Report: Broncos were concerned about Robert Griffin’s character

Posted by Mike Florio on March 25, 2016, 8:40 AM EDT
robert-griffin-iii-mike-shanahanGetty ImagesThe Browns landed quarterback Robert Griffin III in part because no one else wanted him. Specifically, because the Broncos didn’t want him.

Griffin definitely was interested in the Broncos; he grew up a fan of the team. The problem for Griffin is that the coach and G.M. of the Broncos have ties that are too close to Griffin’s first coach in the NFL.

As explained by Mike Klis of, the Broncos considered Griffin but ultimately opted not to pursue him.

“[A]fter making a few phone calls, Elway was concerned about Griffin’s character,” Klis writes. “Elway never did express interest in the former Washington quarterback who was the NFL’s Rookie of the Year in 2012 but had several fallouts with Coach Mike Shanahan, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan and teammates.”

While Klis never makes the express connection between Elway, Broncos coach Gary Kubiak, and Mike Shanahan, that link doesn’t need to made for a Denver audience. Broncos fans know that Elway was the quarterback, Kubiak was the coordinator, and Shanahan was the coach for the team’s back-to-back championships in 1997 and 1998.

Clearly, Elway and Kubiak spoke to Shanahan. Even more clearly, Shanahan had things to say about Griffin that kept the Broncos from even doing an independent tire kicking by bringing Griffin in for a visit.

Whether they made the right call will depend in large part on how Griffin performs for Cleveland — and how whoever becomes the quarterback in Denver performs in 2016.

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17 Responses to “Report: Broncos were concerned about Robert Griffin’s character”

  1. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    If the Broncos are going to start Sanchez and not even think of recalling Tim Tebow ther is something about this I cant Undetstand. It will be Orton all over again Sanchez’s turn over rate is in the red zone will kill the team .
    Elway I guess about 4 or 5 games in the season I will be Tweeting You,
    “Dont you wish you had Tim Tebow about Now”

    • Sage says:

      As do you, Buzzy, I’d like to see events that show the errors of turning Tebow away from the league. I really would. (I’d even still like to see him welcomed back into the league, wayward though it is.)

      One possibility, though, is Sanchez will up his game, at least a little bit, in Kubiak’s offensive scheme. Sanchez’s weakness has typically been character and mind, while those are Kubiak’s strengths. Kubiak will be the best coach and mentor Sanchez has had since USC. If the Broncos’ defense is relatively strong, the Broncos have a good chance to win lots of games, maybe even the championship.

      To me, it’s a pitty that Kubiak seems never to have taken a shine to Tebow. Kubiak rode Schaub to the bottom of the ocean, and would have won titles with Tebow.

      • KingSolomon says:

        the fact that the browns sign rg3 and no one wants to touch tim is compelling proof he is blacklisted. he is better than 100% of all 2nd and third stringers and better than at least 50% of the starters. disgusting, sad and outrageous.

  2. Andrea says:

    You have to be kidding me. John ” Alleycat” Elway deciding who has good character?

    Beam me up, Scotty.

  3. Sage says:

    Question: I first became aware of the phenomenon now called political correctness when Jimmy the Greek, and then Howard Cosell, were quickly destroyed for insufficiently delicate remarks about race. Were they the first? Does anyone know of earlier examples in which formerly esteemed celebrities were quickly sacrificed to the alter of PC?

    I’m not especially criticizing what happened. At the time, one could see the reason for public outcry. But I’m wondering if this was the dawn of a new era, or rather a continuation of something begun earlier.

    The key, in my mind, is that these men were formally esteemed, not simply 2-dimensional villians.

  4. Andrea says:

    I believe Anita Bryant was the first. Anita Bryant was not associated with football so Jimmy the Greek and Howard Cosell may have been the first football sacrifices to PC.

    My main objection to PC is the media decides who gets destroyed. For example, Paula Deen must be destroyed and go bankrupt ( costing innocent people who work for her their livelihood and their jobs) all because of a racist joke she told at a wedding 25 years ago.

    At around the same time Paula made her joke, the actor Tom Hanks was doing a blackface act ( caught on tape) and he quickly says he’s sorry and it is totally ignored by the media. No calls for Tom Hanks to be banished from acting or to lose his job.

    This selective outrage makes me ill.

  5. Bigfan says:

    Rush Limbaugh for what he said about black American QBs stopped his bid cold when he was in the running as a partner in a group buying the Rams.

    • Danny says:

      Oh yes, I remember that!

      The Rams would still be in St. Louis if Checketts and Limbaugh were owners of the Rams. Instead, Stan Kroenke bought the remaining share of the Rams he didn’t own and proceeded his 5-6 year plan to move out of St. Louis.

      Deal went more or less this way:

      After Checketts told the NFL that he wanted to include Limbaugh for a minority stake (roughly 10%), the NFL gave its OK. Limbaugh’s ownership stake was as a limited partner with no say in the football operations.

      Then the news came out and the PC chorus started screaming that Limbaugh didn’t belong in the NFL.

      Checketts, instead of manning up, wanted Limbaugh to drop himself from the group. Limbaugh refused, instead saying if Checketts wanted him out he would have to publicly kick Limbaugh out…which he did.

      What did that gain Checketts in the end? Absolutely nothing. Kroenke bought the rest of the Rams and then proceeded to slow jam the Rams even further into mediocrity, and then move the Rams, trashing St. Louis as this horrible place.

      The fans in St. Louis who were so pious back in 2009 when Limbaugh was in the group wanting to buy the Rams now have nothing to show for it.

      Most now are saying good riddance to the NFL. LA will find out about Kroenke soon enough. All of Kroenke’s sports franchise holdings are mediocre at best. His focus is real estate and he really doesn’t care or know anything to build a sports winner. A disservice to the fans who actually believe Kroenke cares about winning…he only cares about himself.

      Kroenke’s motivation is to build a real estate development foremost in LA and the football team is just sort of a sideshow around this real estate development. In other words, he really doesn’t care about football except as an asset to his bottom line. Jerry Jones is a big Kroenke fan which to me loses the remaining respect I had for him. Billionaires enriching billionaires.

      Limbaugh is a football guy, the kind of people not allowed in the fraternity anymore.

  6. Brandi says:

    Since the topic is character this is as good a place as any to say…An EX-NFL Player has filed a RICO (Racketeer and Corrupt Organizations) Class Action Lawsuit against the NFL.

  7. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    Shanahan and RG3 Dad Had a Lot of words during that first season. Shanahan got the blame for the knee Injury during the play offs But you could not have drug RG3 off the field.I Knew that the Dad And Shanahan thing was not going to work.

    • Sage says:

      Those who criticized Shanahan for not pulling RGIII probably don’t realize Shanahan played QB with a ruptured splean in college, to the point where he could have died. When his son Kyle came off the field with a broken nose, he told him to get back on the field, and this was practice! Old school.

      RGIII’s dad may have done irreparable harm by creating in him a sense of grievance. His first year in the NFL was strong, but that was in Shanahan’s system.

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