Comments are getting a little weak Maybe i should let Jason come Back

Buzzy Says Just Kidding Brandi   😉

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  1. Danny says:

    I’ve had a difficult time lately posting out here with comments going to moderation, submit button not working or posts getting deleted. I’m looking forward to spring as training camps start and hopefully Tim gets another look somewhere.

  2. brandi says:

    Bye—Everyone have a nice life. 🙂

  3. David Oliver says:


    Please Clarify…

    Dave O.

  4. Andrea says:

    Not too happy with the Tebow show this week. Appeared on “Ellen” and the mainstream media reaction was of course – he’s gay. Have’nt seen the other appearance yet but I’m sure the mainstream media is locked and loaded with their Tebow bashing.

    It’s a shame – looked at the Tebow Foundation website and saw all the great stuff he is doing with young people who are going through tough times and the mainstream media doesn’t report on this great stuff.

    In my humble opinion Tebow would be much better off staying away from the Hollywood and celebrity scum.

    • brandi says:

      I think Tim should do every show he can find the time for. Some people make fun of him? So what? Are they the people he’s doing everything he does for?

      He gets asked on these shows because the people love seeing him. If you can find a way to spin that into a bad thing, I think you’re working at it too hard. And letting the idiots get to you too much.

      First off, nobody trusts the Media. In this Country there are two groups who consistently receive solid across the board support and belief. The Military #1 in every poll, survey, you name it. Small Business #2. After that, it’s a rugby scrum of mixed sentiment with Politicians and the Media taking the bottom spots. The internet actually polls higher in being trusted than the Mainstream Media does.

      We get to Sports, it isn’t even close. By far the least trusted League in Sports, with more people distrusting them than NBA, MLB, NHL and NASCAR combined, is the NFL. That was from the most comprehensive survey in years on Americans’ attitudes about Major Sports and it was done BEFORE all of the scandals. (It was taken Spring 2014)

      So we sit here in this and other forums and often it sounds like Tim’s Fans feel isolated and marginalized. But the absolute reality is this…

      Tim Tebow is totally beloved and not just in the US but around the World. The NFL is thoroughly despised and distrusted and the Media’s reputation is so bad, people trust the news they hear on the internet more than the news they hear on Mainstream Media.

      These are the facts.

      Everything else is the lies spun by a few, accepted by only a few and rejected by the far greater masses.

      • Andrea says:

        Have to agree with you Brandi – the military is number one in my book. Which reminds me – when was the last time you saw Tebow visit the injured troops at Walter Reed hospital? When was the last time you saw Tebow visiting the troops in Iraq or Afghanistan? When was the last time you saw Tebow do anything promoting the military?

        It seems to me that if I had a child and my child’s “friends” constantly made fun of and mocked my child – I would tell my child he needs to get better friends.

        Tebow – I agree is very popular but I believe Tebow can be a great leader and throw his support to great causes – the military, lion’s club etc. instead of getting into the mudpit with the Hollywood and celebrity scum.

        I believe Buzzy posted an article a few threads back where Tebow is asking- Why do the celebrities get all the attention and real heroes are ignored?

        It seems Tebow needs to practice what he preaches.

        • Tisa says:

          Andrea, I agree with what you are saying about T2 and Hollywood. But, I think people find a place of ministry and for T2, it is children and people with challenging diseases. One person can’t do everything and there are others who find their emphasis to be the military servicemen and their families. We can support T2 in what he does and support others who minister to the military. About the Lipsync thing, don’t bother to watch it. It’s totally silly.

          • ck says:

            Tisa: It sounds like he is starting to “NOT BELIEVE” if what you have observed so far is not typical which is based on what he has done previously …if that becomes the case then it looks like some decisions will have to be made. I intend to follow anyway, but just could not bring myself to watch “Degenerate’s Show” as that is not something worth watching imo or the other business either. Think you and Andrea both have valid points.
            Guess, our dear “Buzzy” is getting desperate, yet, again; if u know what I mean…hmm.
            Great to see you on The TebowZone and u r missed!:D

            P.S. Will have to hear it from Tebow before it is set in concrete.

