Broncos acquire Mark Sanchez ( Buzzy Says : I am getting Sick. )

The Denver Broncos have acquired quarterback Mark Sanchez for a conditional draft pick in 2017, general manager John Elway announced Friday.

Posted: Fri Mar. 11, 2016

The Denver Broncos have acquired quarterback Mark Sanchez for a conditional draft pick in 2017, general manager John Elway announced Friday.

The trade was first reported by Mike Klis of 9News in Denver.

Sanchez played in four games for the Eagles last season, his second year with the team. He threw 91 passes, completing 59 of them, with four touchdowns and four interceptions for a passer rating of 80.7.

The Broncos were searching for a quarterback this off-season after the retirement of Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler’s departure in free agency. In Sanchez, Denver acquires a player with playoff experience, with the quarterback having played in back-to-back AFC Championship Games with the New York Jets in 2009 and 2010.

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In his career, Sanchez has completed 56.7% of his passes for 15,126 yards, with 74 touchdowns, 84 interceptions and 30 fumbles.

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44 Responses to “Broncos acquire Mark Sanchez ( Buzzy Says : I am getting Sick. )”

  1. Danny says:

    Well, well, well, the BUTTFUMBLE show has arrived in Denver!

    Wow, Pederson did what Kelly didn’t do last year and got rid of Sanchez for a conditional 7th rounder in 2017. Rumor has it that the Eagles had to give up a bag of footballs as part of the trade.

    I guess Pederson got a look at Sanchez and didn’t want that troublemaker around. Who can blame him?

    Now Sanchez is Denver’s problem. The cancer that Sanchez brings will tear apart this team like it did with the Eagles last year. This was a bizarre move by Elway. Word on the street may also have him picking up lightweights Ryan Fitzpatrick or Brian Hoyer. This is just too good.

    Given this streak of inept quarterbacks on the market, next week Elway will probably sign Jimmy Clausen, Johnny Manziel and Stephen Morris.

    Elway got lucky with Tebow (he wasn’t even a Tebow fan) and then spent 100M on Manning and several million more to make an elite defense which eventually won a Super Bowl. I guess now since he’s got to start over, he will be really put in the spotlight as a GM to prove he’s as good as Broncos nation thinks he is.

    Throwing money at the problem worked this time but more often than not all it does is burns a hole in the owners pockets.
    Buzzy Says : This may be good the Eagles made Tim an offer back the first of the year maybe they will dump Bradford and call again.

    • ck says:

      Thanks for making me laugh, Danny and Buzzy! Guess Elrot is out to prove he is a GENIUS! ROFL!!! NEXT…:D

    • Larry says:

      Buzzy, as I noted on another thread, the Eagles just signed Bradford to a multi-year deal, w/an enormous amount of guaranteed money including a huge signing bonus, so Bradford’s not going anywhere.
      Buzzy Says I guess thats why Tim Turned them down in Jan He Knew aboyt thw Bradford Deal. I think Now If Tim cant get a Starting Gig He is not going to Bite.

      • Larry says:

        Buzzy, Tim didn’t turn down another job w/the Eagles or any other team. Tim just said days ago in a speech that was streamed online that “all 32 NFL teams didn’t want” him. So whoever you got this info from is either lying to you or being lied to.
        Buzzy Says I was told there were Two Offers. and He woulld only Except to compleate for start Pos.

        • Larry says:

          Then your source was wrong, Buzzy. Less than 3 weeks ago, Tim himself said in a speech none of the NFL teams want him.
          Buzzy Says Post that Link if u can find it.

          • Larry says:

            It wouldn’t matter if I could remember the link, because it was live-streamed, so the vid isn’t there anymore. But he definitely said it. It was at one of his recent church speeches.

          • Kingsolomon1 says:

            Larry… do you know whether tim got offers or not. He would NEVER discuss such issues at a church event. I was at his gala this past Friday night and he refused to discuss this issue.

