Bring Tim Tebow Back to Denver Broncos Petition Nearing 9000 Signatures

MONDAY, APRIL 18, 2016 AT 7:19 A.M.
Tim Tebow. Additional images below.

Tim Tebow. Additional images below.
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At this writing, we’re ten days away from the April 28 start of the 2016 NFL draft, and the Denver Broncos’ quarterback situation remains unresolved.

With Peyton Manning’s retirement and the mutiny of Brock Osweiler, who signed a big-money deal with the Houston Texans, the most senior signal-caller on the Broncos’ roster isMark Sanchez, whose best-known play remains the so-calledbutt fumble.

No wonder some Broncos fans prefer stepping back to looking forward.

To wit: A petition has been launched calling for Tim Tebow’s return to the Broncos — and thus far, it’s generated nearly 9000 signatures. Going for15000.

Tim Tebow showing off his signature catapult throwing motion during his stint with the Broncos.

Tim Tebow showing off his signature catapult throwing motion during his stint with the Broncos.
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As you know, Tebow is a former member of the Broncos, and during the 2011-2012 season, he led the squad to the playoffs and a opening-round victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers — the first Denver playoff win since 2005.

But when Manning became available, Tebow time was over in Denver. He was traded to the New York Jets.

There, ironically, he wound up in competition with none other than Sanchez, whose quick start with the Jets had degenerated into disappointment.

Here’s a meme from that period joking about Sanchez’s reaction to New York’s acquisition of the Chosen One.

Bring Tim Tebow Back to Denver Broncos Petition Nearing 2,000 Signatures

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The aforementioned petition would like to pit Tebow against Sanchez once again.

The petition’s intro reads:

The Denver Broncos have lost their two main quarterbacks from their epic 2016 Super Bowl Championship winning season. We need a proven winner to continue to move this team in the right direction. Coach Gary Kubiak’s offense would thrive with Tebow under center. He and the legendary John Elway can make this happen. We don’t need a subpar throwaway from some other team, we need an original Bronco who has the fire, desire, and love of the game to play as a Bronco again! As a bonus the Bronco fans would be ecstatic! He just wins, we all know this! #TebowTime


Right now, the petition total has exceeded 1,900 signatures, and there are plenty of positive comments about Timmy on the page — no surprise, given a level of adulation that led a fan to create this jersey back in 2011.

Here are some other examples of praise heaped upon Tebow’s name:

Tim Tebow has an ability to lead unlike no other. He is multi-faceted and talented. He deserves another chance in the NFL, why not the Broncos again?

I want somebody here who is not all about the money but just has the desire to win. Also, Tebow is a great role model.

Tim Tebow is a proven winner and a strong leader. He CAN lead the Broncos once again to many great victories! He just needs the opportunity.


There has been no indication thus far that the Broncos are willing to give Tebow that opportunity — but he has other career options.

In recent days, the conservative website Red Alert Politics encouraged Tebow to run for Congress in Florida, where he won the Heisman Trophy while playing for the University of Florida Gators and is worshiped as a god.

Although he’d be the first to tell you there’s only one.

To check out the petition, click here.

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11 Responses to “Bring Tim Tebow Back to Denver Broncos Petition Nearing 9000 Signatures”

  1. ck says:

    GO TEBOW!!!

  2. ck says:

    Warning kids…colorful wordage ahead!

    • Brandi says:

      That happens alot when the subject is Tim Tebow, John Elway and the Denver Broncos.

      (Especially with so many feeling some twisted need to reinvent the 2011 Season, robbing Tim of any and all creds. And worse, acting like he failed there.)

      • Sage says:

        Alfred Williams, a former Bronco SB-winning defensive lineman and now a radio host, denies Tim credit even for his NCAA excellence. Al claims Tebow was playing with 7 or 9 guys drafted in the first or second round.

        I haven’t studied this, but isn’t the most successful one Aaron Hernandez? Nothing against Riley Cooper.

  3. andrea says:

    x-rated words on that picture of Mark Sanchez. Just another example of the culture going down the tubes.

    Tebow will never get credit for anything in Denver.

    96 million dollars paid to the pizza maker and the Broncos had to also pay untold millions for a defense that could get the pizza maker to the Super Bowl.

    Wonder how much season tickets cost for the Denver Broncos games.

  4. Danny says:

    A little OT: I saw this link of a photo shoot back in March that some might be interested in

    Maybe someone already posted this out here

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