Peyton Manning Affidavit

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  1. Andrea says:

    I’m not really sure where I stand on this. If true what Peyton did it was horrible. Then I remember the Duke Lacrosse fraud where they were trying to send 3 innocent young men up the river and the pre-school case in California where a teacher was in jail for 5 years while the police knew that the pre-school children were lying about their sexual abuse as they were being coached to say they were by social workers.

    This stuff would not be happening if men like Tim Tebow were in the NFL.

    • Sage says:

      It’s also relevant that this was (as far as I know) something that happened 15 years ago, or more, done by a young man who was probably blinded by public acclaim.

      I dislike the way P. Manning more recently muscled in on Tebow’s position and locked the doors and windows behind him.

      Aside from that, though, he has been a pretty good role model, for lack of a better term. The Left wants to tear him down not because of his sins, but because of his success and his relatively good conduct for the last 15 years.

  2. The Mascot Army says:

    15 years from now, we can wave away his hgh use 🙂

    • Sage says:

      In the interest of idle conversation . . .

      Why is HGH against the rules for athletes recovering from injury? Who better to work as guinea pigs for medical technology than highly motivated athletes making $20M a year?

      With any luck, every one of of us will be counting on new medical technology to extend our lives in decades to come. But there is a retrograde force in America that is very opposed to freedom. Quite a few in our society would prefer power and control to growth and enrichment.

      I’m not dissing you at all, Mascot. I’d just really like to see the regulators in America taken down several pegs. Freedom not only works; it works better than everything else. Nothing else does.

      • ck says:

        Sage: Reminds me of “Braveheart”…FREEDOM! Praying/hoping that this election is not a “HUGE” disappointment and the right person WINS WITHOUT FRAUD TAKING PLACE!!!

      • The Mascot Army says:

        I’m like your post. Everybody ashtrays looks at new cross eyed when I propose the idea that athletes be allowed to take PEDs. They’re adults, and I doubt they’d be particularly dangerous if supervised; they’re probably not even that bad now compared with the 1970s.
        The argument that it would force everybody to do it isn’t that great considering the same argument could be made about playing injured or lifting weights.
        I doubt the side effects of what Manny Ramirez was taking are any worse than most commonly prescribed drugs.
        It’s nice to see a fellow PED iconoclast 🙂
        Still, saying they should be permitted is different from saying that taking them while they’re not permitted isn’t cheating.

        • The Mascot Army says:

          “I always”
          “Everybody always”

        • Sage says:

          I agree, cheating is cheating. Manning has been so successful at crafting his image. He really was part of the thuggery against Tebow, I’m afraid.

          It made me laugh once to hear a trio of sports-gab guys on the radio. In response to a caller, they said, “Oh, sure. PEDs make you stronger. They make you faster. They improve your concentration. They help you heal more quickly. But . . .” And there was no but! No one really knows whether and to what extent PEDs can be used safely.

          We live in this strange “democracy” where thoughtless yo-yos dominate the airwaves. There’s a lot to be happy about, and plenty of B.S.

  3. ck says:

    Sounds contrived on his part and his actions also speak volumes…hmmm.

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