          • Tisa says:

            Buzzy, I tried to find a link to the comment Larry is referring to but I could not. The context was a personal appearance at a church. In a conversation with the pastor, the pastor said he had a great time hanging out with Timmy. Timmy replied that there are 32 teams in this country that do not want to hang out with him.

          • Sage says:

            Thanks Larry and Tisa.

            It’d be interesting to know what Tim thinks of the CFL and if that is a possibility. If you pay attention, we do live in a strange world.

          • Larry says:

            “In a conversation with the pastor, the pastor said he had a great time hanging out with Timmy. Timmy replied that there are 32 teams in this country that do not want to hang out with him.”

            Thank you, Tisa. That’s what I was referring to. He played in a flag football game w/a church that he spoke at & I think he said this at the church that had the flag football game.

          • Larry says:

            “It’d be interesting to know what Tim thinks of the CFL and if that is a possibility. If you pay attention, we do live in a strange world.”

            Yes, it’s *very* strange. Tim supposedly had his bags packed & was ready to go to the CFL prior to the Eagles stint. Given that tweet by the CFL team minority owner that I posted the link to-as well as Chip Kelly’s CFL endorsement, I suppose?-Tim might be ready to finally make the trip up north.

  2. Bubbaelvis says:

    I saw on the Denver Broncos message board “The Orange Mane” (mostly anti-Tebow) held a poll. The poll asked who added more value Sanchez or Tebow? Tebow won the poll. Even the anti-Tebow Bronco fans realize who is the better bet at QB. It won’t happen but should. Tebow can run that offense and take them back to the Super Bowl.

    • ck says:

      Bubbaelvis: Think that says A LOT plus, “YOU CAN FOOL SOME OF THE PEOPLE, BUT NOT ALL”, etc. They better trade him and fast before the whole fan base revolts, haha!

  3. Andrea says:

    I have known all along that Elway is a no-good lousy punk.

    I remember him having a temper tantrum when he was drafted by the Colts. Spoiled brat who has had his you know what kissed since he was a kid.

    Sorry, but he is a totally reprehensible piece of garbage as far as I’m concerned.

    Hope I didn’t hurt your feelings, CK. I have to tell it like it is.

  4. David says:

    When I discovered that Tebow had scored 21% more often than Manning did in 2010/2011, it made me wonder how he compared to every other QB that has been played ahead of him. Here are the results.
    These are the quarterbacks that played in the years that Tebow was benched, started, traded or cut and how they compared to Tebow’s scoring efficiency in his first 16 games of playing time.
    In 2010/2011, Tim Tebow scored 34 times in 549 touches(passing or rushing) in his first 15.5 games and 13 plays.
    In 2010, Peyton Manning scored 33 times in 697 touches
    Tebow was 21% more efficient scoring than Manning.

    In 2010, Orton scored 20 times in 520 touches
    In 2010, Tebow scored 11 times in 123 touches.
    In 2010, Tebow was 2.32 times, 232% more efficent scoring than Orton with the same team. He was 61% more efficient scoring in his first 16 games.
    In 2012, Sanchez scored 13 times in 475 touches
    Tebow scored 226% more often per touch. That’s 2.26 times more scores per touch.
    In 2012, Manning scored 37 times in 606 touches.
    Tebow scored 1.4% more often per touch.
    In 2013, Brady scored 25 times in 660 touches.
    Tebow scored 63.5% more often per touch.
    In 2014, G. Smith scored 18 times in 515 touches.
    Tebow scored 77% more often per touch.
    In 2015, Bradford scored 19 times in 558 touches.
    Tebow scored 81.9% more often per touch.
    Per touch, Tim Tebow was more efficient scoring than all of them.

    Tebow threw a TD every 19.6 attempts in his first 16 in 2010/2011
    Orton threw a TD every 24.9 attempts in 2010 and 28 attempts in 2011.
    Manning threw a TD every 20.5 attempts in 2010
    Sanchez threw a TD every 34.8 attempts in 2012
    Brady threw a TD every 25.12 attempts in 2013
    G. Smith threw a TD every 36.9 attempts in 2014.
    Bradford threw a TD every 28 attempts in 2015
    Tebow threw more TDs per pass attempt in his first 16 than all of them and scored rushing every 11.6 carries.

