Tebow-Loving Sportswriter Calls Cam Newton the Worst Pick in NFL Draft History

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2 Responses to “Tebow-Loving Sportswriter Calls Cam Newton the Worst Pick in NFL Draft History”

  1. tisa says:

    Just saw Tebow’s new web site. It seems to suggest he has moved on from football. Also, we aren’t seeing any Tweets from folks indicating they see him out throwing with people. I know there was a tweet about him being at USC one day back in November but that could have only been a visit when he was in LA for business. He will always work out to keep his physique so going to a performance center does not indicate training for football. We’ll see what he does after his bowl commentary commitments are over in a few weeks. His website is promoting speaking appearances. I am sure ESPN will expand their use of him if he is done with football since he is such a popular personality so we should see lots of him in the future. On another note, Buzzy, have you noticed how the tone of Jason’s rants have changed over the years? I am a little concerned about him. It’s sad he felt the need to rant on a thread of ” Merry Christmas” messages. God Bless you all and Happy New Year!

  2. David says:

    Cam is doing well this year, but I think the Panthers may be one and done in the playoffs because they had such an easy regular season schedule. They have played one team with a winning record, the Packers.

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