Tim Tebow Rumors: Carson Palmer & Other NFL Playoff QBs Who Aren’t On Tebow’s Level Yet [VIDEO]

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  1. Danny says:

    More post-season Eagles shenanigans to report:


    Apparently a lot of front office fighting this year.

    And…as I long suspected about Pat Shurmur:


    Coincidentally Roseman and Shurmur share the same agent. Hmmmm….

    The dots are slowly getting connected.

  2. David says:

    The 2015 season is over and this is how Bradford compared to Tebow’s first 16.
    Bradford threw 65% for 19 TDs in 532 attempts with 14 interceptions, 0 rushing scores in 14 games.
    Tim Tebow threw 47.3% for 19 TDs in 374 attempts with 9 ints, 15 rushing scores in his first 15.5 games and 13 plays.
    Why does Tebow score more often? He is patient in the pocket and throws longer passes.
    Bradford averaged 10.7 yards per completion and Tebow averaged 15.3 yards per completion.
    Bradford scored every 18.2 completions and 28 attempts in 2015.
    Tebow scored every 9.3 completions and 19.6 attempts in 2010/2011.
    Tebow scored almost twice as often per completion and much more often per pass attempt and added 937 yards rushing. The Eagles would have won their division and gone to the playoffs with 15 more scores, another 937 yards rushing and 5 fewer interceptions from their quarterback.
    Tebow scored 34 times in 549 touches.
    Bradford scored 19 times in 558 touches.

    There are reports that Adam Gase is going to get a second interview from the Eagles and may be their favorite for the coaching position. It would make sense to get Tebow back since he has worked with Gase before and that would make the transition easier for everyone. Besides, they can’t win with Bradford, even when the division is weak and Romo is hurt. That is a proven fact.
    Buzzy says Sorry But Gase will never go with T2

    • ck says:

      David: What about Sanchez? He is a problem in the locker and beyond imo. Great stats btw!

    • David says:

      That’s probably true, Buzzy. We’ll see. One day, all the cowardly NFL execs and coaches will be writing books and revealing how Tim Tebow was blacklisted in the NFL. They won’t DO anything about it now for fear of losing their jobs.
      There are a few people in this league that owe their success to Tim Tebow. Gase is one of them, along with Elway, Fox and McCoy. Almost every article about Gase mentions his success with Tebow as if Gase performed a miracle. The truth is that these coaches profited from having 2 of the greatest quarterbacks that ever played the game, Tebow and Manning. Both QBs brought their offense with them.
      Coach McCoy, Denver offensive coordinator, admitted that he didn’t know the offense that Tebow was running in 2011.
      Tebow taught it to them and made it work so they could win.
      By the way, the media is bragging on Cutler’s play with Gase.
      Cutler threw 21 TDs with 11 Ints in 483 attempts this year.
      Tebow threw 19 TDs with 9 Ints in 374 attempts in 2010/2011.
      Tebow threw more TDs per pass attempt than this 10 year veteran.
      Cutler had 1 rushing score and Tebow had 15.
      Cutler’s play is not even close to Tebow’s production.

    • David says:

      I just ran across this article from 2011 with quotes from Adam Gase and a lot of information about Tebow’s knowledge of offenses.

      “Quietly, Tebow has dazzled the Broncos coaches with his deep understanding of complex offenses. When he showed up to the team’s suite for his interview with the staff at last year’s combine, he immediately rattled off the principles of his offense at Florida. But then he launched into Norv Turner’s digit system as well as the Patriots’ offense, which the Broncos were also using. The coaches were stunned. How had he learned all this?

      He watched lots of video at Florida, he told them. While other players went out at night, he loaded films of various offenses in his computer and studied and studied and studied until they were locked in his memory.

      “That part of it was very unique to me,” said Gase, who has been with two other NFL teams as an assistant. “I never heard of a college guy who would know so much about offenses outside of college.”

      • Sage says:

        That’s precisely why McDaniels drafted Tebow in the first round.

        Gase and Fox and McCoy and even even the Broncos DC (who went to the Raiders) all gained from the team’s performance while Tebow was QB, ostensibly because they did such a great job. And yet the league contends Tebow isn’t even good enough a third stringer.

        After prospering with and because of Tebow, not one of them has shown the slightest grace toward him.

    • Danny says:

      Great find David!

      It’s up to us to continue to find these forgotten gems and keep reminding people what history would like for everyone to forget.

  3. Andrea says:

    Look for the Super Bowl 50 matchup to be the Redskins vs the Steelers.

    You heard it here first.

  4. ck says:

    Thanks Buzzy.

  5. ck says:

    Goodnight to all the “night owls”, including me.:D

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