The shooting in California

You can bet it will be Work Place  not TERROR as ordered by Obama

Of course they wont figure it out for a year or two.

The left will  say Gun control the Right will say another gun free Zone.

Have you ever heard of someone attacting place where there is People

with Guns.

Looks like Work Place is winning Pressure from the white house anf main stream Media.

FOX NEWS is fighting this Tooth and Nail.

The WhiteHouse refuse to give In to Terror Attack

The FBI has gave in that it was a Terror Attack

WhiteHouse  make a statement I am not sure what he said except about Gun Control.

He did reluctant say it was a Terror Attack.

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7 Responses to “The shooting in California”

  1. Andrea says:

    Jihad has come to America. Not the first time – shooting at Fort Hood and the killing of four marines and a sailor at a base in Tennessee to name just two. But the mainstream media doesn’t care about dead soldiers.

    Mainstream media will go along with whatever Obama says it is.

    I expect more of this type of thing in the future – not less.

    Buzzy Says : They are still calling both as WORK PLACE Well the Tenn one is still pending.

  2. David Oliver says:


    If any one does some real research, I believe you will find that
    as many Secret Service agents have shared, and the President’s
    own pronouncements reinforce – that for some reason he observes
    regularly the muslim calendar of holy Holidays…

    Duh, I wonder what this means as far as to his belief system and
    who his true loyalty is to?

    The ALLAH god worshippers, per their “holy book”, are permitted to
    tell a “holy lie” to infidels about their TRUE BELIEFS and Faith.

    There is a TRUE HOLY BOOK, which says in a quote from JESUS HIMSELF:
    in Matthew 7:20 = “Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them”.

    I think the STENCH OF HIS FRUITS is Rotting the USA!


  3. David says:

    Farook’s co-workers stated that Farook (28 y.o) brought his wife, Malik (27 y.o), from Saudi Arabia. Apparently, she is not a US citizen, she is Saudi

  4. Danny says:

    Even though it goes against every narrative, the evidence is SO obvious to the FBI that the circumstances can’t be denied or spun to work within the talking points of the WH or MSM.

    They are trying hard to spin this away from this being a terrorist act but the more stones are turned over the more it can’t be denied for what it is.

  5. Andrea says:

    I may be in the minority, but I have never owned or even touched a gun (scared to death of them) and yet I am for the second amendment and against gun control.

    It is obvious that the government cannot protect you at all times so I believe a person should be able to have one if they want to protect their family.

    I am also pro cop and the 99.9% of the good ones should not be judged by the actions of the few bad ones.

    When did I realize the California shooting was a terrorist attack?

    When CAIR had a press conference the night of the attack.

    I knew then that it was a jihad attack.

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