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  1. Sage says:

    This Forbes piece doesn’t make all of the best points for Tebow, but it’s very nice to see a supportive article in a major publication.

    Thanks for the link, David.


  2. Sage says:

    Amusing about Osweiler. He’d have been wiser to stay in Denver, where Elway was invested in his success and where there’s a good ground scheme and defense.

    Elway wins, I think, because Brock is going to be as mired in Houston as all the other QBs.

    A Tebow return would be the right and smart thing, but it didn’t seem like Elway liked Tebow the first time around.

    • David says:

      Osweiler is now making 2-3 million more per year with no state income tax and he got a 4 year deal instead of 3. Also, more of it may be guaranteed and not incentive based. The players have to make the money when they are in high demand. We saw how quickly that can fade.
      Elway low balled him and lost him. Now, Elway is saying that Osweiler didn’t want to be a Bronco. He’s trying to save face and I hope Osweiler responds. It’s still ABT, anybody but Tebow, and there are lots of inferior QBs out there.

      • Sage says:

        Interesting points. Although there is no income tax in Texas, there is a 3 percent annual property tax which, for me, was as bad as a second mortgage. In Texas, better to draw a high salary and keep property elsewhere.

        I really hate what Elway has done to Tebow, and always will. Objectivity, however, compels me to acknowledge that Elway is a winner and (excepting the Tebow treatment) a shrewd GM.

        Back in Elway’s playing days, he invested money in a prize steer, which was entered in a contest at the Western Stock Show. Elway’s steer won, causing a life-long cattleman to grumble in resentment. Elway tends to win.

        Not singing his praise. Running Tebow out of town was unforegivable.

  3. brandi says:

    Philadelphia “Go North Young Tebow” Eagles are signing Chase Daniels (1-1 Record, 1TD, i INT)to a 3 year $21 Million deal. Interesting note–his 1-1 actually improves the Starting Record of Philly’s $25M Quarterback crew.

    • brandi says:

      Good catch Danny. 🙂

      Disney has big problems. Motley Fool called Roger Goodell the single greatest threat to Disney Shareholders and other Investment Advisers agreed. ESPN has gotten slammed for both overpaying for Sports Broadcast Rights…especially its deal with the NFL which is generally viewed as being 4 times what it’s actually worth…and for buckling to the NFL and Goodell so much it’s damaged its reputation as a reliable source of Sports News.

      But its biggest problem is that about two-thirds of those who have ESPN on their cable and satellite packages rarely if ever watch it. But they have to have it if they want the channels they do watch. I can’t see what Disney can do unless it bundles the Disney Channel in with ESPN on Streaming Packages. Disney is the second most popular cable channel and one many parents would pay if they’re given more options. There’s legitimate questions about how many would pay what Disney wants for ESPN if subscribers had the choice. What I read from the Investment Community is it’s a problem that is still as much as 5 years away which, as we know, when you’re limiting the conversation to only Sports Media is like saying it will happen on Mars sometime when we colonize it. Long-term Commentary isn’t a Sports Media strong suit and not at all in NFL Media’s itinerary.

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