Why No One in the NFL Wants Tim Tebow(Update)

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  1. ck says:

    Wow! If this didn’t get results…

  2. andrea says:

    I have to disagree with the writer. I believe Tebow’s Christian faith has a lot to do with his being put out of the NFL.

    I really have never seen any media coverage of the players after the game coming together and praying. The media spends a lot of time showing the female cheerleaders though.

    I may be wrong but I have never seen a Christian rock group preform at the Super Bowl halftime show. Last Super Bowl we had a tribute to the Black Panthers for goodness sake.

    The media will never allow a strong Christian athlete with rock star potential to become part of mainstream media. These types of people must be marginalized or destroyed.

    • Sage says:

      There is indeed an anti-Christian bias on the part of those keeping Tebow out of the league, even if that isn’t the sole force.

      We have to day a reverse-power mandate. All things perceived to have been historically powerful must be subordinated to things now perceived to have been historically powerless. Black above white, gay above straight, transexual above persons of without gender issues, female above male, Islam above Christianity, Nature above development, crudity above earnestness.

    • ck says:

      Andrea, u r so right and agree!

    • Matty says:

      You completely discount Russell Wilson who is also extremely outspoken about his faith in Jesus Christ, among many other NFL players (Matt Forte, Devin Hester and Israel Idonije are all examples just of my favorite team, the Bears, who often speak of their faith & love of Christ and how He has helped them).

      You know the difference? Mr. Wilson is a good NFL QB. Mr. Tebow is not.

      There are numerous QBs who played the same game as Mr. Tebow in college who were outstanding players as well who never even got a sniff of the NFL. Charlie Ward (won the Heisman), Eric Crouch (won the Heisman) and Jordan Lynch are three that come to mind. If Mr. Tebow had been willing to switch to a different position, like Tight End, he’d probably still be playing in the NFL.

  3. Brandi says:

    The problem is Tim is bigger than the NFL. Roger Goodell with support from enough of the Owners has pushed DeflateGate to be a showdown ith the Players over his absolute powers over them. He hasn’t even been shy about it. Making it clear he has the authority to do anything to them he wants and for ant reason he wants. The Appeals Court gave the NFL exactly the Ruling it wanted, saying exactly that. It softened it’s rhetoric by saying they (the majority Judges) wouldn’t have given him that kind of power but he has it and nothing says he has to use it wisely or even justly.

    THIS is what’s going on as the backdrop in the NFL.

    The GMs and many of the Coaches don’t want Players bigger than they are. The Owners want the Players put in their place and even if they may like Tim, he swings the notion of power back the Players’ way.

    Certainly there are many in Media who don’t like who they once convinced themselves Tim’s Supporters are. But most have learned it’s alot more than they thought and most who’ve met him like him alot and say he truly is as good as he seems. It’s “not an act”.

    I know there was a time it was almost nothing but an Anti-Tebow leaning in the Media. But those days are gone. Now it’s mostly a few loudmouths.

    • Sage says:

      Tebow’s statistics are astonishingly good, as one can see from David’s recent post, or from the daily tweets replies of 6’5withtheafro6’9 at Twitter. Or from simply watching the games in 2010-11, or Eagles preseason games.

      There is nothing benign or well meaning about the way the entire media either ignores or flatly denies the historical record of Tebow’s success, which has been exceeded only a few times by any NFL QB in his first 16 starts.

      After decades, Satchel Paige received a measure of vindication and received apologies from the media. Paige, at least, had the Negro Leagues to make a record of his talent. Tebow will not likely ever receive such grace from the dogs in the NFL and sports media, and the historical record of his special talent is being lost.

      And not true that we don’t know how Tebow would perform if given a chance. When given a chance, his record of success is unblemished, and in the limited NFL time he has been given (16 starts) he transcended most of the greats, with few exceptions such as Marino and Roethlisburger. We do know.

      • Sage says:

        Incidentally, Marino scored 20 TDs in his first 11 starts, Tebow 32 TDs in his first 16 starts.

        Roethlisberger’s first 13 games, 17 passing touchdowns, Tebow 19 passing TDs in his first 16 games, plus 13 running.

        TDs per completion, per attempt? I assume there are guys who’ve outplayed Tebow in their first 16 starts, but it’s *really* hard to find any.

        The first shall be last, these days.

      • Brandi says:

        I think you’re giving the Media way too much credit.

        From the time Tim was Drafted, some of his Fans have ended up hanging out and following SB Nation and similar sites. They’re loaded with StatGeeks. They’re also loaded with guys who don’t like Tim.

        But most Major NFL Media doesn’t take the time to go into those kinds of numbers. When they do, it’s usually the work of Interns who also tend to be both StatGeeks and guys who don’t like Tim.

        Stat gymnastics were never going to get anywhere because almost everyone who goes into them are young guys whose friends mostly don’t like Tim. The “bigger” Media people get their stuff from the Teams and sometimes the league personnel. Usually someone in the Front Office. GMs don’t like Tim and their staffs are loaded with young StatGeek Interns who, again, don’t like Tim.

        • Sage says:

          In other words, stat geeks are geeks but don’t care a whit about stats.

          • Brandi says:

            StasGeeks hit Baseball first. It took awhile for Baseball to figure most care more about showing off their mad skills at numbers than either Baseball or even stats. In fact their first move was to say stats that had been viewed as most important were a joke and they were right.

            Sound familiar? ala Completion Percentage

            Football will eventually figure out the same thing and start using advanced statistics the right way. Who knows how long that will take though.

        • David says:

          The Tebow critics ignore winning, scoring and low interceptions while pretending that Tebow can’t play in the NFL because of the finer points of football.
          Chase Daniel has a 64% completion percentage but he has 1 TD 1 Int in 77 pass attempts. In their warped opinions, he is an NFL QB worth 21 million over 3 years.
          It would be nice if he could find the end zone.
          Those are great points that egotistical power, political correctness and religious bigotry are behind the blacklisting of Tebow.

  4. Tisa says:

    Timmy posted a video ofor what he has been doing lately to Facebook. I get the sense football is in the rear view mirror.
    Buzzy Says : Well HI Tisa.

  5. David says:

    Tim has a new book out called “Shaken”

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