Tim Tebow highlights – 2015 NFL Preseason Week 4

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  1. Danny says:

    The week that should have sealed the deal for Tebow turned into “Kelly’s blunder”

  2. Sage says:

    Would the NFL be better without Goodell? I don’t know.

    But they became undeniable dirtbags on his watch.


    • Sage says:

      Not that the owners have any right to pose as innocents.

      Maybe worst of all is Robert Kraft, who gave Tebow a 3-week deal merely to media mask the stench of the Patriots’ homicidal maniac, Aaron Hernandez.

      • Larry says:

        “Maybe worst of all is Robert Kraft, who gave Tebow a 3-week deal merely to media mask the stench of the Patriots’ homicidal maniac, Aaron Hernandez.”

        That’s impossible, Sage. Hernandez didn’t commit the Odin Lloyd murder until almost a week after Tim was signed. Hernandez wasn’t yet considered a suspect in the earlier drive-by shooting and the one case he might have been considered a suspect in was unable to be investigated due to the victim refusing to cooperate. When Tim was signed, by all outward appearances, Hernandez appeared to have put whatever lawlessness he was engaged in behind him and the Pats had recently signed him to a huge deal.

        At the time Tim was signed, former Patriots player Tedy Bruschi-who’s very close to Belichick & the Pats organization-claimed that Josh McDaniels was the reason Belichick signed Tim. That scenario, or Urban Meyer asking Belichick to sign Tim as a favor, seems far more plausible to me than Tim being used as a distraction from the seemingly straightened-up Hernandez.

        Also, I don’t know if you noticed that the “NFL owners” that were referred to in that DC article you linked to are actually Green Bay Packers owners, according to the asterisk at the bottom of the page. In other words, they’re simply average fans who own some shares of the Packers.

        • Sage says:

          Ha. I stand corrected, Larry. And Kraft isn’t the worst. They collectively annoy me.

          I was in a surly mood, watching another half dozen rookie QBs welcomed ahead of Tebow.

        • Danny says:

          If I recall correctly, one of the reasons speculated why the Ppatriots signed Tim was to be a steadying influence on Aaron Hernandez since they were Florida teammates. The patriots knew that Hernandez was headed down the wrong path. Unfortunately, too little too late.

          • Sage says:

            Interesting. My recollection of the timing was way off.

            But I’m sure my recollection of everything else is nearly perfect. 🙂

          • Larry says:

            LOL. I know what you mean about the draft. I used to enjoy watching it, but just can’t anymore.

          • ck says:

            Too bad about Hernandez as he just threw it all away and what a waste…as far as Sage’s statement will have to agree w/that too–smile.

  3. Andrea says:

    The football player smoking a bong wearing a gas mask – your typical NFL prospect.

    Typical NFL role model.

    Wonder if there will be any sports media interest in this years 249th draft pick.

    Beam me up Scotty.

    • ck says:

      Must have missed that, but nothing surprises me when it comes to that AMORAL MESS! I’m on your side Andrea…:D

  4. TheMascotArmy says:

    I’m not watching the boring NFL at all this year, or after.

  5. Danny says:

    The time has come.

    With the draft over and many clubs signing undrafted QB’s, it is time for Tim to probably make the most pivotal football decision he’s had to make in his playing career.

    If he’s going to play football professionally again, it will be in Canada.

    Tebow has an open door to play in Canada. His style of play is conducive to the CFL which demands athletic QB’s who are multi-dimensional. He would excel and star in the CFL.

    Why would Tim not go the CFL? I think I would want to go where I’m wanted and supported. Obviously swimming upstream (waiting for an NFL offer) is not working for him. In a few years none of this will matter anyway since he’ll be too old to play.

    There could be a myriad of reasons. Anyway, just curious what others think. Open to discussion.

    • Sage says:

      I agree, Danny.

      It would be nice if Tebow’s fans knew what he is thinking. It’s been a long 4 years. Granted, I understand he feels there is tactical need to keep quiet about options and priorities.

      One Tebow fan on Twitter says Montreal hasn’t heard from him in 12 or 18 months. This gives me the feeling he’s never had serious interest in the CFL. However, my favorite commenter, 6’5withtheafro6’9, has indicated belief that Tebow’s bags were packed for the CFL prior to the Eagles.

