Tim Tebow, Olivia Culpo Update: QB Spends Halloween With SEC Nation’s Kaylee Hartung [VIDEO]

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26 Responses to “Tim Tebow, Olivia Culpo Update: QB Spends Halloween With SEC Nation’s Kaylee Hartung [VIDEO]”

  1. Danny says:

    Like the zone read, keep ’em guessing! LOL

  2. Danny says:

    I’m reluctant to even bring this up, especially in a public forum.

    I’m not sure about this, but I think that somethings up…

    It may be a whole lot of nothing, but I have a hunch that TT is getting a look by a NFL team.

    Like I said, it’s a hunch. I’m not an insider by any means. It’s just something random I picked up that may indicate there’s some movement.

    I know everyone out here is rooting for Tim to get a chance to play…me too. Don’t get your hopes up, it’s still a long shot.

    I’ll disclose in a few days if nothing happens. Some of you super sleuths out here may even figure it out before then! LOL

    I just don’t want to jinx it for Tim.

    • Sage says:

      This is the place to say it. There certainly ought to be someone looking at him. Thanks.

      • brandi says:

        They have lots of Blaine Gabberts to get through first. And when they’re done with them they’ll be on to next year’s Rookie Class.

      • Danny says:

        Speaking of Gabbert, 49ers announced that Kapernick is benched and Gabbert is starting.

        So…this means that since Kapernick and Gabbert are two different styles of QB’s, does that mean that the 49ers will have to retool their entire offense???? Hmmmmm??? A common excuse we’ve all heard why TT isn’t signed.

        Gabbert doesn’t have the creds to even dress out for a NFL team, much less start.

    • Anto says:

      No. Not happening. Plenty of teams have had plenty of chances to sign him, in plenty of desperate circumstances, and none have.

      Until you wake up one morning to the news, there is a 101% probability that nobody is talking to him.

      • Shaztah says:

        Hey Anto, maybe teams are talking to Tim and he is saying “NO THANKS”. It’s not like he NEEDS football to live, he will always have a job in the media but his love of the game is what makes him special it’s not about the money to him. He has been dissed and insulted at every turn. Who can he trust? The players on the Eagles said Tim out played even Sanchez but yet ole Chip said he wasn’t good enough. chip did not have to say that to the media but he did why? Cuz he was jealous of Tim’s popularity and he even stopped calling plays when Tim was in the game. I really wish Urban would come in to the NFL and play his spread offense with Tim and win a couple super bowls and show old Chip Kelly how to do and who isn’t good enough.

        • Sage says:

          I’m hoping Urban can win another national championship, because that might be enough for the NFL to beat a path to his door. It certainly ought to be.

          He’d be a rare innovator in the league.

        • Anto says:

          I wish that was the case, Shaztah, but I really don’t think so. Tim was prepared to join the Eagles as 4th QB this preseason. I think that he’d say yes to any offer, so long as it was not totally unreasonable.

          Kelly is a douche, IMO. Tim outperformed Barkley and was borderline with Sanchez, yet Kelly had the hide to say he needed to go get more reps. Disgraceful human being.

          Nonetheless, the League PTB see Tim as damaged goods. Given that Yates was signed before Tim, I sadly think that it’s all over.

  3. Andrea says:

    If Tebow is getting looked at by a team that is doing lousy this year, it means he should have a shot at making 25 teams.

  4. lex says:

    jets, 49er’s and goodness know who else need a new qb.

    any news being bounced around about tebow??

  5. Sage says:

    I don’t pay much attention to 49ers management, but they might be the dumbest clowns in the entire league.

    I never understood firing the people who picked you out of the trash.

  6. Sage says:

    Whisenhunt gone. Maybe he’s not as good an HC coach as I expected. He sure was crafty with the Steelers, though.

    Metten-whatever-his-name-is couldn’t save Whisenhunt? Go figure.

    A coach with Tebow could win for a decade. But they’re not interested.

    • Sage says:

      Holy cow. Mike Mularkey?

      Don’t insult me and tell me teams in the NFL want to win.

    • TheMascotArmy says:

      It’s poetic justice when the coaches and GMs who should but dont bring in Tebow (because they are playing it safe and following conventional wisdom) end up getting fired year after year.

  7. lex says:

    Buzzy- any news on your end re tebow??

    Buzzy Says a Couple rumors No INFO On WHo or what. 😉

  8. lex says:

    Thanks, Buzzy. Appreciate your reply.

  9. David says:

    I just noticed that Sam Bradford has thrown 170 of 274 attempts for 1766 yards,
    9 TDs and 10 Ints with a 62% completion percentage.
    In 2011, Tebow threw 126 of 271 attempts for 1721 yards, 12 TDs and 6 Ints with a 46.5% completion percentage. Once again, Tebow scores more often per attempt with fewer turnovers.

  10. David says:

    Tim Tebow scored 16 TDS with 5 Ints in his first 280 attempts in 11 games. He scored 7 rushing scores in the first 8 games.

    Bradford has scored 9 TDs with 10 Ints in 271 attempts

    Kaepernick has scored 6 TDs with 5 Ints in 243 attempts.

    Foles has scored 6 TDs with 5 Ints in 164 attempts

    Can you tell which QB is different? The 32 coaches and GMs can’t.

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