NFL Rumors: Pittsburgh Steelers Sign Tim Tebow; Ben Roethlisberger Out, Landry Jones In(Buzzy Says: Mostly BS )

Are the Bears next for Tim Tebow? <br/>USA Today Sports

Are the Bears next for Tim Tebow?


The Pittsburgh Steelers are reportedly in danger of seeing Ben Roethlisberger out for the current NFL regular season. With Michael Vick also nursing his injuries, the NFL team had been relying heavily on third in line quarterback Landry Jones. Given the disparity of the strategies and game plans implemented by Vick and Jones, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been struggling to keep up with the shifts this season. Moreover, recent reports disclosed that Jones is the sole Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback healthy enough to make it through the rest of the NFL season.

With these concerns in mind, fans and followers of the Pittsburgh Steelers are nervously awaiting the next move of the NFL team. It is widely known that the healthy status of Jones could not be relied upon to last the entire season, so a backup for him is necessary. One of the names that have managed to gain attention among the list of potential football stars to take on the said role is Tim Tebow.

A former Philadelphia Eagles third quarterback hopeful, Tebow had been pegged as a unique football star due to his ability to run in addition to his notable throwing capacity. His stint with the Philadelphia Eagles proved him to be a highly capable quarterback. However, head coach Chip Kelly eventually had to let Tebow go since the playing style of the aspiring football star does not fit in with the Sam Bradford squad. As a free agent, talks have been rife with the possibility of seeing Tebow in the Pittsburgh Steelers roster sometime soon.



“If Ben Roethlisberger is out for the season, then Tim Tebow would be the perfect backup for Michael Vick,” noted Randy Inman of Sports Blog. He added, “Both Vick and Tim Tebow are left handed mobile quarterbacks and unlike the very fragile Vick, Tim Tebow is as tough as a tank. If Vick goes down, then Tim Tebow could help the Steelers running game because a running quarterback helps open lanes for running backs.”

It remains to be seen if the Pittsburgh Steelers will make a move on Tebow. The NFL team is set to face the Cleveland Browns on Sunday (November 15) at 1:00 pm ET. With an injured Roethlisberger and a still recovering Vick, the Pittsburgh Steelers will have no other recourse but to start with Jones. The football match will be held at the Heinz Field, where the Pittsburgh Steelers will host the Cleveland Browns who will come in the match with a recent loss to the Cincinnati Bengals.

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5 Responses to “NFL Rumors: Pittsburgh Steelers Sign Tim Tebow; Ben Roethlisberger Out, Landry Jones In(Buzzy Says: Mostly BS )”

  1. Danny says:

    You’re right Buzzy, the writing isn’t very good, probably click bait.

  2. jp says:

    Posted before anout tt and the steelers. Their high octane playmakers and tt would be devasting. Big ben wouldhelp from the sidelines… He looks like an offensive cood i predict
    He will be a coach in two years

  3. David Oliver says:

    Hoping that Tomlin’s Historical, Unbelievable, “Bad Dream – Came True”
    MEMORY – will NOT Taint any TT “opportunity” to play for Steelers:

    • David Oliver says:

      Details of Steeler’s Coach Mike Tomlin’s Nightmare Comes True:

      March 13, 2012, 11:26 am
      Steelers coach Tomlin told Nantz he feared a Tim Tebow big play in OT

      By David Krause
      The Denver Post

      What Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin feared the night before the Steelers played the Broncos in the AFC wild-card game became his nightmare at Sports Authority Field at Mile High back in January.
      CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz, who is the subject of Thursday’s Denver Post “Fan Mail” that gets posted in full later this week, said Monday his favorite Tim Tebow play this season was the 80-yard overtime pass to Demaryius Thomas.
      A lot of it is because Tomlin told Nantz the night before the game that he didn’t want to give the Broncos the ball first should the game go to overtime. Because of the new NFL overtime rule, both teams were guaranteed a possession in overtime, unless the team that got the ball first (in this case the Broncos) scored a touchdown.
      “In our production meetings, I had asked John Fox on Friday about if this game goes overtime and you win the coin flip in overtime do you want the football or are you going to kick with the new postseason overtime rules. I had been very outspoken on the overtime rules for years and years. Of course they went into effect (for the 2010 playoffs), but there were no postseason overtime games. So, we’re waiting for that first postseason game with the new rules where the first possession had to be a touchdown to close out a game. Otherwise the other team is guaranteed a possession.
      “So I asked John, are you going to kick or receive. He said, ‘oh no, we’ll take the football.’
      On Saturday night we were meeting with the Steelers, who were staying near Boulder. I asked Coach Tomlin the same thing: What are you going to do? He said, ‘We’re taking the football. We’re not going to give them the football first.’
      “I said, ‘Mike, wouldn’t you think twice about that? I mean after all, the Broncos’ last game they lost 7-3 to Kansas City. So if you kick the football to them, you know you are going to get a touchhback in the thin air, you’re gonna set up the Broncos at their own 20 and the odds are you’re going to get a punt and now all you have to do is going down and win the game with a field goal.’
      “He said, ‘No way I am doing that. I’m not putting my whole season at risk giving the other team the football because if one guy busts an assignment or something else and one play they go 80 yards and a touchdown and my season is over. I’m not going to let that happen. I’m taking the football.’
      “I said, ‘Come on. You gotta be kidding. The longest pass play of the season for the Broncos and Tebow was 56 yards against Kansas City.’ He said, ‘I’m not going to put my season on the line for a one-play, 80-yard touchdown pass.’
      “The next day, overtime, one play, 80-yard touchdown pass. And that pass, by the way, was absolutely to the inch where it had to be. He threw it, it was a rocket coming in there, hit Thomas in stride and that stiff arm at the 50 and away we go.
      “But it was exactly what Mike Tomlin had feared the night before when asked. To the letter. To the letter.
      “I’ve never told that story publicly. … The night before he expressed concern about why he would not kick the football if he won the coin toss, because you just never know, you never. A one-play, 80-yard strike and your season’s over and that’s precisely what happened.”

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