  5. jason says:

    One word gets nuts to show up? At least the little timmy that couldn’t knows he failed.
    Buzzy i am coming after you next. Lol.

    To this day i ask why not pull for tebow to impress someone not have his idiots yell about not understanding the NFL.

    Buzzy Says Bring it On Jason Remember I have Power of the Mouse Here.ROFLMAO

  6. jason says:

    There is a real boycott against the NFL. If there was such massive anger against the NFL. If there was everything people claim why would it not have effected the NFL and why would the NFL have not gone down?
    Come on. Look back and you can see i have said i have no issue with tebow playing but he won’t till he learns, changes and understands a pro offense. …before you whine cam has finally learned to stay in the pocket to pass. Bring the nonsense not the tell dyslexic tebow to change and impress.

  7. jason says:

    That good buzzy?

  8. Bigfan says:

    Scheff let the cat out of the bag on Mike & Mike this morning when he was talking about Manzel’s latest FUBAR…”Tebowmania” or as he put it all the attention he garners and coaches don’t like that (For all the right reasons)!! Manzel for all the wrong.

  9. David says:

    Did you notice what the Broncos QBs did this year?
    Manning threw 9 TDs with 17 ints in 335 attempts.
    Osweiler threw 10 TDs with 7 ints in 275 attempts. 1 rushing score
    Tebow threw 19 TDs with 9 ints in 374 attempts in 2010/2011. 15 rushing scores.
    Manning and Osweiler needed 610 attempts, 236 more than Tebow needed for 19 passing TDs.
    Tebow scored 34 times with 9 ints and Manning and Osweiler combined for 20 scores with 24 ints.

    Tim Tebow threw 16 TDs with 5 ints in his first 271 attempts in 2010/2011. 7 rushing scores in 8.5 games.
    Peyton Manning scored 7 TDs with 11 ints in his first 266 attempts this year in 8+ games. 0 rushing scores.
    Brock Osweiler threw 10 TDs with 6 ints in 275 attempts in almost 8 games. 1 rushing score.
    Tebow 23 scores
    Manning 7 scores
    Osweiler 11 scores
    Tebow threw more TDs per pass attempt and outscored Osweiler by more than 2 to 1 and Manning by over 3 to 1.
    The Broncos are about to turn their team over to Osweiler, who scored half as much as Tebow, after 4 seasons of sitting under Manning.

  10. David says:

    Correction. Osweiler had 6 ints this year which gave them 23 combined.

    • ck says:

      Like the stats and “Judge Jeanine” posed a question about who had a better chance of winning PM at the SB or Donald Trump? Most answered, guess who?
      “TRUMP” LOL!!!

  11. Tisa says:

    A question for you, Buzzy. I am not seeing any evidence that Tebow is working out in the sense that he is somewhere throwing the football as he has done in the past. I follow him on Twitter and Facebook and I usually see fan pictures taken when folks catch him out practicing. How long are you going to keep this site going if it becomes apparent that he has moved on with his life? I would love to see Timmy play again, but I honestly don’t think the NFL is going to let him. I know he told Ellen he is ready but it seems he has made a pretty substantial speaking schedule as well as other appearances for this spring. In that lipsync thing he was showing a lot of his body and it does not look at all like a QB’s body. He looks like he’s about to compete as a body builder. He was nowhere that bulky the last time I saw him. I also get mixed messages from him. He’s posted several things that make me believe that he is at least dealing with moving on. He said in one interview that he has been thru a lot lately. Could that involve making the hardest decision of his life- to let it go?
    Buzzy Says : He worked out a couple of weeks after being Cut by the Eagles with Tom House since when he is not on the road he has neen in Jax in his new House.

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