Tim Tebow’s unsolicited autograph delights young Mississippi State fan

By Chip Patterson | Staff Writer

Tim Tebow snuck his autograph into a fan’s copy of his book. (Rent Like A Champion)

In towns that are overrun with college football fever on fall Saturdays, it is not uncommon for families to rent their houses for the weekend to the hoards of outsiders looking for a place to crash near the stadium.

One family in Starkville, Mississippi, got more than they initially bargained for when they rented their house out the weekend of the AlabamaMississippi State football game.According to the Rent Like A Champion website (it’s one of the services used to arrange these game weekend rentals), Tammy and Joe Miles returned to discover that someone had written in a book currently being read by their son, Austin.

Was this rage-induced graffiti or maybe some SEC-flavored rivalry banter?

Nope. It was former Florida star Tim Tebow’s autograph on the first page of his book,Through My Eyes, which was left open on Austin’s desk.

Apparently, the group staying at the Miles’ hope included media personnel with the ability to get the book to Tebow, who was in town that weekend for SEC Nation on the SEC Network.

“It’s funny because we had been sitting around over the weekend talking about what we’d left in our rooms,” Austin told the website. “I had actually said that I wish I had my Tim Tebow book.” Austin said.

Now he does, with a special memory to go with it.

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  1. ck says:

    Great story and “Classic Tebow!”

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