Tim Tebow is ‘intrigued’ by the idea of running for office

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13 Responses to “Tim Tebow is ‘intrigued’ by the idea of running for office”

  1. DeLVen says:

    Please no do not get into that pig pen.

  2. TheMascotArmy says:

    At least wait until you couldn’t possibly play another down of football.
    And I agree with the others…stay away from it. You can do more good as you are than as some congressman or mayor.

  3. ck says:

    If u think the NFL is a cesspool…

  4. Tisa says:

    Amen to everything the rest of you said!

  5. Andrea says:

    Sorry, I disagree. I would love to see Tebow as President of the USA. Would be great to have a great role model for kids in the Oval office and would be a great counter-balance to the cultural rot that is today’s society.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: He could definitely be a “modern day Moses” and that is what it would take to clean that “VIPER PIT”…”Let my people go” and watched that on TV recently as it does not seem like Easter without seeing “The Ten Commandments” (brings back lots of childhood memories)!

  6. Danny says:

    One little comment by Tebow and just about every major news source picks up on the story. It’s amazing how so many people want to marginalize him but he still has incredible relevance. The power of Tebow.

    • Brandi says:

      The NFL is the most vastly over-rated Sports Organization in the US (I’d say World but FIFA gives it a good challenge) simply because Americans love Football and the NFL gets rich off that. It is very hard for the Media that covers the NFL to fully accept how petty and incompetent the NFL really is. So when it finally accepts that the NFL’s problem with Tim is his popularity, the Media gravitates to,,,well yeah. No team can have someone who’s just a Backup who is so popular.

      But it really is just NFL arrogance. Bruce Arians just said any Parent who doesn’t want their kids Playing Football is a Fool. All of the comments from Jerry Jones and Jim Irsay reflect the way others in the NFL think. Roger Goodell compared the risks of Playing Football with sitting on a couch. The simple fact of the matter is the NFL is run by pompous a^%$#es who care about noone but themselves and they just want to make money and not be bothered. The NFL Owners already have the TV money from Tim’s being in the league. They’d be just as happy to have him Playing and get more attention and make more money but no amount more they make off him compares to what they’re already getting from the Networks because he was there when the contracts were signed. That’s the Networks’ lose and tough for them.

      The GMs etc who work for the Owners don’t get any more money for Tim being there abd they grumble about all the extra work. And grumbling about their lives and how tough they are is what those guys are about. And we have the intercepted phone call between GMs to show it. Buddy Nix said Ryan Fitzpatrick was lucky the Bills even considered him a Back-up. Now the Broncos are being told he’s the guy to take them back to the Super Bowl. Why? Because then, he wanted more money. Now, the Broncos might need an alternative story to Sanchez. Point is, it’s always about them. In Baseball, it’s always about the Players. In the NFL it’s always about the GMs and Coaches. Everything’s about them so much their private (or what they think are private) conversations reflect it and the Media that spends all their time around them reflect it. It’s all about their egos.

      It’s never about the Fans with the NFL. Never. If anyone here knows of even one exception with the NFL any time in the past 10-20 years when anything has been about the fans, please point it out. Because I can’t find it. The Fans love Tim. The Fans are annoying and so’s the Media. Tim is too much trouble.

      NFL Media has had trouble coming to grips with all of this because then they have to ask themselves…if the NFL is really is petty and incompetent and full of itself and childish and simply couldn’t care less about the Fans…then what are they?

    • Sage says:

      I’d prefer Tim inspire people, rather than order them what to do.

  7. David says:

    Absolutely right. Politics would only hinder his ministry.

    I posted the following over at the NFL story on this just to give them something to think about.
    “I could see 28 year old congressman, Tim Tebow, sponsoring a bill to end the monopoly that the NFL has on professional football, the anti-trust exemption and the tax free status and investigate the threats that the NFL just made against the Georgia state legislature.
    President Donald Trump, who was a USFL owner, would sign it.

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