Tim Tebow hangs with Katie Nolan at Super Bowl 50

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5 Responses to “Tim Tebow hangs with Katie Nolan at Super Bowl 50”

  1. andrea says:

    Who’s Katie Nolan?
    Buzzy Says She Is Not another UPTON , I would Bet she could be your BFF.

  2. Andrea says:

    Ck – I think I may get into trouble but

    What is BFF?

    ( I’m still living in the 1950’s Buzzy)

    Buzzy says : You Poor Thing BFF=Best Fiend Forever

    • ck says:

      That Buzzy is fast, Andrea! Yes, he is right and there are a lot of things I am not up-to-date on either and that is o.k. Minnie Pearl had it right and she’s a “CLASSIC” just like we are b/c we grew up when it was a better era…kinda sad what kids have to grow up in now!

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