ESPN analyst pokes fun at Tim Tebow, calls him ‘6th Backstreet Boy’

SEC Network’s Tim Tebow
Michael Carvell 
SECcountry staff

ESPN analyst Danny Kannell caught a lot of grief on Twitter last week for his wardrobe choice of a black turtleneck.

On Saturday, Kannell poked fun at the SEC’s media darling, Tim Tebow — even going so far to call Tebow “aka the 6th Backstreet Boy,” referring the popular boy band from the 1990s. Tebow now works in TV for ESPN’s SEC Network.

Take a look at the Tebow picture and you be the judge:


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2 Responses to “ESPN analyst pokes fun at Tim Tebow, calls him ‘6th Backstreet Boy’”

  1. Andrea says:

    The intelligence level of most ESPN analysts is not very high. Tebow is easily the classiest of the bunch. Plus unlike other ESPN football analysts, Tebow hasn’t left two bodies to die in a parking lot.

    • ck says:

      Very true, Andrea. Glad Tebow is a “REAL ROLE MODEL” unlike the “empty vessels who make the most noise” and deserves better treatment for taking the high road instead. Sadly, this is due to becoming more and more an uncivilized culture so it is all too easy to take standards to the lowest level possible. Unfortunately, not like when we were growing up b/c right vs wrong obviously existed and belief in God was a given!:(

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