Tim Tebow is the answer at quarterback for the Broncos

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  1. Larry says:

    I’m not even going to bother reading that obvious April Fool’s joke article.

    As for whether or not Tim still intends to play football, based on the size of his left arm/shoulder in the following picture, I’m guessing he’s not preparing to play football any time soon:


    Tom House was getting Tim to get leaner & to de-emphasize upper-body strength-training (overly muscular upper arms/shoulders hurt passing accuracy). Tim’s clearly thrown that out the window. His upper arms & shoulders are now bigger than ever.

    • The Major says:

      Yep, it’s over.

      Sucks, but it is what it is.

      BTW Larry, did you see that MLFB cancelled their season? That’s the fourth “league” in the past two years two years. Getting hard to take any of them seriously, no matter who’s involved.

    • Sage says:

      Larry, I appreciate the info you share here.

      • Larry says:

        Thank you, Sage.

        • Larry says:

          Now I have to contradict what I wrote earlier. A woman tweeted that she saw Tim playing football shirtless. Here’s the tweet:

          “jenna ‏@reneejenna_ 18h18 hours ago
          i got to watch tim tebow play football shirtless today, so i can definitly say it’s been a great day”

          So Tim might still be hoping to get back to football after all.

          • Sage says:

            Let’s hope so. I don’t know anything about body building, but I’m under the impression there’s a big difference between how competitors look for a competition versus day to day.

          • Danny says:

            It’s difficult to say, I’m sort of torn either way of Tim’s intentions.

            On one hand, it seems that Tim really doesn’t have an interest in returning to football competitively. Perhaps he just enjoys throwing the ball around anymore. He certainly is taking advantage of what his career offered and is branching out to different avenues, particularly media. Perhaps with all the CTE stuff coming out, he’s just happy to have what he had and calling it good.

            On the other hand, he’s extremely competitive and athletically he certainly hasn’t let himself go; in fact he seems to have doubled down in working out as evidenced in recent pictures.

            I researched Chip Kelly again since he went to the Niners and he signed Thad Lewis, who he signed with the Eagles last year after Stephen Morris got sent to the practice squad. If anyone recalls, he was the one who hit the “Anyone but Tebow” lottery and got signed when Tebow was released.

            At least no one will be begging for Thad Lewis to get on the field.

            I read an article today that I won’t post because it was pretty anti-Tebow. The narrative was evaluation of his passing pre-House era, which tells me that people are just repeating stuff rather than actually following Tim’s career. I see that a lot in other blogs too.

            Tim won a spot on the 53 man roster with the Eagles fair and square and he got booted off the team. Eagles players, writers and people in the know were stunned when this happened and rightfully so. Saying that Tebow isn’t NFL caliber is just bogus. Matt Barkley, the man that Tebow beat out, managed to secure a spot on the Cardinals roster last year. Fair? You tell me.

            Is football in Tim’s future? If Canada is an option, which by all indications the door is wide open for him to do that, he would have to negotiate an equitable deal to make it work for everybody. His star power would blow the doors off the CFL. Tim’s learned that football is a business and he has leverage, especially going to Canada. The NFL, not so much, although NFL dot com will post everything Tebow that they can find.

    • Brandi says:

      With very few exceptions SB Nation sites attract a very specific type of member. Those who are convinced they are the only smart ones and all average fans are complete idiots. If the average Fan likes someone the kneejerk reaction is to go otherwise.

      This isn’t just NFL. The Founder of one Team MLB site that was bought by SB Nation told me how angry and embarrassed at what something he started had become. The Eagles SB Nation site wasn’t what I would call Pro-Tebow but by SB Nation standards they were total TebowManiacs simply because they largely had a hopefully this (Tebow with Eagles) brings some good things and waited to see instead of just automatically “hating”. Not much to be done. They know what they like being and that’s something most Fans won’t tolerate.

      Members for whom intolerance is a badge of honor.

  2. David says:

    In 2010/2011, Tim Tebow scored 32 TDs, 9 Ints and 2 two point conversions in 549 touches.
    In 2015, Broncos QBs and running backs scored 32 TDs with 23 Ints in 1017 touches.
    Tim Tebow was 196.9% more efficient at scoring than the entire 2015 offensive backfield. He scored about twice as often.
    This is how far the Broncos offense has fallen since Tim Tebow left Denver.
    The Broncos are looking at Colin Kaepernick who scored 20 times in 582 touches in his last full season.
    Tebow scored 80% more often per touch than Kaepernick

    • Sage says:

      If nothing else, Kaep may remind a few people with stronger minds what they lost when Tebow was run out of town.

    • Danny says:

      That stat is amazing and not many will even attempt to compare Tim’s production like that.

      I recall last pre-season when we broke down Tim’s production with the Eagles, it was done in such a way that no objective person could refute Tim’s contribution to the Eagles. When people look at Tim’s stats this way, it cuts through the narrative and makes it glaringly apparent what he brings to the field.

      The TZ – doing the job the mainstream sports media should be doing.

    • ck says:

      Thanks David for the stats that tell the REAL STORY!!!

  3. David Oliver says:

    The person who wrote this article and created this poll is a COWARD!




  4. TheMascotArmy says:

    April fools day joke, but they’re the fools. David did a good job setting things straight in the comments section. They of course rebutted with “he’s not playing,” because that’s all they have.

