Is it finally over for Tim Tebow?

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7 Responses to “Is it finally over for Tim Tebow?”

  1. KingSolomon says:

    NO it is not. For example, if Urban Meyer ever went pro (possible because he changes jobs often and the Browns are begging him to be their coach), he would sign Tim for certain. I continue to pray someone signs him next year. Of course, when major bums like Josh Freeman and other train wrecks keep getting signed, it is hard to stay positive. But I will remain hopeful that some day he will return.

    • Lynn B. says:

      Urban Meyer just signed a huge big contract extension with OSU. He has no intention of leaving Columbus for Cleveland.

    • ck says:

      See Sage’s post where he answers that he is looking at some NFL teams and THE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION IS NO B/C HE HASN’T GIVEN UP…DON’T BELIEVE HE KNOWS THE MEANING OF THE WORD “QUIT”…THANK GOD!!!

  2. Pamelot says:

    Interesting. In screen-writing language, Tim’s situation(vis-a-vis his NFL career after Philadlelphia) might be called “the false defeat.” What comes after the false defeat? A friendly character speaks truth. Then, rising action and Crucial Decision #2. Stay tuned, folks. The story isn’t over. 🙂

  3. Pamelot says:


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