I guess someone has Hack in as a admin and is messing with the site i am about to give it up BUZZY

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12 Responses to “I guess someone has Hack in as a admin and is messing with the site i am about to give it up BUZZY”

  1. TheMascotArmy says:

    Some douchebag who probably spends a lot of time thinking about a qb he thinks is thought about too often.

  2. Shirley says:

    Listen if you end up giving up, just want you to know I check this website regularly and appreciate you very much running it. Thanks and God bless

  3. Danny says:

    Hopefully this makes it past moderation.

    Getting this much attention must mean you’re doing something right Buzzy.

    You have my email, I’m not going to give away a bunch of technical stuff in a public forum. Contact me and we’ll talk about your situation.

    This has a lot of great content, lets do what we can to keep this site up and rolling.

  4. Kingsolomon says:

    Explain what you are talking about buzzy. What happened?

    • Kingsolomon says:

      And don’t give up.

      • ck says:

        Somebody is putting out a lot of garbage/spam E-Mails that he has to filter. Plus, they are deleting and it keeps coming back. He stated this in the previous posts…tried to comment and not able to get through earlier. Agree w/u, Kingsolomon as I hope he continues the site as we r glad to have “PRO TEBOW” people here that care!!!

        • KingSolomon says:

          thanks CK. Don’t give up Buzzy. we need to keep fighting for tim

          • ck says:

            Welcome…like what you said about “fighting for Tim” b/c they r definitely the losers and not the other way around!!!

  5. ck says:

    Buzzy, hope u r not serious! Don’t let the anti-Tebow’s have the last word!!!
    You have done a great job and I appreciate having a place to vent. Thanks!!!

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