11/30/2015 2:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1130-tim-tebow-olivia-cuplo-TMZ-01It’s true … Tim Tebow did NOT have sex with ex Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, but that didn’t break them up — because they weren’t actually dating … TMZ Sports has learned.

According to multiple reports Tebow and Culpo split up recently due to Tim’s commitment to abstinence. The story goes … she wanted it, but he wasn’t giving it up.

Well, sources close to the situation tell us Tebow and Culpo’s romantic relationship never went beyond the rumor stage. We’re told the chatter started after Olivia and Tim met in church a few months ago — and even though their reps denied it, a lot of people ran with it.

Our sources say Tim did show interest in Olivia, and they hung out a few times WITH mutual friends … but never had a one-on-one date.

Bottom line — no dating, no break up and still no boning.

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  1. Bigfan says:

    Ah what tasty morsels rumors are!!

  2. David says:

    Another slanderous lie by the media. Like Donald Trump said, the media is full of very dishonest people.

  3. Tisa says:

    if you google Tim’s name an article by Esquire magazine comes up. When I read the title I expected more gossipy nonsense but it is actually very positive about who Tebow is. They even condemn the snarky remarks being made in the media. My feeling about all this Hollywood gossip is that if Timmy continues to beat feet to LA at every opportunity he is going to continue to open himself up to this kind of public exposure. The article posted here says someone at a “church” that Timmy attended in LA introduced him to this girl. In my opinion, anyone who would introduce Timmy to a nude model that is already infamous in the gossip media for getting another chaste man to abandon his commitment to waiting until marriage absolutely does not have his best interest at heart. I just hope that Timmy will recognize the need to stay away from these kinds of people. He will meet his future wife in God’s time and I don’t think it will be from this “church”.

    Buzzy Says Easy Now the girl Is someones Kid and she is very pretty.

    • Larry says:

      Tisa: Agree w/you 100%. To be fair to Tim, however, Culpo was almost certainly putting on an act of having a sudden, genuine interest in the Bible. She’s another Kim Kardashian-she maintains her fame by getting involved w/famous men and hanging around w/famous people. She probably specifically went to that Bible study to find a famous man to get involved w/or a famous female to pal around w/until she found her next famous man to leech attention from. As for who introduced them, it was probably Tim’s ‘friend’ Jason Kennedy, who also works for the E network, like OC.

      Buzzy: Yes, Culpo’s someone’s kid & is pretty. So was Eva Peron. And she was untrustworthy & manipulative. As is Culpo. The entire reason why this story blew up was b/c Culpo sent her PR people to the network she works for (E) to anonymously confirm the earlier rumors that she & Tim were dating. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that she did that 5 days after the media started talking about the Jonas brother who dumped her suddenly being involved w/Kate Hudson. Culpo wanted publicity & revenge on Jonas. Later she sent her PR person to another site to talk about how Tim thought she was such a ‘goddess’. Then, after it became clear Tim was never going to be dating her, she clearly decided to use the public breakup of this fictional relationship to get her revenge on Tim for rejecting her. That’s why she had her PR person say that their breakup was b/c of Tim’s refusal to have sex w/her-so she could make Tim look gay or impotent. Culpo is a Kardashian-in-training & I’m glad to see that her PR stunt & ego-driven revenge scheme on Tim has backfired on her big time.

      Also, the Esquire article is here & it’s pretty good:


      • Tisa says:

        Wow, where do you get all this stuff? I knew about the “church” or bible study from a friend on social media and I assumed that was the place of the introduction. She told me her concerns about the church and I did some research and I agree with her that the church is based on false doctrine and it seems their main focus is fleecing the wealthy of their money. Timmy seems to be so naïve, but where were Anne and His family when all this was going on? My friend sold all her Tebow memorabilia on line because she is totally disgusted with the fact that he keeps returning to these people. I was happy to see the whole Tebow family in the Thanksgiving photos on IG. I think they have really been struggling and it’s good to see them standing strong as a family and working thru the issues our society brings on our young people. I am also glad Timmy seems to be standing true- it’s a huge burden but one he says he wants to take.

        Buzzy Says: It Says They Never Dated ,Hows that Tim’s fault? That the media went Nuts.

        • Larry says:

          “I was happy to see the whole Tebow family in the Thanksgiving photos on IG.”