    • Brandi says:

      It REALLY isn’t worth getting into it with the guys who hang around SB Nation. I mentioned one of the Baseball sites the Founder is ashamed he started.

      When SB Nation did the big deal with Yahoo I wrote they would have to be more open and accepting of average Baseball Fans and not just jump on them and run them off cause Yahoo tries to appeal to a Mainstream audience.

      I got exactly one response. It was in bold letters “F U”.

      THAT friends is the type of people who populate most SB Nation forums.

  5. bubbaelvis says:

    I’m curious. Does anyone know what date Tim has to sign by to play in the CFL? I am still hoping his work last year with the Eagles is enough to at least get him a look by some NFL team. In reality, it was impressive enough that some team should jump at the chance to see what he can do with a first team offense. It is just hard to understand how a natural leader and great athlete and now an above average passer can be can overlooked by every NFL team. Does anyone really want to win?

    • Danny says:

      Don’t think there’s a particular deadline, training camps start May 29 and regular season starts June 23.

    • David says:

      bubbaelvis It looks like the NFL is in the business of marketing mediocrity and Tebow breaks the mediocrity mold.
      I read the other day that Denver has 1.6 million left in cap space and they are thinking about cutting Clady to give them enough cap space to hire Kaepernick.
      Tebow would come back to them and play for 1.6 million and they would keep Clady and a 2nd round draft pick that SF wants for Kaepernick.
      When Arizona signed Barkley, they gave a conditional 7th round pick which didn’t become due until week 6. When Kelly cut Tebow they could have cut Barkley, signed Tebow for less money and saved the draft pick.
      Of course they did nothing and gave up the pick.
      None of this makes sense.

      • Danny says:

        I fully expected Arizona to release Barkley before the sixth week to avoid giving up the draft pick.

        But then again, that would have been a smart business decision.

  6. bubbaelvis says:

    Thank you Danny for the CFL info. Maybe he is waiting to see what the NFL is going to do before deciding. He has a few weeks before he will need to make his intentions known. I really hope he hasn’t given up on football.

  7. Danny says:

    I saw this on a cbsports website from a commenter that was talking about Kelly and Kaepernick. Thought is was timely and well put:

    “More ‘manufactured’ news… Unless we get a quote from the Chipster regarding Kaep, I don’t buy into it. Having said that… Colin would seem to be ideal for Kelly’s offense (as is often pointed out); on the other hand, he’s just the kind of guy Chipper jettisoned in Philly; a veteran who’s locker room/leadership ‘qualities’ don’t jibe with the New Boss’s modus operandi. In other words, Kelly does not seem to be inclined to keep guys around for their oft-valued dual skill-set of ‘veteran presence who can still play’… Chip Kelly prefers players that he can mold into one of ‘Kelly’s Boys’ without a lot of extraneous b.s. & ‘back talk’!”

    Also the “kiss of death” for Kaepernick; this from Kelly: “On the other hand, Kelly has said this offseason that he’s a “big fan” of Kaepernick and that he’s “excited” to work with the quarterback. ”

    Sound familiar??

    • David says:

      Yes, that sounds familiar. Kaepernick has the advantage of an 11.5 mil guaranteed salary and Kelly doesn’t control hiring. I think he’s stuck in SF because I’ve heard that Denver can’t raise more than 10 mil by cutting Clady. Kaep would have to take a pay cut to go to Denver due to their lack of cap space.

  8. David says:

    Do you know who was the coach of the first NFL team that Tim Tebow beat?
    It was the Houston Texans coached by Gary Kubiak, the current coach of the Denver Broncos. The score at half time was Houston 17 Denver 0.
    Kubiak watched as Tebow led a 24 point comeback to win 24-23. He knows.
    It’s the second game in this 3 game highlight.

  9. Bigfan says:

    49ers are a train wreck…Cleveland on the Left Coast!

  10. Danny says:

    Switching gears a bit, an article about Tebow and Manziel from a CFL perspective. It’s sort of a neutral stance but interesting for those looking for fresh Tebow news:


    The author writes a lot about CFL topics so I would guess he would have a good perspective on Canadian football.

    • ck says:

      Read the article and still hope he gets to play stateside instead…looks like the comments are interesting! Thanks btw for link, Danny.

    • Danny says:

      I’m the same way ck…

      The NFL has been using the same offense since Bill Walsh and the 49ers started running the “West Coast Offense” back in the early 80’s. Before I got to know Chip Kelly, I thought we might be in the midst of a renaissance and that Tebow would be the catalyst with Kelly coaching.

      However, just observing Kelly last season and into this season, it is apparent that Kelly has problems with strong personalities. Tebow would have been the ideal mix of a strong personality and a teammate that would have been able to propel the Eagles into the playoffs last year…instead the Eagles turned into a team with no direction and the high hopes for them were dashed.

      So, with that said, with no innovation left in the NFL, I think that Tim can either choose to go to Canada or wait and hope that there will be a someone in the NFL who actually will have Kelly’s vision and able to execute it.

  11. David says:

    SportsCenter ‏@SportsCenter 2h2 hours ago
    Broncos’ Gary Kubiak has spoken with free-agent QB Johnny Manziel as potential fit for roster. (via @AdamSchefter)

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