Night To Shine


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  2. One of my favorite queens! #NightToShine

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    Words cannot describe this amazing moment with the gorgeous queen… Follow #NightToShine at …

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  4. Get low, get low! #NightToShine

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  5. Starting prom off @ElevationChurch #NightToShine

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  7. Thank you for your heart & love for those with special needs! #NighttoShine

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10 Responses to “Night To Shine”

  1. Andrea says:

    Great stuff !!!! Looks like Tebow is not the type of role model the NFL is interested in.

    KARMA has come to the pizza maker big time.
    Leaked court documents to a newspaper shows the case made by the woman who claims Peyton Manning abused her and tried to ruin her reputation.

    Heard a rumor that ESPN was not to talk about this incident.

    Looks like a big cover-up by the Mannings and the NFL.

    Wonder if this is getting any press in Denver? Maybe Sage can tell us what’s going on in Denver.

    It was the pizza maker who decided to go to Denver and help Elway cast off Tebow in a horrible way.

    KARMA, baby.

    • ck says:

      Andrea: Apparently, she was given $300,000 (hush money) and the truth came out anyway! And explains why he could do what he did to Tebow imo!! He is like Elrot w/no conscience! You were right all along about him and others!

  2. Tisa says:

    Reading all of the comments on Twitter and Facebook show that Timmy has really tapped into a real need in the greater community. There is really something at work here when you realize how many people have tried to silence him. How many exNFL players that never really made it do you see that are sought after the way people still follow Timmy? As much as some folks want to get rid of him, he just isn’t going away. He doesn’t need the NFL to keep his platform of love for Christ before people. What happened last Friday touched hundreds, if not thousands,of lives, both attendees and volunteers. I was just amazed.

  3. The Mascot Army says:

    There’s really no doubt that the Tebow detractors are a-holes.

    • brandi says:

      I’ve seen lots of comments saying things like I know it’s not a very popular opinion but I don’t think Tim Tebow got a fair shot in the NFL.

      Despite every poll showing how all but only a very small percentage of people in this country share most of the same opinions as most of the people here, many are convinced they’re going against the popular grain. Of all of the odd things associated with Tim Tebow…and it’s a long list…that as many as 95% of the People feeling they’re in a minority for liking Tim and/or thinking he did more than enough to have earned better treatment from the NFL is just fascinating.

      A handful of people have thwarted the will of the vast majority of Fans AND stolen the perception of being on the popular side for doing so.

      Only in TebowLand.

      • Tisa says:

        Anyone who has a Twitter account or Facebook know that they are not in the minority for esteeming Tebow.

        • brandi says:

          The other day a Tebow Detractor made a comment of Tebow Fans as liking rapist Priests. This individual is one I’ve called my “favorite stalker”. He’s a Broncos Fan who still tries to re-write the 2011 Season. He has said many times he likes Tim as a person…a popular comment among Tebow Detractors but in this guy’s case I believe him.

          But he, I think, let a deep-seeded feeling among the last of the die-hard Tebow Detractors slip. A certainty that, no matter what the polls say and no matter how popular Tim is in Countries where there are few Christians that Tim’s Fans are all of a specific “type”. I’ve said for years that for many I’m convinced it’s politics more than Religion. But it’s a politics born of a belief that some Religious People in this Country are determined to force everyone to be them. And nothing Tim, his Fans or anyone else does seems capable of shaking this belief which clouds everything else. Especially Tim Tebow’s Football Career. Because I think that attitude is deep-seated among NFL Media and many who work for NFL Teams. It’s the if Tim Tebow is successful in the NFL it will mean Re-Education Camps and the brainwashing of our children attitude.

          Add that to the NFL really just wanting to not give up its feeling of control, even to the Fans, and it’s a bad mix. One that has hurt Tim’s Career and added to damaging the NFL’s reputation which now is pretty well shot. Even Forbes SportsMoney now says the NFL isn’t about Football but about being “Reality television”.

          If someone tried to turn this into a movie years ago nobody would have ever believed it. 🙂

  4. ck says:

    No wonder they say “actions speak louder than words”…u don’t have to look any farther than what Tebow is getting recognition for versus “Pizza-Maker” and that says “VOLUMES!” Heard PM was spotted in Mexico and had to get away from “THE TRUTH” coming back to u know what?!!!

  5. Anto says:

    He really is a lovely bloke. It’s hard for the average person to understand him when he is so neutral about being cut from this team and that. However, when you see the stories, you get it – yes, football’s important, however he just loves (no chore) spending time with these kids.

    Whereas most QBs are defined by their chosen profession, TT is defined by everything he does, and football’s only part of it.

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