          Yes, Tisa, they *finally* were ALL together, including Robby’s 3-year-old son, Liam (that’s the little brunette boy that Robby’s holding in that collage pic). It’s about time that 34-year-old frat boy jerk finally publicly acknowledged having a son. It’s my belief that he even kept Liam’s existence a secret from his family until the boy’s mother tracked down Pam at one of her speeches & told Pam about Liam earlier this year.

        • Tisa says:

          When you associate with publicity hungry celebrities that are hungry for attention, you open yourself up to the media that follows these people. He should not be in the company of these folks. I thought I made my point in my comment. I hope Timmy finally understands that he is being used by these people to get clicks on the Internet.

          • Tisa says:

            As an example, Buzzy. Say I am a youth leader in my church. Drinking alcohol is frowned on in my church. I am supposed to set a proper example to the youth as a role model. I go to a bar with my co-workers to celebrate a co-worker’s birthday. I am not drinking but the others are getting quite inebriated. The place is pretty sleazy, not a restaurant environment. Someone from church sees me and starts the rumor that I was out drinking. (Never mind they had to be in the bar to know I was there.) It’s my fault because I was somewhere I shouldn’t have been and it looked like I was doing something wrong. I have a responsibility as a role model to protect my image from this kind of damage. Buzzy, you just have several people on this blog that are as much ( maybe more) interested in Timmy’s faith as they are in his football prowess. I wish God would hurry up and get Timmy and his lady together, but then I guess the story will then be that he is cheating on her. Sorry Buzzy, I’m done with this now. Don’t mean to aggravate you.

    • Tisa says:

      Buzzy, Miss Culpo is indeed someone’s kid but unless they have been in a vacuum they know that their daughter did indeed lead the Jonas kid away from his commitment and that she has nude photos on line. The Timmy I know is the one he professes to be in the Esquire article and that is light years away from the Timmy in those gossip articles. I know some folks who post here don’t get why Timmy can’t just act like any other young man in today’s society. I don’t care what other athletes do because they don’t profess to be profoundly committed to following Biblical principals and following Christ. Timmy has been in pulpits preaching the word of God every Sunday while this whole mess has been going on. His life and the what the gossipers are saying are polar opposites. I hope he got burned badly enough this time to learn he needs to stay away from those people. When this first broke my 15 year old grandson got treated to nude pictures of Culpo when he was googling to see if Timmy got picked up after he was released from the Eagles. Timmy knows kids follow him and look up to him and when they see stuff like this associated with his name, that is Timmy’s fault. he should know what the angle is with celebrities and protect his image. By the way, Buzzy, I see a lot of very pretty girls that believe the same things Timmy believes. I’ve seen him in selfies with girls at the churches where he speaks that are gorgeous.

    • ck says:

      Glad we were right about this and had to comment. Believe as you do, Tisa.

  4. Andrea says:

    I know I have caused a lot of grief over the years disapproving of Tebow’s Hollywood foray’s. Those Hollywood elitist jerks hate everything Tebow stands for. The media constantly ridicules and disparages Tebow every chance they get.

    I agree with Tisa – he needs to find a good Christian woman and stay away from the Hollywood trash and low-lifes.

  5. ck says:

    Glad to hear it was only rumors…Tisa is right and he needs to guard against others who want to unfairly profit from his “Godly Example”!

    • Larry says:

      “They are sometimes seen together in a group and will go out after church, but the question you have to ask, who would make this up and why?”

      “Obviously an anti-Christian zealot, but that encompasses a lot. That could be all of the sports Drive-Bys. I mean, somebody had to make this up, and they had to have a reason to make it up, and just out of whole cloth.”

      Limbaugh got the rest of what he said right, but he got this wrong. This wasn’t made up by some anti-Christian, it was made up by that attention-craver, Olivia Culpo herself. Maybe she’s an anti-Christian, too-I have no idea-,but she primarily pulled this stunt for publicity & revenge (see my rant above for details).

      • Larry says:

        Actually, I stand corrected. I have no doubt that it was Culpo who went to the media w/this, but TMZ & I are wrong. Tim & Culpo DID date, according to one of Tim’s closer friends (who, like almost all Tim’s friends, also doesn’t share Tim’s professed beliefs), former UFC fighter Brendan Schaub. He said in his latest ‘Fighter and the Kid’ podcast that he & his pregnant gf double-dated w/them. It’s ep 103 here:


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