NE and AZ Advance in the playoffs + Broncos and Panthers

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  1. David Oliver says:

    Larry Fitzgerad – Tim Tebow’s Christian Brother – has his own great
    OT Play-OFF win Last night…

    Also as an historical Reference:

    Larry Fitzgerald, the gifted Arizona Cardinals wide receiver, is one of about 35 teammates who participate in Bible study each week. “It was sad to see,” he told me this week. “It was a bit disrespectful. [Tebowing] is a quiet tribute to the Lord and should not be mocked.”

    Fitzgerald is open about his own faith, though he is not as demonstrative as Tebow. That said, he has no dispute with the quarterback’s PDFs.

    “From the first time I heard about him at Florida, I never had a problem with him,” Fitzgerald said. “I don’t wear [my Christianity] on my sleeve but I don’t have a problem with anyone who does. I respect him for his boldness and his ability to do that.”

    Christianity also implores its adherents to “walk” in a way that pleases God so that others may see Him in us.

    • brandi says:

      Larry & Tim were doing a Youth Football Camp together and Fitzgerald made a point of pointing to Tebow and saying to the kids “Watch that guy right there. He does everything the right way.”

  2. David Oliver says:

    AND…Showing his heart… (Larry Fitzgerald)

    After scoring on the opening possession of overtime to give the Cardinals a 26–20 overtime win over the Packers and a spot in next weekend’s NFC championship game, wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald sent a special message to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

    Mortensen was diagnosed with throat cancer on Friday, and Fitzgerald used his interview to let the longtime reporter know that he was in his thoughts.

    “Mort, I want to tell you man. We’re thinking about you, and fight, baby.” Fitzgerald said. “Love you, Mort.”

  3. Sage says:

    Mascot, if you’re around . . .

    Could you ask theafro for his opinion about the extent, if any, to which Tebow was disadvantaged having to play against both Orton (KC) and McDaniels (New England playoffs)?

    Elway sent both Orton and Brandon Lloyd away after Tebow took the reigns, to no advantage of the Broncos. Seems clear he wanted to suck for Luck, especially since he flew to Palo Alto several times that season.

    • ck says:

      Yes, Sage, Elrot sure was obvious due to all the actions he took against Tebow and he still managed to WIN!!! Must have kept Elrot up at night, lol!:D

  4. lex says:

    Thought you might like to see this article, Buzzy:

    Buzzy Says : Thanks but I dont think its going to Happon.

  5. Andrea says:

    Just my personal opinion, but it’s been downhill for Big Ben ever since he was caught in the bathroom with that girl. Time for Big Ben to hang it up – he can’t win the big ones anymore.

    Looks like the cheater versus the pizza maker in the AFC championship. What a pair.

    Hoping for an Arizona win in the SuperBowl.Cardinal

    • ck says:

      You sure have a way w/words…luv the “pizza maker” moniker and does it ever fit! Hoping to see a replay of the last SB he played…if it comes to that.

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