Why the San Francisco 49ers should sign Tim Tebow



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  1. jp says:

    Who could Tebow help? Sf yes… Phil even more… Bears even more…
    Jack. even more … Notice a pattern… Winning is not the priority with many teams in the NFL … Get loser qb’s who supposedly run an”NFL
    Offense” collect the TV money and merrily lose games and seasons,ala Cowboys Titians Jack SF Bears et all.. what is amazing ala the bears et all is this pattern will go on for years.. You guys in the rest of the country wont believe this : the Chgo media are falling over each other praising Cutler who they say is playing better than ever… Cowboys no shame losing 7 in a row.. owner praising the back-ups… Phil press maintaining Sanchez the best back-up in the NFL … TT doesn’t have a chance with this insane mindset

  2. Danny says:

    Sanchez’s performance on Sunday against the Bucs had to leave Tebow scratching his head thinking “They cut ME and kept this guy?”

    Some were surprised at the performance by Sanchez. Regulars out here at the TZ weren’t surprised at all.

    3 picks, one of them a pick 6. Normal outing by Sanchez.

    One article I read compared that pick 6 to the infamous BUTT FUMBLE. It must have been pretty rough for that comparison.

    Some Ravens fans are cringing at the thought of Matt Schaub finishing out the season after Flacco’s ACL tear yesterday. I saw a lot of fan buzz last night about the Ravens. Eagles too.

    A return to the Eagles is still the most logical choice for Tebow to return this year if he gets an opportunity.

  3. Danny says:

    Jimmy Clausen just waived by the Bears

  4. David says:

    There is a pretty good breakdown of Tebow vs. Ponder in the comments section at this article discussing the Ravens.

    Name/Passer Rating/Completion % /TD-Int/W-L/YardsPerAttempt
    Ponder /75.9 / 59.8% / 38-36/ 14-21 / 6.3
    Tebow / 75.3 / 47.9% / 17-9 / 8-6 / 6.7
    Lindley / 50.3 / 50.8% / 2-11 / 1-5 / 5.0

  5. Danny says:

    Tebow DID shred the Ravens defense during preseason. Maybe Harbaugh remembers Tebow’s performance and take that into consideration.

    Per the Ravens official Twitter page, it doesn’t appear that the Ravens will necessarily bring QB’s in for tryouts, as Harbaugh’s comments today states that there are several candidates for backup QB. He says the Ravens are familiar with what they can do. No try-outs.

    Harbaugh also said that the Ravens have made progress on adding a backup quarterback.

    It’s sort of unusual that a team won’t bring in a number of QB’s for a tryout in that situation. It peaks my curiosity a bit.

    If Tebow signs with the Ravens, it actually would be a win win situation for Tebow and the Ravens. If Tebow signs and does well, he will have a great opportunity to hook on with a team next year. I expect Flacco to by the Ravens 2016 quarterback as he signed that monster deal not that long ago and the Ravens will want to recoup that investment. But like I said, if Tebow does well he will have no problem finding a spot to play football in 2016.

    The Ravens are 3-7 right now, they will have to win out to get a shot at a wild card spot. Anything can happen.

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