Tim Tebow Girlfriend: Olivia Culpo May Have Competition For QB’s Heart [VIDEO]

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13 Responses to “Tim Tebow Girlfriend: Olivia Culpo May Have Competition For QB’s Heart [VIDEO]”

  1. Sage says:

    Ravens losing to Jags was a pitty. But do I see Sanchez threw a pick to ice a Philly loss? Then he throws short of the sticks on 4th down? I’ll take solice in that. Chip Kelly isn’t ready for the NFL.

  2. Adam says:

    If Bradford is out for awhile, and Sanchez does what Sanchez does, any chance Chip apologizes to Tim and gets Tim to save the Eagles season???

    • Sage says:

      Seems like Chip made a clear decision when he said Tebow isn’t good enough to be third string. Even if he doesn’t believe it, he placed his credibility in that position. He would rather lose than retreat from that position. He’d rather lose and be fired, I’m pretty sure.

      Winning isn’t by any means the highest priority of nfl coaches. All of them have fat salaries for consolation, and lots of fallback jobs.

  3. Danny says:

    At least Sanchez is consistent! Waiting all season to throw that pick.


    Now with Bradford out with a shoulder injury and concussion, what’s Kelly going to do?

    However, I guess that Kelly is THRILLED with Sanchez’s amazing 14/23 for 61% completion percentage! That’s all that counts, right?????? No worries about that crucial interception.


    Should have kept TT Chip…

  4. Andrea says:

    Mark Sanchez isn’t ready for the NFL either. Have to agree with Sage Kelly will never admit he was wrong and bring back Tebow.

    Ravens are having another embarrassing season with the $100 million dollar QB.

  5. Andrea says:

    6 points for the Dallas Cowboys. That offense is offensive.

  6. Danny says:

    Peyton Manning now leads the NFL in interceptions (16). Not even pressure throws either.

    Denver’s defense having an off day, really going to hurt Denver as the defense and ST’s have been carrying Denver all year.

    In Philadelphia, Sanchez comes into the game and throws an end zone pick. Who saw that coming? Like everyone. He’s always had the INT bug, doesn’t matter that his completion rate was 61%. Of course with some people the completion rate is all that counts.

    Cowboys lose to the uh…. Buccaneers? Weeden and Cassell “getting the job done” for sure!

    Blake Bortles completion rate was 48% today with a pick. Ravens turn the ball over 4 times to Jags 1. It made the difference, but with a turnover differential of +3, it really shouldn’t have been that close of a game.

  7. Danny says:

    Another pick by Manning; now at 17 for the season! LOTS of air under that pass, it look like he struggled to get it the 30 or so yards downfield that the ball traveled. Badly underthrown. Manning not even hit or pressured on that play.

  8. Shaztah says:

    5 for 20 for 35 yards and 4 interceptions, nice stat line huh? Took em long enough to bench him. Hope the backup was taught something but with Payton I doubt it.

    • jp says:

      Elrot. Could redeem himself by sigining tt.. Dallas too..wish that gov would start screaming again

    • Danny says:

      That would be a smart football move, but Elway is more interested in his legacy.

      Denver may be the worst 7-2 team in football.

      My prediction that Manning is going to retire after the season.

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