Kansas CityChiefs-29 DenverBroncos-13 final

John Elway Don’t you wish you had Tim Tebow about now.
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  1. Danny says:

    Lot of Tebow/Broncos chatter tonight on Twitter. A lot of comments were along the lines of wishing the Broncos would have invested more time in Tebow rather than getting rid of him.

    The beginnings of Manning remorse? Of all the promise of Manning when he rode into town is ending in no Super Bowl wins and millions of dollars spent on a QB who dazzled Broncos nation in the regular season but generally poor results in the playoffs. One SB appearance (if you call it that) ended up in a total Manning/Broncos embarrassment.

  2. Andrea says:

    Sad. My prediction of the Denver Bronco’s fans being flimflammed by a used car salesman and a pizza maker has come true.

    Was’nt Peyton Manning Jason’s guy?

    The only question going foreword is when will the Bronco’s fans demand Elway’s head be served up on a platter?

    Due to the owner’s (Pat Bowlen) state of mind he will never realize he was flimflammed.

    My guess Elway will finish this season and 3 more seasons.

    Maybe Sage can give us the inside scoop on what the Denver fans are saying since she is around that area.

    Karma’s gonna come, John baby.

    • Sage says:

      Denver fans are just like the rest of the country, and the rest of humanity. Easily distracted, often foolish and ungrateful. There are some good ones, too, of course.

      But I haven’t heard anyone in the media defend Tebow for years. Local media seem especially determined to prove they are too sophisticated for Tebow. Most people only know what the media tell them to think, which is so sad.

      Seems like only an abject crisis could cause enough disturbance for a team to let Tebow in. Something like half a dozen Aaron Hernandezs, maybe.

    • RICK says:

      Here is your insight to what Denver fans are saying. Becuase I am a Denver Bronco fan over 40 years so here it goes.

      The Sheriff is done.

      the Future is Brock,

      Tebow still cant play QB in the NFL 4 teams confirmed this fact

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