Tim Tebow Petition Seeks to Bring QB Back to Denver

April 13, 2016|10:59 am


Tim Tebow(PHOTO: REUTERS/ERIC HENDERSON)Tim Tebow arrives at the 48th Country Music Association Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, November 5, 2014.

Tim Tebow does not have an NFL team to play for at the moment, but over 1,800 people are trying to change that in the form of a petition.

In a change.org petition addressed to Denver Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak, the team’s general manager and media relations personnel, over 1,800 people signed their support for Tebow’s return to the Broncos.

“The Denver Broncos have lost their two main quarterbacks from their epic 2016 Super Bowl Championship winning season. We need a proven winner to continue to move this team in the right direction,” the petition states. “Coach Gary Kubiak’s offense would thrive with Tebow under center. He and the legendary John Elway can make this happen.”

Tebow was once a starting quarterback who led the Broncos to a playoff run in 2012. Later that year, he signed to the New York Jets before getting picked up by the New England Patriots in 2013, followed by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2015.

The Christian athlete has proven his ability as a leader on the field as the University of Florida Gators starting quarterback who helped the team secure a national championship in 2008. He was also on the team when it won a championship in 2006 and was the first college sophomore to win a Heisman Trophy in 2007, which honors the best football player of a season.

Now, the change.org petition is looking for 2,500 people to agree that Tebow deserves another shot with the Broncos.

“We don’t need a subpar throwaway from some other team, we need an original Bronco who has the fire, desire, and love of the game to play as a Bronco again! As a bonus the Bronco fans would be ecstatic,” the petition, which has gained 1825 supporters at press time, states. “He just wins, we all know this! #TebowTime.”

While Tebow currently serves as an SEC college football analyst, he also spends time doing philanthropy work and giving motivational speeches. Although he has struggled to find his place in the NFL, he previously spoke about being defined by more than just football.

“In the end, football is just a silly game. Greatness comes from serving,” Tebow told a crowd of students at a Liberty University convocation in 2013. “You want to be great? Be a servant. You want to be great? Humble yourself.”

As a speaker at the Montgomery, Alabama, benefit called “The Journey Continues…” earlier this year, Tebow invited three “wish girls” battling cancer to join him. Instead of focusing on his celebrity status, the athlete- turned-college-football analyst spoke about how “messed up” it was that people were not honoring those trying to overcome cancer.

“All these men and women that are celebrities, they’re awesome, they’re good friends of mine. They do a lot,” Tebow said. “And everyone was idolizing these men and women, and nobody was paying attention to these three girls. I think all of them would agree, these three girls have more character, heart and determination to fight through what they had fought through than any one of those celebrities.”

To take things one step further, Tebow warned people against turning sports into idols.

“We choose to idolize certain things, and love certain things,” Tebow said. “…I’m not saying it’s wrong to love sports, I love them as much as anybody. But do we choose to really see what matters?”

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9 Responses to “Tim Tebow Petition Seeks to Bring QB Back to Denver”

  1. andrea says:

    I would sign the petition to have Tebow play QB for Denver.

    I would sign the petition to have John Elway fired from his job with the Broncos and have him employed at the only job he is good at – selling used cars.

  2. David says:

    Elway does seem to have the attitude of a used car salesman that is trying to low ball and get the best of everyone that walks through the door. It’s costing him. As for Tebow, he’s the best QB available at the best price so it’s not the money, it’s Elway’s ego that is going to sabotage the team just like Kelly did in Philly when he cut the highest scoring QB on the team.
    The NFL just announced that San Francisco has one of the toughest schedules in the league this year. If Kelly couldn’t win the NFC East when Romo was hurt, he doesn’t have a chance against Seattle and Arizona.

    • Sage says:

      It appears Kelly doesn’t have the people skills to make it happen in the NFL. It’s too bad that Tebow could help him so much and Kelly doesn’t realize it or doesn’t care.

      Elway? He’s such a good GM that he made the playoffs even when he tried to “suck for Luck.” Obvoiusly that was all Tebow’s doing.

      Yet, other than the spiteful way he’s treated Tebow, Elway seems to be a shrewd manager. He’s largely untroubled by sentimentalism for others, and so he can make some hard, calculating decisions. Guys like Bradford and Osweiler are not the answer, especially at those prices. Short, useless passes are short, useless passes.

      Someone could still take Tebow and have 7-year dynasty.

  3. David Oliver says:

    ?A More Specific “Real Time” Tim Tebow “Service” – Opportunity CHOICE?

    Tim Tebow for Congress? Former QB urged to run for open Florida seat – Washington Times


    Let God’s Will for Tim Tebow’s continuing Service for “OTHERS”

    BE DONE!! (Whatever “THAT” IS !)

  4. Tisa says:

    Have you seen the stories on the internet about Timmy running for the Florida legislature?
    Buzzy Says : And the US Congress.

  5. TheMascotArmy says:

    The threat of Tebow in Congress might be exactly what’s needed for the SJWs running the NFL to let Tebow play.

  6. David says:

    Ann Colter tweeted that he should run for Rubio’s senate seat. That would be nice because Rubio has flip flopped on everything including amnesty for illegals, but you have to be 30 years old to be a senator. To be a congressman, you have to be 25.

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