      So, it seems like no body knows but Tim.

      No body believes in Tebow more than I do. IMO, he’s the Babe Ruth of football, and can’t even get on the sidelines.

      But he has had conflicts with coaches since youth. I’ll grant that many of them were short-sighted and too foolish to use him correctly. But with Tim having spent 20 years unable to make bonds with coaches and management (other than Nease High School and Urban Meyer), is it possible he shares some blame for his situation? One thing I’m pretty sure of, Jimmy Sexton hasn’t done him a bit of good as agent.

      Always happy to hear others’ insights at Tebowzone.net.

      • ck says:

        Very true, Sage…”He’s the Babe Ruth of Football and can’t even get on the sidelines!”

      • TheMascotArmy says:

        I agree. Sexton sucks. He’s happy taking his ten+ percent of more lucrative non football arrangements.
        I’m rooting for the CFL, and hope somebody had the rights to broadcast games besides ESPN

        • Larry says:

          “I agree. Sexton sucks. He’s happy taking his ten+ percent of more lucrative non football arrangements.”

          IIRC Sexton is only his agent for football playing-related contracts & it’s another agent-whose name I’ve forgotten-that is his agent for non-football stuff, like SECN/ESPN, GMA, & that show he’s filming now. I think Sexton doesn’t make any money from his non-football stuff, but *would* be making money from Tim signing w/the CFL.

          “I’m rooting for the CFL, and hope somebody had the rights to broadcast games besides ESPN”

          I agree. As of a few years ago, it was the NFL Network that aired the games, but I don’t know who has the contract now.

    • ck says:

      Danny, not liking that scenario and hope he gets a miracle sometime soon or else!

  6. andrea says:

    I think the disgraceful way Chip Kelly. Rex Ryan, and John Elway treated
    Tebow was so unprofessional and galling that maybe he has decided to focus his energies and make money in another venue.

    The only possible reason I can see Tebow going to the CFL is if it leads him back to the NFL.

    The way Tebow has been treated by the NFL in the past has probably soured him from exploring the CFL option.

    This is just my humble opinion but I can be wrong.

    • David says:

      I agree Andrea. Tebow won the AFC West and beat the best defense in the NFL , was selected a 3rd alternate to the pro bowl and voted a top 100 player of the year. Then the NFL made sure that he never started another game as a quarterback. Going to Canada will not improve Tebow’s chances to play in the NFL, because he has already won the starting job 3 times in Denver and one time in NY and was not allowed to play. It would still be a pleasure to watch him succeed in another league, but if I were him, I would never mention the NFL again. Let them cook in their own juices while Tebow breaks records in Canada.

      • ck says:

        David, u stated what is probably the truth: “LET THEM COOK IN THEIR OWN JUICES”!
        Would add that he should be in the US b/c he earned it besides it is like having a ring side seat when watching the NFL destroy itself from within w/all their “SCANDALS” one after another THAT IS SEEMINGLY NEVER ENDING, HA!

  7. ck says:

    Usually, the fans are the last to know and maybe that is what is going on behind the scenes…hoping we get to witness FOOTBALL GREATNESS ONCE AGAIN AND WILL THANK GOD TOO!!! Agree w/Andrea that he is keeping a low profile due to all the negativity dished his way by undesirables/unconscionable low-lifes jmo!!!:(

  8. Danny says:

    Great analysis all:

    I think it’s telling that Sexton couldn’t believe that Tebow was even considering CFL in 2014 due to all the lucrative TV contracts:

    Google translator leaves a lot of assumptions, but I tried to clean it up a bit. I added ( ) where I thought appropriate:

    “(Tebow) was torn at the idea of coming to the CFL or concentrate on that role (assuming TV). His agent (Sexton) admitted he did not understand why (Tebow was) thinking (about it) when there was so much money on the table for television,”
    added Popp on the player (who has played for) the Broncos, Jets, Patriots and Eagles.

    The full article (in French):


    Full unedited article from Google translate (again, it uses a translator so the verbiage is off but the meaning is clear):

    According to Jim Popp, CEO of the Montreal Alouettes, it comes to Tim Tebow to contact him if he really wants to revive his career by making the jump to the Canadian Football League.

    This possibility is back in the news, for the umpteenth time, there is a little more than two weeks when his former coach at the university level, Urban Meyer, said that the CFL would probably be the best alternative for him.