    Available Free Agents

    Tim Tebow scored 34 times in his first 16 games of playing time.
    Ryan Fitzpatrick scored 33 times in 2015.
    RG3 scored 27 times in his best season.
    Kaepernick scored 25 times in his best season.
    Glennon scored 24 times in his first 16.
    Moore scored 18 TDs in his first 16.
    Keenum has 16 TDs in 15 starts.

    Sanchez had 15 TDs in his first 16.
    Elway had 11 TDs in his first 16.

    • ck says:

      Wow and just look at the STATS! Proves the point of what they are and that is intimidated by TEBOW BREAKING ALL THEIR RECORDS FOR ALL TIME!!! Thanks David for taking the time to post the FACTS!!

  5. Danny says:

    Absolutely phenomenal! I also posted in another thread to increase visibility.

  6. TheMascotArmy says:

    Let’s go CFL!

    • David says:

      If Tim Tebow has to go to Canada to play, their should be a congressional investigation into the NFL’s antitrust exemption. Congress has already threatened this over the Redskins name-2015 and the NFL’s response to domestic violence-2014. When they start banning players for religious speech(thanking Jesus) and political free speech(pro-life super bowl ad), and the Christian nature of his fans, they have become civil rights abusers. They are telling him that he will never work in this country again.
      End of rant.
      Maybe Donald Trump would look into it since he has had dealings (USFL) with the NFL before. Wouldn’t you love to see Goodell under oath in a congressional hearing trying to explain why Tim Tebow can’t play in the NFL after winning the AFC West and beating their best defense?

    • Sage says:

      Wouldn’t it be fun to watch CFL popularity to explode while the NFL goes backward.

      Tebow is pretty quiet about his preferences and options. I don’t blame him, but I’d like to know more.

      CFL would be the right thing to do, there is no doubt anymore.

      • Larry says:

        “Wouldn’t it be fun to watch CFL popularity to explode while the NFL goes backward.

        Tebow is pretty quiet about his preferences and options. I don’t blame him, but I’d like to know more.

        CFL would be the right thing to do, there is no doubt anymore.”

        I agree 100%.

  7. BuzzyBuzzard says:

    I live in Jax and have two friends inside the Tebow Camp. I have never met or talked to Tim Tebow. When Tim Was In High School I went to the school to pick up my Grandson He was Late Getting out of Football Practice as he was the JV Center He said HE WAS SNAPING TO T2 In Case He had to back up the Varisty Center and ask if I wanted to Meet Tim Tebow As T2 was sitting on the steps waiting for a ride I said No I was running Late. Ever Since I Have wished i was not in such of a Hurry.

    • KingSolomon says:

      Buzzy—I am sure you heard it right. There are no reported instances of him making the comment about no teams are interested in him. But I agree with the sentiment—-it is an absolute joke that he is not in the NFL. He is better than every 2nd and third stringer without question and better than at least half of the starters.

  8. Danny says:

    Great story. Sometimes it’s those 5 minutes we don’t think we have and look back on it to find out in the big scheme of things those 5 minutes we thought as important really didn’t mean much. I’ve had my share for sure.

  9. Larry says:

    “Larry… do you know whether tim got offers or not. He would NEVER discuss such issues at a church event.”

    Tim not only *would* discuss it at a church event, he did, as Tisa’s comment backs me up on.

    “I was at his gala this past Friday night and he refused to discuss this issue.”

    Since you were at the gala, what did you think of Bryan’s comedy routine?

    • Kingsolomon says:

      I thought he was funny and the band perry was great and I sat at the table with the biggest bidders and I still doubt tim said no one wants him. Of course, it appears no one does, but I will hold out hope.

      • Kingsolomon says:

        And fred durst wanted to take my wife home and Gary Sheffield offered his home in the Bahamas to the highest bidder and jase robertson walked to the stage to vouch for the southern chef and…….

