NFL Rumors: Tim Tebow headed back to Philadelphia Eagles? (Buzzy Says More BS)

By Larry Seely     16 hours ago in Sports
Philadelphia – Sunday was tough to swallow for the Philadelphia Eagles as the team lost a heart-breaker to Miami 20-19, dropping the team to 4-5 on the year and putting a big hurt on their chances of making the NFL Playoffs.

Besides the loss, starting quarterback Sam Bradford was injured in the third quarter, it was later learned that the former first round pick suffered a left shoulder injury and a concussion. With the injury battles the quarterback has had in his career, it shouldn’t come as a shock, but help could be needed to finish out the year.

With no timetable for his return, the front office may need to sign another signal caller and the most logical option is Tim Tebow. Many thought the former Heisman winner had made the team coming out of training camp, especially when Philly traded Matt Barkley to Arizona, but it wasn’t to be as management decided to go with just two QB’s headed into the regular season opener, leaving the former Florida Gator product to return to his TV gig with the SEC Network.

Another reason for his possibly return was the play of backup Mark Sanchez over the last 20 minutes of action. While the former USC star 14 of 23 passes for 156 yards, an interception in the red zone and some bad decisions late in the fourth quarter, helped lead to the loss.

While Tebow hasn’t played a down in the NFL this season and would have some rust, he does know the offense. Philly is also struggling with injuries on then offensive line and with his running ability, it could help this team move the ball down the field with opposing defenses not keying on just the passing game.

No reports of a possible signing have hit social media or any major news sources, but head coach Chip Kelly is known for making unorthodox decisions and if the news that Bradford won’t be available for a few games, adding Tebow could help spark this team, even if its just a public relations move by the organization.

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2 Responses to “NFL Rumors: Tim Tebow headed back to Philadelphia Eagles? (Buzzy Says More BS)”

  1. Danny says:

    Well, I guess anything could happen…

    Bradford out.

    Sanchez in the regular season looking like Sanchez in the preseason.

    I thought Chip Kelly smacked down Tim pretty hard in the final cutdown. I don’t know how he backs off of that. Perhaps enough time has passed that Kelly now can explain why he did with Tim then and why it makes sense to bring him back now.
    Thad Lewis has been inactive every game this season. Stephen Morris is camped out in the practice squad.

    So, when some in media are saying there’s not much of a dropoff between Bradford and Sanchez, I think I would be insulted if I was either one of them.

    So, how can Chip Kelly fix the Eagles problems?

    I have THE answer: Execution, leadership, ball control, winner = Tim Tebow.

  2. PhillyFred says:

    Is it a rumor when you just make it up?

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