays and save me Tim like the Jet game he ran one play they called on the drive the rest he just called the same play. and OC dont like that.

    • David says:

      So true. Tebow also would have run Kelly’s offense better than it has ever been run. In 2010, Tebow ran McDaniels’ offense as well as Brady and added rushing scores. Tebow was 1 dropped TD pass away from being the fastest scoring passer in the NFL as a rookie.

      • Danny says:

        Kelly blew it.

        Kelly’s hunch was right back in March 2015 when he brought Tebow in to work out. Unfortunately Kelly let his pride, ego, (not to mention Sanchez and Shurmur) influence his decision not to keep Tebow.

        The Eagles 2015 team had incredible promise, the team needed a strong locker room leader like Tebow to lead this team. As the season wore on, it was glaringly apparent that the Eagles had no leadership and they ended up as one of the most underachieving teams last year.

        At bare minimum, the Eagles would have been a playoff team last year with Tebow.

    • ck says:

      He seems to be keeping his options open and that IS a good thing…agree Sage & David!:D

    • Danny says:

      If that’s the case…unbelievable. Those changes in plays at the line are audibles, every quarterback in the NFL and most in colleges change up a play if they see a defensive formation that a quarterback can take advantage of.

      That shouldn’t be a knock on Tim, Tim’s innovation at the line of scrimmage is one of his most powerful assets. That’s how he remains the best QB at zone read.

      If coaches get down on him for doing that, then they need to tell every other QB that they coach that they can’t change up a play at the line if they need to.

      Shaking my head on this one.

  2. TheMascotArmy says:

    I don’t think I’ll ever watch the NFL again. Total garbage…boring garbage without Tebow. ESPN can hype stories ask they want, but it’s BORING. Does anybody really give a crap about training camp this season?
    Such a wasted shame.
    It’s sad how half the Tebow debate is happier with an unsettled question than risk being proven wrong (again). It’s even more unbearable that detractors pretend the question was settled.

    • Danny says:

      Hear you there…

      There’s absolutely no meaningful innovation in the NFL anymore. I’d rather spend my time outdoors on Sundays than to watch this stuff. Even the CFL is more interesting to watch.

    • ck says:

      TMA: What NFL? They r a lost cause in my book too!!!:(
      P.S. Stinks all the way to “ELROT”!

    • Sage says:

      Agree, all. It’s a closed system that can’t be bested from the outside. No outside team can try new tactics and use them against the existing clubs. The clubs are decadent, having been immune to competition for so long.

      It’s looking like the players are going to bleed the league dry, as did unions in Michigan.

      Another galling thing is espn radio, which I occasionally hear on a 30 minute drive to town. They imagine that we now want to hear NBA talk 11 or 12 months a year. I think they are really miscalculating.

    • David says:

      “Eagles fan attendance at open training camp practice is way down this year”

      “The team officially announced a total of 18,276 attendees for Sunday’s practice session. That’s roughly 25,000 less than the 43,000 figure the Eagles touted last year on Sunday, August 9.
      A lot has changed with the Eagles since last year. The biggest change is obvious: Tim Tebow is no longer here. OK, just joking.
      The real big change is that Chip Kelly, along with all the intrigue surrounding him, is gone. The Eagles were coming off two 10-win seasons heading into their 2015 campaign. They also had a crazy offseason filled with surprising trades and big free agent signings.”

      A commenter said:
      Ugh no
      It’s all Tebow. I went to practice at the Linc in 2014, 2015, and today. Tebow is the difference maker, and it’s sad.

      • Sage says:

        Attendance down at Broncos’ camp too, though not radically.

        Although I don’t pay close attention to players’ salary disputes, I seem to be hearing more about them this year. Guys wanting really big numbers. Not really “feel good” times for the league.

        • Brandi says:

          It’s really bad times. The NFL’s own insurance companies are suing it and want answers on what the NFL knew and when it knew it about head trauma. But it has other problems that may sink it first.

          Y’all know about the survey done in Spring of 2014 that had about half the country calling the NFL “sleazy” even before all the scandals broke. Now after the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Forbes did an editorial saying the NFL’s strategy is to attract young males even if it runs off “Football purists” (what most would call Average Americans). Here’s the kicker…

          Another survey done awhile back a large % saying their major issue with the NFL being it turns young men into “callous, uncaring, unempathetic” basic sociopaths. It had almost as many saying that as head trauma and it was done without any options listed. So with all the things that are talked about the NFL every day in the media, especially concussions, that was the first thing almost as many people thought of.

          Can you be in any worse shape than what…after all the scandals has to be…most people thinking you’re sleazy and you turn your Fans into sociopaths?

          Yeah it’s not good times around the league at all.

        • Brandi says:

          A quick follow up…

          It might seem like the NFL never pays attention to these things. Especially after the Street & Smith Survey of American attitudes on the Major Sports Leagues that showed that almost half calling NFL “sleazy” and all it’s done is gotten even sleazier. But…

          There was an article about a week ago about Roger Goodell taking an “Empathy” course on a virtual reality machine. The article said the Commissioner was basically admitting to being a sociopath.

          They know how people feel about them. They just don’t seem to care. But they may have figured out the last thing they want is to have their Commish called before Congress in these hearings and having him hit with the question of whether they turn young men into sociopaths. That it would pretty much end them immediately. Every Sponsor would have to run for the hills.

          • Sage says:

            With their Tebow TV contract, it seems like the league has a big financial cushion for a few more years to come. That’s about long enough to transform itself into the NBA. Such a pity.

  3. ck says:

    Have to highly recommend an “AMAZING” movie that I just watched and usually don’t go to the movies at all…if u get a chance, watch “Hillery’s America” before they try to ban it and put the producer/director back in confinement for bogus charges again due to stating F-A-C-T-S!

    • Sage says:

      Thank, ck. I gotta see that one. Dinesh is becoming quite the movie maker.

      It’s incredibly smart for him to use movies as a new medium, both to make important political points and to earn good money.

      • ck says:

        Just doing my patriotic duty, lol!:D Anyway, everyone that was in the theatre applauded…if that tells u something! Don’t like giving money to liberal “Hollywood”, but made an exception (think he is like Mel Gibson going against system and that IS great imo!). Hope u get to see it and it starts out as not being serious which kind of surprised me at first…don’t want to give away the ending and spoil it, ha!

    • Danny says:

      Clinton Cash is also a great documentary, definitely a must see!

  4. David says:

    Eight NFL quarterbacks worse than Tim Tebow by Rachel Wold

    • ck says:

      Would add Bradford and Sanchez to that list…HMM! GO TEBOW!

    • Sage says:

      As I understand it, Tebow started 16 games, had 580 touches and 32 touchdowns. Threw 374 times, 19 touchdowns (more than 5.5 percent), and he ran for 13 touchdowns, with just 9 interceptions.

      8 guys worse? I’m not convinced there have ever been 8 better, in the history of the league.

  5. David says:

    Watch the video talking about the QB situation in Denver just for grins and giggles.

  6. David says:

    Tim went to the funeral of the man that died on the flight to AZ.
    The funeral was in Orangeburg, SC
    Later, he stopped by USC in Columbia, SC and visited Coach Muscamp’s football camp

  7. David Oliver says:


    Is the NFL Dead to Christians?
    Written by brandi. Date of post: August 2, 2016.


    Dave O.

    • ck says:

      Hi David O.! That was kind of like “Future Shock”! Nice to know the ending comes out right and a big AMEN to that!!!

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