The Broncos are John Elway’s team but were Tim Tebow’s for one wacky season

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4 Responses to “The Broncos are John Elway’s team but were Tim Tebow’s for one wacky season”

  1. Brandi says:

    Tim Tebow is the most popular Player the NFL has ever had. In other parts of the World they still refer to him as an NFL SuperStar. But here, the self-appointed experts continue trying to justify how they’re right about Tim and everyone else is wrong.


  2. David says:

    That’s good to hear Brandi. There is a article on SB nation Giants page that says that Tebow benefited from the 5th ranked defense and a lot of luck in 2011. That defense was ranked 24th for points allowed and 20th for total defense.
    They keep changing history (lying) to fit their narrative, that Tebow wasn’t the reason that Denver suddenly started winning, it was the defense.

    “And then there’s Tim Tebow, who needs no introduction, but certainly requires further explanation. His success came in the brief window of the read-option alongside a Top 5 defense and whole lot of luck. Yes, he was good at what he did for the Denver Broncos, but once he caught on with his subsequent teams, defenses had pretty much figured out how to stop the scheme. His success was real, but the longevity of it was hampered by scrape techniques and accuracy issues.”

    The 2011 Broncos defense ranked 24th in the NFL for total points allowed.

    Orton never scored more than 21 times in a season in his 10 year career. The backwards NFL begged him not to retire but won’t hire Tebow who scored 34 times in his first season.
    Newsflash: Eli Manning, in his 12th season finally scored more times in a season (35) than Tim Tebow scored in his first 16 games(34). The coverage rules were changed in 2014 to make it easier for him. It took him 2 years to get there.
    Russell Wilson also made it with 35 scores in his 4th season.
    Some players need time to develop.

  3. ck says:

    This so-called reporter is obviously jaded when it comes to Tebow…if it were not for Tebow that team would have SUNK TO MORE LOSSES!!!

    • Brandi says:

      Every League & Team relationship with the Media that covers it is tainted at least a little by the way they control credentials and access. Deadspin made a name for itself by saying Not interested. We’ll stick with integrity. Keep your credentials. Block our access.

      The NFL is by far the worst for a couple reasons. ESPN and therefore Disney’s future is wrapped up in it not because of Monday Night Football. But because so much of the topic on almost all of its shows is the NFL. And the NFL has made good use for itself of that.

      SportsWriters are afraid to take the NFL on and even more afraid to question its decisions. When Tim was playing and the ratings were soaring the NFL Media was much kinder to Tim. JMO, many of Tim’s Fans missed that focusing on every little piece of negativity instead.

      But now that Tim isn’t Playing, his Fans are no longer Viewers/Listeners/Readers and the need to rationalize why he isn’t Playing is all that matters. When he was Playing detractors mocked his “College” style. Now Teams are moving toward that style. So all that was left to explain why he’s not Playing is completion %. But completion % is a meaningless statistic at best and especially so in a Read Option type Offense. Overall Production is all that counts and on that front Tim was one of the most productive and efficient Quarterbacks in the NFL.

      Teams don’t like admitting too loudly that they don’t want the bother of all that Media and Fan attention. It’s pro sports…there is no such thing as too much attention from Media and Fans.

      Unless you’re the NFL and your attitude is we’re on top and we can do anything we want.

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