    For now, Popp received no news from the clan Tebow and the last communication between the two parties is not new.

    “I have no idea if it will come in the CFL. I had no conversation with Tim Tebow or his agent for over a year and a half, “said CEO and coach of the Montreal organization.

    Met in the media dinner coaches, Popp was inclined to elaborate on this subject that has attracted attention more than once.

    Popp revealed that he had already tried everything to convince the American major personality to try his luck in Montreal.

    “In 2014 when we had a 1-7 record, I sat with him. We had a week off and I did come to Charlotte in North Carolina. I also move Tom Higgins (who was the coach) and Ryan Dinwiddie. We met him for five or six hours with his agent. We discussed at length and watched video footage of our games, “revealed the longtime leader.

    Tebow showed interest in this venture north of the border even if the proposal came along with the huge contract that was offered to participate in the broadcast American university games.

    “It was torn at the idea of coming to the CFL or concentrate on that role. His agent admitted he did not understand why there thinking when there was so much money on the table for television, “added Popp on the player who has failed to establish with the Broncos, jets, Patriots and Eagles.

    This episode of course Tebow proves indeed that the quarterback had at heart to break into professional football. This desire seems even the living and knows which way to go as it materializes.

    “As you can see, Tim wants to play football and had some chances in the NFL. If he wants to play, we hold his rights and he knows it. He will call us if he wants to try his luck, “noted the voluble speaker.

    We have already done much to convince him to come with us, “he was careful to add to play his cards.

    As Popp said, Tebow would probably not have chosen a better time to land themselves in the city since the team was looking to revive his season.

    “It was a very interesting situation because it certainly could embark on the ground pretty quickly. ”

    Tebow could enjoy some strategies

    According to Popp, the qualities of Tebow could allow it to stand out in the realities of football in three tries.

    “We can discuss its long passer attributes, but he should come here and we have a good idea of ​​what he can accomplish in our conditions. Certainly, I know we could build some training and games to be effective in Canadian football, “he elaborated.

    Popp also believes that adding Tebow could generate profits within the team.

    “We know all the comments on his arsenal as a player, but I know he’s the kind of person you want in your locker room. It is a leader. He still won a playoff game with the Broncos and he won at the university level, “insisted one that will still be very busy in 2016.

    publicity stunts of? Hogwash according Popp

    For several years, the Alouettes have developed the tendency to invite in their backyard big names in the NFL to allow them to earn a spot with them.

    That said, Popp suffered a ton of criticism for this approach while detractors perceive only a way to gain visibility in the media and fans.

    Popp has already defended on the subject, but he wanted to enjoy about Tebow to do it again.

    “They criticized me very often for that, but that is rubbish. It is true that Tim is one of the most followed athletes so it’s a big media story, but that’s not why it appears on our list of the negotiations. We rather think he could help us in certain circumstances “, claimed the man with the gray wig.

    Of course, Tebow is only one name on the list. Players like Jesse Palmer, Ahman Green, Quincy Carter, Michael Sam and Chad Johnson have all tried to come to Montreal shine after associations with the NFL.

    During his time with the team, Chad has not controversial things. He did not want to be known as Ochocinco. It’s just that he did not end his career after being cut in the NFL. I gave him that chance and accepted the minimum wage to get here. He gave a ton of money to charity and was very good in that locker room. He has helped Duron (Carter), but it has been severely criticized as was the case for us, “Popp used as another example.
    “We still think it is a case of advertising, but this is not the case and it never has been,” he repeated.
    Popp also defends saying that freelancing very often in the NFL to garnish his team. In fact, a host of players have tried their shot in this circuit and some are known.
    “We invite people we think it can work. Sometimes it runs well and it can also be the opposite, “said the one who wanted to see Ochocinco be used inside from the start

    • Danny says:

      For the record, if Tim signs with Montreal, I wouldn’t mind if he stayed in the CFL for the rest of his career.

      If it’s a money issue, the CFL needs to pony up some dollars…guaranteeing a high return on investment for Tim’s involvement with the league.

  9. David says:

    I’m still hoping that the Patriots wake up and realize that they have no experienced QBs to play those first 4 games. Josh McDaniels was interviewed today and he was talking about how a player develops over his first 3 seasons.

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