        • Kingsolomon says:

          And bryan’s impersonation of Christopher walken as a pigeon was spot on. I was also impressed to see Zach Johnson bid 35k and win one of the auctioned items. He was the only celeb to buy anything. Great night. I even got a big hug from tim and a nice photo or two. Great night. I am holding out hope.

          • Larry says:

            Thanks for the info. The reason I asked about Bryan’s act was because Tim was angry w/Bryan because of the act. I guess he considered it too risque or something. I haven’t watched it yet, but Bryan & Brendan Schaub discuss Tim’s being angry w/both of them and what that resulted in in their latest podcast.

          • Danny says:

            Assuming you’re referring to Bryan Callen and Brendan Schaub? By the looks of their respective Twitter pages, edginess is what you’re going to get with them. I would bet that Tim knew of their style and asked them to keep it clean, but in performance comedians get wound up and, well, it can get edgy. Perhaps Callen and Schaub are friends of the foundation and that’s why they were invited to perform? Those closer to Tim’s foundation would know more than I do.

            Maybe next year Tim should invite Mark Lowry to perform. He should feel comfortable with his style. Family friendly and very good.

  10. Danny says:

    My take on the whole thing about Tim saying he wasn’t wanted by 32 teams, it could mean that 32 teams weren’t committed to Tim to start or a reasonable chance to start. Tim is the type of QB (and opinion shared by others) that really needs to be a starter to be effective and have a team give him the keys and believe in him. There were a few teams that he could have stepped in and started last year. He might be at the point in his career where he’s decided that what he wants to do.

    As far as the recent Eagles contact shared by Buzzy, it could have been an informal contact either to Tim or Tim’s agent but not knowing the status of Sanchez or Bradford and figuring they were going to be there, he says “thanks but no thanks”. Just a guess. Phone calls are made all the time without any media coverage.

    He may end up in the CFL. Good for him if that happens. The QB position in Canada demands athleticism and playmaking and it would be a great fit for his skills. Perhaps it’s all about working out a deal. The CFL would see TV ratings like they’ve never seen before.

  11. ck says:

    Hope Tebow gets to play for a team that deserves him.
    Buzzy it is still possible to meet Tebow b/c I did when he was at UF on scouting day and all u need to do is show up where he is around kids. You are almost his next door neighbor living in Jax!:D
    Maybe KingSolomon can show us some pics? Know Tisa has met him too as well as Shaztah. Hope I voted for the right person today…

  12. Tisa says:

    CK, it was a lot easier to meet Tim back in the day at UF. I have been to NFL events and his talking engagements. Unless you pay a lot of money for the meet and greet you can’t get near him. Buzzy might stand a better chance just running into him in Jax. I have my memories of great games and Gator Walks and that’s enough. I haven’t been to any games with Gator Nation. Judging from the Twitter traffic, he may be available then
    However, even toward the end of his UF days the crowds got awful. Some girls in a crowd at a game at Miss. State nearly crushed my grandson and I. I pretty much said I was done when that happened. Other people have commented about how bad the crowds can be.

    Buzzy Says T2 Knows I am The Editor Here And knows My Real Name And Phone # But He Has Never called.My Contacts in the Camp Claim He will call at Some Point we will See.

    • Tisa says:

      SEC Nation, not Gator Nation.

    • ck says:

      Tisa, would not like to be crushed either and saddened to hear of that episode.

    • ck says:

      Buzzy and Tisa: Wouldn’t that be exciting for T2 to call Buzzy/TebowZone…maybe I could help that along by putting in a good word or Tisa has connections too. Just a thought…:D

      • Tisa says:

        Buzzy has more connections than I do. It would be nice if Tebow acknowledged Buzzy for the positive forum he runs. Some of the others only exist to create gossip.

  13. David says:

    A post on twitter with some amazing stats. Tebow actually scored all of his points in his first 549 touches and didn’t personally score in the Patriots game.

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